You Know You Should Change – What is Stopping You?

I just got off the air from my live Blog Talk Radio Show Destiny’s Thread.

The topic was Change and the use of Natural Laws of the Universe to assist us through these changes.

What is fascinating to me is the fact that many people (and in my own experience as well), resist change. That statement “resist change” is bizarre in the fact that change keeps occurring and to resist would seem to be futile….the physical manifestation of this resistance of change is pain, both physical and emotional.

The decision to do nothing is ones free will……however the pain/discomfort of the situation is real and is in fact the body’s way of telling you there is something not right.

Oh yes you can take a pill for the pain…there is a pill for everything now….pharmaceutical or natural. The symptoms are gone – but the situation is still present. You know the situation that still needs changing.

I have summed up that it is easier to stay in the familiarity of the pain/discomfort than it is to imagine what the great unknown of change has in store. So that is where you sit. Still in pain…still not doing anything.

Also I believe that the magnitude of the change that one desires to make in its entirety can be far too encompassing emotionally (ex. leaving an abusive relationship to make it on your own when you have not worked out of the house for 10 years)….to even know where to start. The good news is there is always a starting place that will take you step by step through that all encompassing change.

There is a great book called Changing for Good by Dr. Prochaska that can help you find out where it is you are in your phase of change and tools to help you make those changes.

Or you can do what I did, enlist the help and guidance of a coach to help you create a plan of action and be there to support you and keep you accountable.

Either way you must be ready and aware that a change need be made.

Stay abreast of the signs and signals your body gives you……don’t wait until they are so loud that the body becomes weak.
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Mona McClelland

Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

12 Responses to “You Know You Should Change – What is Stopping You?”

  1. Diane Zidek says:

    wow, mona this is so true. Resisting what is causing a lot of suffering. Thanks for this great post – I will go check out your radio show!

  2. CoachMona says:

    Hey Diane,

    Thanks for your comments – let me know how you like my broadcast.


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  4. “You Know You Should Change – What is Stopping You?” Either it should be fear of failure or fear of success…. The good thing is one can overcome both with determination.

  5. Czane Carmie Javier says:

    great post..looking forward to your Live Call this December 30.

  6. CoachMona says:

    Thank you and wonderful….look forward to having you on the Call December 30th. To officially register for the call go to
    Happy Holidays!


  7. CoachMona says:

    I love your comment. And you are 100% correct. Change is easy what is hard for most is the decision to change…and the fear of what we don’t want on top of no believing we can actually “get” what we want can keep a person stuck in a neutral mode….. and without momentum NOTHING happens!
    Happy Holidays

  8. Olga says:

    All is true, Mona. If has noticed a pain – stop and analyse the behavior. Thanks for article. Quoted on my site

  9. CoachMona says:

    Thank you Olga,

    I appreciate your comments

    Coach Mona

  10. Interesting thoughts about change. In general I tend to believe we change when we’re ready. That may seem kind of logical but it’s a deeper thought than that.

    For instance, I have a friend going through some dark days right now, most brought on truly by her own mindset. She keeps asking me if she’s reached the bottom, and I keep saying no. She asked when will she have reached the bottom and I said when you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to take a truly decisive action. Will that be suicide or will it be to break out of the malaise and start being more positive about things, who knows.

    I think I’m like that as well. I want more things in life but keep waiting on something, no idea what, to either get me motivated to push forward again or just stay where I am; lucky for me I’m not regressing. Good days and okay days for me, but those okay days could start stringing together and then… well, you get the drift. Luckily, I have enough good days for me to occasionally say “Hey, I want more of that”. Just have to figure out how to string a bunch more of those together.

  11. CoachMona says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Thank you for authentically sharing. I too have had those dark days….and yes trying to stuff any of the feelings just doesn’t cut it. The key I think is to allowing the feelings to release them even if there is more…keep allowing and releasing until that “light” appears….the icky feelings have subsided and you are open to figuring out techniques to how to do things effectively, productively so that there is some forward momentum. The fear/bad feelings will de-motivate you …..releasing them will create a certain motivation to create more light, joy, change…..and a type of domino effect. Will the dark feelings come back….maybe….they are only there because we did not look at/or allow them the first time. It is hard but….be grateful they are showing themselves again wanting to be released and replaced with something more serving.



  12. says:

    I’ve noticed change happens in people 2 main ways…either something traumatic happens which pushes them to change or they one day decide to change fir themselves. It’s human nature I suppose to do what’s easiest…which is to resist change!

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