Would You Give Your 10 Year Old A Cuppa?

Last week a gave a talk to a group of high school students grades 8-12…..

I asked them at the beginning of my career fair presentation if any of them were familiar with “Energy Medicine?” I gave two presentations back to back and in each of the presentations the answer to my question was “ is it Red Bull”?

To be clear “Energy Medicine” is a compilation of many alternative healing modalities like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hands on Healing etc……. but these young people spouted out “Red Bull”

I got to thinking that was interesting that young people these days must think that energy comes from a beverage instead of good food, clean water, fresh air, quality sleep and exercise…….I guess it is really not surprising with a “Starbucks” on every corner where you can get a double mocha frappaccino, non fat, extra foam, grande beverage with chocolate and vanilla sugar sprinkles on the top.

So I did some research on energy drinks and found that there is a huge concern amongst doctors with the high use of energy drinks by teens. That children and teen are brought into emergency centers with symptoms mimicking heart problems and in some case – real heart problems not to mention the effects on the nervous system.

Wow – what is it that these teens are lacking……I thought they were in school for education but sadly last week I realized that yes they were getting education – but most of them knew more about the effects of caffeine then they did about the effect of “good nutrition”…..that is scary to me.

Here are the facts – a Red Bull energy drink has about 1/3 the milligrams of caffeine of a cup of drip coffee which has about 237 mg of caffeine per cup. In a earlier blog post I mentioned that it takes about 12 – 8 ounce glasses of clean water to rid the body of the effects of caffeine in one cup of coffee and that the body artificially revs up taxing many of the organs so they will do everything they can to get that caffeine out of the body as fast as it can…..then the body craves more of that energy which in turn creates a false sense of “awakeness and alertness” and the cycle continues.

So for a child drinking Red Bull or another energy drink – this can be happening to their bodies on a daily basis. As I mentioned the “energy drink” phenomenon is creating quite a buzz among Doctors ……so much so that many of the energy drinks have been banned in some countries such as France. The major concern is not just the caffeine but the energy enhancing herbs that are mixed in with the beverage and the unknown long-term effects on the body.

When I was a kid – I was not allowed to go anywhere near my parents coffee…..as my mom would say “ I was hyper enough as it was” ( probably the sugar)……. But kids and teenagers did not drink coffee….. however, now they can get their caffeine and false energy fix anytime, any day at the corner store.

Let me ask you …..would you give your 10-year-old a cup of coffee everyday? If not then think twice when reaching for a Sobe or Red Bull for yourself or your child.

To Your Best Health,

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

“Your Health Is Your Life and Your Life is Your Health”


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