Who will you be in ten years?

Wow…that is a powerful question?  I was asked that today and then I was asked “what will I create and how will I collaborate”?

I had to start with who will I be in ten years….. Have you stopped to ask yourself that?

For you that may just seem too far away…or you simply may prefer living in the moment. Well I like to live in the moment too but what I learned today is that if you know who you will be in ten years then you can begin to embody that today in everything you do and with everyone you encounter. Then  you deliberately start to become what you have declared in ten years….yes even when interacting with the postman you embody this energy.

So the first step is to look at your life….where you are right now….. Most people forget that the easiest way to get somewhere is to know where you are starting from …otherwise you may take a very long and unnecessary detour in getting there.

Maybe you come up with a complete blank…… that is ok, just remember to stay in a state of wonder so you can remain open to inspirations just waiting to give you the clue you are looking for. Maybe you know who you are and you are on track to reach your 10 year goal in lightening speed.

Either way is ok…but the idea here is to give it some thought….have you?

So to share with you, I know what I am good at…. I am good at listening to people, helping them mine for gold (the answers to the questions you have buried inside and cannot dig out yourself). I help shorten the time to get what you truly want in your life by helping you reconnect with what it is and then take the committed steps to get there. So from that I came up with this….

I am a bright light, a guide, in which others are attracted, reflecting back to them their own inner wisdom, truth and self love.

So again, I ask, who are you?

If you are stumped, I am happy to help. Simply fill out this very short and general discovery questionnaire and from there you will receive and email from me inviting you to spend one hour with me to rediscover who you are and what you truly want to create in your life. A 150.00 value * Free for you today.*

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Blessings Mona

”Uncovering your Inner Wisdom”

Authentic Life and Health Coach

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