Which type are you?

In order to get anything that you desire in your life you have to weigh your why toos and your why not toos….or the benefits of getting more money or better health or something else you have been wanting and the reason why to NOT have these things you want come to fruition.

It is so apparent to me that most people want more…..everything: money, love, flexibility of time, happiness etc etc….but so many are in the ‘wanting’ stage of it ….Not the getting or receiving stage of it. So why is this?

Let’s start by comparing ourselves to an Iceberg. What do I mean by that? Well there is about 10% of an iceberg showing above the water, 90% of that iceberg is hidden below the surface. Like us, our conscious thoughts make up about 10% of our “thinking power”…..but 90% of what is happening in our thought process is subconscious (or below the surface of our consciousness). So it stands to reason that if you are NOT getting what you want….then there is something going on subconsciously that is leaning to the “why not too” get it department. We could analyze this for days, but better than that we can look towards our feelings and actions to determine WHY we are NOT getting what we want for ourselves or our families.

So I thought it would be fun to look at the four types of people there are in the world.

First, there are the “Flounderers” – These are people who have not set goals (mostly because they have never been taught how) and may have very little drive. They seem content to go with the flow and do nothing different to change their lives or the lives of anyone around them. It is typical for flounderers to do the same unproductive activities over and over again, day in day out…like too much TV for example.

Second, there are the “The Would Like Toos” – These are people who would like to be more, do more and have more, but are afraid. They seem to always find that reason “why not.” Fears paralyze them and their decisions and they never seem able to get started on anything. They hope and wish but without action….. thus the hopes and dreams never come to be.

Then there are the “Just Can’t Get it Dones” – Have you ever heard the term ‘get ready to get ready’? This type has a typical MO of starting, but never finishing. They fall short on their commitments and they stop building relationships. They have amazing potential, however no results, mostly because they listen to that voice (you know the voice) that inner voice of unreason, “the critic” that stops them every time and they listen to their own excuses again and again. They kind of have a type of ADD…..always switching from one project to the next. They like the feeling of instant gratification and that takes them off course one more time.

And finally, there are the “Accountables” – These are the people who get the results. They know the buck stops here…with them and their decisions, commitment, focus and action. They are willing to do what is necessary regardless of “the inner critic” and the outer dream stealers and finish what they start and go get what they want regardless of what ever happened to stall or stop them before.

It doesn’t matter what they want in life….once they have become clear about it, they go for it…they find away to make it so. The “Accountables” are just that…. real clear on what they want right from the start and accountable to making it happen – A BIG, common characteristic of all “Accountables” is they take full responsibility and make no excuses, for why things are not happening the way they want…..they focus on solutions.

Which type are you?

This is something you should spend some time thinking about ….especially if things are not happening in your life the way you would like them to.

Here is a tip: In the next week or so really watch your actions and your self-talk.

Keep a close tabs on this and you will be able to determine very quickly which type you are.

Now the good news is…once you know, then you are half way there. Most people spend their days on automatic pilot….complaining about why their life, their health, their relationships are not the way they want them to be and never take the time to find out whether they are a “Flounderer”, a “Would Like To”, or a “Just Can’t Get it Done” type.

Don’t let this be you.

BTW You “Accountables” …you KNOW who you are!

Mona McClelland
Abundant Life Guide
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