What would fulfill YOUR life?

Life is full of Irony.  It is bizarre to think that the things we want
most seem to be the things we have the most resistance to.

Do you remember being so OMG nervous and fearful around a
boy or a girl you really liked?

How about this…do you ever procrastinate on doing the things that are
most important to you?

Do you tend to hide ( or are you afraid to show -  or have you forgotten) your deepest gifts?

You are not alone that is for sure.

I think that because the things we want most in life bring up the most fear. Interesting isn’t it?

…and isn’t it also interesting how our deepest desires live in the very most vulnerable part of our being? And how we seem to have to hide that which is most important to us ( sometimes in fear of failure or ridicule – even as an adult) Seems absurd doesn’t it?

So you can see how your inner most desires and your fears can go hand in hand.

Here is an interesting concept and I am curious about your thoughts……

It would make sense that most coaches and teachers tell us to simply face these fears and push through what you most feel you resist …BUT I think it is important to listen to the fear and the resistance…Hear what it is telling you first and then create a bond with it ….asking it to HELP you move towards what you want…hand in hand. ( Thank this fear and resistance as it did serve you at one point – now it can act as your guide…more like a consultant to you on the path to your desire).

Rest assured that sometimes you will feel stuck along the way to taking back your life, your dreams, your career goals and that you are resisting doing what is important because you are afraid to step out from back stage into YOUR starring role.

This simply means you are on your path…right on track…your fear is just letting you know this…so thank this fear, this resistance and then keep going knowing that fulfilling YOUR life and creating exactly what YOU want will help you have more for your family in the short and long run.

AND just because fear is now your ally, doesn’t mean you should do what it is telling you to do (it just means you are hearing it and thanking it and moving forward towards YOUR most fulfilling life regardless.) Your most fulfilling life is waiting for you…this is a gift you can give yourself AND your family, please don’t make them wait one second longer than they have to.

I would love for you to share what YOU really want in your life…what fills you up so you have more to give your family.

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2 Responses to “What would fulfill YOUR life?”

  1. Renee says:


    I absolutely love this blog. It comes to me at a very pertinent time – one where I just left my 9-5 job to begin my life’s mission and a hugely new endeavor. That fear inside of us that appears when you’re moving in the right direction has been screaming at me lately and it’s been just that, creating fear in me. Thank you for the wonderful message about running towards it instead of away from it. I could not have read this at a more appropriate time. I too believe that our fears are clues and that they should be explored instead. Thanks for the reminder…I will sleep better tonight. :-)


  2. CoachMona says:


    You are so right. Keep focusing on what you are called to be doing. Know that what ever feelings you are having….acknowledge them and then let them pass….this is the only way to see and hear and feel WHAT the next steps are. You are human like the rest of us and will at times find that blocks can get in your way OR your life may feel insane. Stop at these times and ground yourself to your foundation…your values and then continue on your journey in absolute faith that you will reach your destination. Thank you for your comments.


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