What is Your Body Saying?

Most people wake up with a pain, say a headache and reach for a pill to stop the pain….for awhile anyways. Magic Pill we hear it called, a quick fix so to speak to mask or hide the “cause”.

Let’s look at the bigger problems, say results from Breast Imaging or a Thermogram. What do we do if the results come back any other way but normal?

Well the traditional medical community would want to “fix” it….and traditionally to fix it that would be radiate, drug or operate.

Well recently this was my experience and I am only telling it to you to help you see that there are other ways to look at what our bodies are saying. I am no authority on this but I am just wanting you to ask yourself if it is possible that “my body is actually talking to me and telling me by my symptoms that I am not listening……not taking care of myself”so to speak.

Breast Thermography is an alternative to breast mammography and my preference to having my breast squeezed and squished paper thin to detect a possible abnormality. Thermography is non evasive (to learn more about Breast Thermography visit www.medthermonline.com) and problems can be found before abnormalities are seen with mammograms.

This was my third scan in 4 years, however this time the report came back showing a very slight abnormality. Initially of course anxious thoughts raced through my mind….but upon thoroughly reading the report……the thermogram is not a diagnosis but an indicator to have a health care professional assess you and determine the next if any course of action.

The report also goes on to say that with the rating I received that it is more likely that these features exhibited from the pictures taken represent benign changes such as inflammation, acute cysts and/or fibroadenoma development, infection or personal variant.

It was that phrase, personal variant, that caught my attention and upon discussion with an authority on “body talk” and disease….. Rather than rushing into fear and panic about the symptoms, it was important to take a deeper look, or listen if you may, at the underlying meaning of the pain or dis-ease in the body and what it is telling us.

Perhaps and in most cases I believe that self care is being ignored. Here is a great way to recognize if you are doing something out of love or receiving self love.

Ask yourself that question …..Am I doing this out of love (for someone or something) or am I doing this because from it I receive love – the feeling of love and purpose specifically. If it is the latter then it is safe to say you are receiving self care. If you are doing it out of love – which is fine but understand even doing something out of love can mean doing it because you think you should.

One other thing to look at that I feel is important is when you receive an unfavorable test result to look at the timing of the test and what was going on at that point in time. Were you getting enough self care, were you stressed, overwhelmed and was your body then simply reflecting that in that moment what was going on for you?

The body moves fluently through time and the cells are constantly replacing themselves with new ones. So with that essentially a “new” body is being created daily, weekly, monthly.

Please do not ignore the symptoms, definitely consult your health care professional and in addition, ask your body what it is trying to tell you about your health, physical, mental and emotional and then LISTEN…….we all know what to do…..the problem is we just don’t do it…….

My best advice is take some quiet time daily; a walk in nature, close your eyes for 10 min in your favorite chair, your favorite spot in the library, sitting on a rock at the beach. Whatever that time maybe, know that you are recharging, reenergizing, and loving yourself so you can have more, be more and give more to yourself and others.

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist


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