What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? You may be thinking, “this seems to be a very broad question”  to be asking. You may be wondering, in what context am I asking this. Am I wanting to know about your blocks to creating the most loving relationship that you have always imagined?  Am I  curious about why you struggle with finances and why there is not enough at the end of every month? Are you worried about your health?

Well I guess I am inquiring about all of this but mostly I am asking  you WHY you are afraid?

I am inspired to ask this question because two books I have just read. One called “Paradox of Healing ” by Dr Greenwood and the other is “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.

The first is by a professional…a Doctor who writes in depth about the inadequacies of the medical profession to assist people to heal …..who poses the question of “how can a ‘rational science’ possibly heal most people who suffer from illnesses primarily caused by an irrational emotion( fear)”?

The second  is an in depth account of one woman’s battle with terminal cancer, her incredibly detailed NDE (near death experience) and her miraculous, complete, rapid and spontaneous healing.

The common thread in both accounts…..FEAR.

Has fear ever stopped you, paralyzed you, held you at bay from that which you most wanted to do? AND did it succeed?

You see, we are all meant to LIVE…to be joyful, to celebrate each day of LIFE. You are meant to LOVE and share that love with others….and they are meant to do the same.

What if you could really truly LIVE to your fullest potential…move through that fear and feel amazing each day? What if you knew that we are all so connected and because of this connection  HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF reflects on how others feel. If you knew that would you CHANGE the way you think, talk about and treat yourself? Wouldn’t that be the most “unselfish” gift to give back to the world……To everyone you love?

Just simply…start treating yourself better!

That is what I have been trying to tell you and that is how I can best support you.

Today and everyday do one loving act of kindness to YOURSELF. Try this just for one week and see what changes in your world. AND embrace the joy of being ALIVE.

If you don’t know how to let go of the fear I suggest you read “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani to start with.

If you need help…reach out…to a friend, a coach/counselor, God…..just reach out. YOU are worth it and the world ( your family) needs YOU.

I am here to support you, in loving yourself and learning how to do what you have forgotten. To take back your life and BE AMAZING.

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You were created, you are a creator. What will you deliberately create for yourself TODAY?

With deep appreciation and love for who YOU are.


the “Busy Mom Mentor”
Author of  The Visible Blueprint

and remember    “When Moms Happy…..Everyone’s Happy”

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