What About the Plumbing?

When you were a kid did anyone, your mom, dad, doctor say to you ” as long as you go at least every three days that is normal”?

This was the philosophy spoken to my mom from her doctor and in turn to us kids.

……and I still think some medical professionals may be passing on this information to their patients even today.

Now lets think about this with common sense……. if one eats three meals a day…..so three meals go in……how many meals in that day should come out?

Ok, I agree this is not the most pleasant topic of conversation and is very often too embarrassing for most to talk about. But throughout my previous 20 year career as a hairdresser and my ever present digestive/plumbing problems I had many, many people shared their own plumbing problems with me and what was surprising to me is the number of my clients who had these digestive woes.

For example in the city I lived in more than 10 years ago, if your problem was not acute and urgent you would have to wait up to 1 year to see a specialist, a gastroenterologist. And when I first went to see this specialized plumbing authority at the ripe old age of 27 he said to me ” it is not unusual for a woman your age to have this condition.” And I must say I was shocked.

Ok enough about me….. how many times a day should one be visiting the potty. Well three times for three meals and at the very least two. You see it is simple the food stuff ( preferably organic and not processed) goes in – the nutrients are absorbed and used as fuel and to repair the body and then the waste come out. Pretty simple and neat design isn’t it???

One problem that has happened to most of us…..we were not taught nutrition with our upbringing and were allowed to put in our bodies pretty much everything that “tasted” good. Then we would get a tummy ache and be given something for that and soon our body and mind connection was severed and we ended up with what is called a shocked stomach……That is a stomach that no longer responds and we keep putting in the bad stuff and covering up the symptoms.

What can you do now. Well since the colon is the real brain of the body, start feeding it well so it can work. Things like water, clean protein, fruits and veggies ( organic), nuts and seeds, and if necessary take high quality” Electrically Available Enzymes” to help the digestion and start that electrical peristalsis movement again.

Eating and good digestion and properly working plumbing is your right – not luck.

Get educated, treat yourself well. Remember it is not about being perfect with your eating, but being good.

And with the holidays rapidly approaching, stay tuned for tips on holiday feasting and stress management. Myself and another Health and Wellness Coach will be featured on Blogtalk Radio Wednesday Nov 24…….be sure to listen in……we will be showing folks how they too can have a balanced, stress free holiday – simply by listening to the wisdom of their own minds and bodies. ( but don’t worry if you miss it I will send the recorded link.)

Health is not a matter of Chance it is a Matter of Choice.

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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