Top 10 Tips to Decrease Holiday Stress and Increase the Fun

1. Unplug Yourself, Step Away, Breath and Create

Think about what makes you happy, what brings you joy, what you love the most about these yearly celebrations. Create around your joy, let go of all of your expectations of yourself and your family and create something new even if you just simplify through delegating, by having a family agreement on the budget for each person in the family or by getting together and making all your gifts. You could even let go of gift giving and have one gift for the family such as going out for dinner together and to an amazing show 1 time a year.

2.Plan out the TV time

This allows you to avoid all the commercialism and the stress it causes. It also helps you to stay within your budget.

3.Plan time to go shopping

Avoid the weekends and early evening when everyone is out shopping and in a rush. You want to have your list and be able to leisurely shop. Make it fun and relaxing. We all have enough stuff!

4.Breathe, Breathe and Breathe again

Taking the time to take a deep breath is the fastest way I know to relax and let go of stress. You do not have to meditate, though it has its benefits. When you feel the tension rising, stop and take a deep breath, hold it for 3-5 seconds, and slowly release it all the while paying focused attention to your breath and nothing else. If you do this 2-3 times in a row you will find your stress melting away. Best of all you can do this anywhere.

5.Take time each day just for you

You are so important! Take time to stop, relax and let go of the day. This can be accomplished through reading a great book, drinking a cup of tea, coffee and laughing with a friend, journal your thoughts and feelings, close your eyes and focus on something that creates a feeling of peace within you. You do not have to take a lot of time. 15 minutes can do wonders!

6.What is Your Plan?

Do the time pressures of your holiday schedule stress you out completely? Plan Ahead. During this hectic time with its whirl of parties, holiday activities and entertaining others, it is easy to become overcommitted. Well ahead of time grab a good organizer or calendar and mark off activities to complete. Learn to say ‘no’ if the days are becoming too full.


Tis, the season to buy. Holidays are a time for giving – but at what expense? How about creating a budget and then try shopping creatively or ahead of time for some bargain based treasures. Maybe consider gifts that have that personal touch such as a nice photo placed in a hand decorated frame. Gift giving this way shows you spent much more than on an expensive item, because is represents that you spent your time which is your most valuable commodity.

8. Your Body – Take care of it!

There are only so many days and weekends leading up to the holidays and a person can only cram so many activities into their calendar, Lack of sleep is the result of over commitment. Self care probably should be the most important focus throughout the holidays to enable you to attend many holiday gatherings while staying healthy and energized. This includes getting enough sleep and eating nutritiously. Also alcohol is a known depressant, which will affect your moods drastically. Rich holiday foods can create lethargy and weight gain. Only taste small bites of calorie laden foods at holiday parties, and decide to learn to create healthier versions of holiday favorites. One more important self care tip: Cutting down on nicotine and caffeine can also helps your overall health and mood.

9. Remember to Exercise

Since when do the Holidays mean a holiday from exercise, as there are so many health and emotional benefits? As well as being a stress reliever and depression alleviator, exercise will also help combat the holiday “battle of the bulge”. What do you like doing that you could incorporate as exercise during the holidays? How about simply walking (indoor malls are great for this especially if there is a lot of snow where you live. Many malls open early for walkers BEFORE the stores open for shoppers). You could bike or work out at a health club. Swimming or dancing is also a great and fun indoor exercise to battle that holiday over indulgences. Remember the important piece here is find out what you enjoy and you will be more likely to commit to doing it.

10. Be Realistic

Don’t worry so much about having the perfect party, or perfect tree. The holidays are about gatherings and sharing with those that you care about or who care about you. Remember toddlers are going to spill things, adults might argue but the key here is forgiveness along with a realistic attitude. This can go a long way towards making holidays less stressful and more FUN for all.
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