Time for Mommy Love: 5 Tips for Busy Working Moms

Moms juggle everything, especially career and parenthood, so it can be hard to prioritize romance and intimacy with your partner, but this is ever so important to your relationship.

If you have children you know this and with all the things that need to get done, intimacy may often take a lower spot on the list of priorities. But what you must know is, it is still a vital element of a healthy relationship.

Here are 5 tips for rekindling the passion between you and your man.


Many busy working moms miss the time they spend away from home and their kids, so they enroll them in music or sports after school or on weekends. It’s great that kids have opportunities to enrich their lives and feed their potential, but too many activities can simply burnout your kids AND exhaust you, the parents. Instead of wearing yourself out driving your kids around to their extracurricular activities, why not save it for a couple of hours alone with your sweetie after the kids have gone to bed?


Relationship specialists suggest being playful is one of THE best ways to keep the emotional connection (and, ultimately – sex – alive) with your guy. Throw him a flirtatious look or send him a naughty text message that suggests what might be happening later, when the lights are off.


Making sweet or romantic gestures toward your partner is a sure-fire way to keep the flame ignited in a relationship. These gestures can be as simple as brushing your fingers over his tired brow while watching a family movie with the kids, definitely holding hands in public, and how about giving him a 6 second kiss with a warm embrace as soon as you see each other after a long day at work. (***A little love note tucked in his lunch bag or briefcase will remind him that you are thinking of him during his work day***).


Marriage counselors, relationship experts, and couple resource websites say that date night, should  be number one on a couple’s priority list. As strange as it might feel, understand that it will eventually become a night that you and your man will look forward to. Maybe it is reservations at a classy restaurant or at just a night at home, just the two of you. Send the kids out for a sleepover, and turn ALL THE PHONES OFF!


Sweating together is sexy…let’s face it, exercising with your partner does not only mean getting in shape together; it also gives you the time to communicate with your man more adequately. (You know the side by side relationship). By working out with him you will create a space for open dialogue, enjoy a better physique, and increased stamina. Having workouts together is truly a great way to strengthen your relationship.

(Okay ….one extra tip for good measure) JUST DO IT!

Don’t make him beg ladies…..making love to your man IS the number one way to show him love and have him feel loved BY you. I get it….with all the other places that you spend your energy during the day; you probably just want to grab a great book and then relax into sleep.

If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to get “in the mood” after a long, tiring day, you are not alone. Most busy working moms are right there with you.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just start kissing, and then do it! It might not be the most romantic approach, but sudden, unplanned intimate moments often yield satisfying results. And you will have just added interest to your relationship bank account…which will yield strong returns during the course of your relationship.

Mona McClelland

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

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