The Ultimate Time Out ~ for Busy Working Moms

What can I say…..Back To School IS the Ultimate Time OUT for most busy working moms!

This is the time that routines are established and as the leaves turn red and gold a different kind of bus-y-ness occurs. I call this “controlled” chaos. Yes you are busy again trying to cram in all the new activities and old ones but it is also a time for renewal….much more so in my opinion than January 1st.

So here are a few tips for you to get your self ready for ”the Ultimate Time Out”. If you plan and prepare for YOUR needs as the school season begins …you are much more likely to continue taking care of yourself right through the onset of the New Year.


1. Get the kids to bed Start now…. if the kids have been up WAY past their bedtime throughout the summer then start at least one week prior to the first day of school and gradually get them into bed 15 min earlier each night until you are at the “regular” school night bedtime. Guess What? This means you can re-establish your bedtime routine and enjoy quiet time (out) that is necessary for your self renewal .

2. Pay attention to what you are eating

As the seasons change…so do your bodies. The plethora of fresh fruits that you enjoy through the warm summer months…are also packed with sugar (a stimulant)…albeit Mother Nature sugar…still as the season turns cooler the natural desire for more warming foods will become more welcomed.Both you and your kids will feel better when you begin again to eat three good meals a day. Make time to do the planning together. And then if it works in your kitchen allow them to help…this is great bonding time for you and your kids and can be YOUR time together…thus spending less time with them at bedtime and creating more time for YOU.

3. Move YOUR Body

Do something – anything.  Plan time twice a week to share exercise with your kids. Otherwise start now to plan the classes and the time (out) just for you to take care of yourself. If you eliminate one thing every week from your schedule that does not serve your highest good (being vibrant and healthy)  then you WILL find the time to move your body in a way that is fun and invigorating for you.

4. Put your best face forward

“To look good …is to feel good , Dahling”  Treat yourself to a NEW look, get a great haircut. Find a affordable outfits that you will love to wear. Smile….you can not hold a negative thought and smile. Keep smiling…. the negative thought will atrophy and you will look good, feel good …you will smile more.


For one month….only watch shows/movies that make you laugh. You’ll automatically feel better. Stay away from negative news (magazines,papers and radio). Find the humour in everyday situations

6. Gratitude 

Every night at bedtime, take two minutes to count your blessings. Make a gratitude list. Write it down and then every night look at it and add to it often.  Help your kids create one  too.

7. Don’t be a Martyr

You don’t have to do it all alone. Ask for help from family, friends, co-workers, and organizations for help.  People love to be needed, including your kids …as long as you are not “using” them, reach out ask for what you need….and when the time comes you can reciprocate ( good role modeling for the kids and another way to feel good and take a time out for YOU).

8. Pray/Meditate/Breathe

Every single day….to round off the ULTIMATE time out ….spend time to connect with YOUR God. Whatever that is for you: Nature, music, church, sitting by the ocean, yoga…. Do something that makes you feel whole. ( if this is new to you, start with once a week and increase the frequency)….It will become a place to come home…to yourself …everyday that you won’t want to miss. (…and it will help you tremendously with the controlled chaos of your “new” year… starting right now.)

….One more thing … are NOT a supermom and your kids are not “superkids”  lower your expectations of yourself and your kids and YOU will find that YOU will create an ULTIMATE time out habit  that will stand the test of time. YOUR Time!

….and of course, Remember……“When Moms Happy…Everyone’s Happy”
Mona McClelland
the “Busy Mom Mentor”

ps….if you found this helpful and know of someone else who would benefit too, please pass it along…they WILL thank you.

pps….if you know that there is something “else” that you are meant to do in this world…besides being a mom AND need a little help making that happen. I am here to help and support you. In  30 minutes Discover exactly WHAT to do NEXT ~ even if you are tired, lazy,in a bad mood most of the time AND have no goals!

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