The Human Science Experiment

When did peanuts begin to cause so many deadly reactions in children?

My god, I ate peanut butter and jam sandwiches every day of my primary school life and never once had any serious or violent reactions or heard of any of my friends have these reactions either. What has happened?

I was told once that “cotton” was the most heavily pesticide laden  crop of all and that after harvesting cotton the field would then be planted with peanuts to, in effect, “cleanse” the soil to prepare for the next crop of cotton.

Now I do not know if that is exactly true – easy enough to find out though – a simple google search would probably do the trick.  But what I do know is that “god” or our creator would never create a food that would become a poison to so many.  Man must of had his hand in this somewhere.

Over 5000 chemicals/food additives are introduced to our food chain each year…. if you are curious about this grab yourself a copy of the “Consumer’s Guide to Food Additives”,  keep it on hand and when you pull that well preserved package of twinkies out of the cupboard – look up what is listed in the ingredients in this guide and then decide if you still want to put that in the machine that is designed to keep you going for the next 40 or 50 plus years.  Would you put that in your car?  No – the car wouldn’t work – soooo why put it in your body?

Common Sense – this is what I write about and rant about……. We all know what to do – what makes sense but we don’t do it – why? I know life is busy, packaged food is convenient, the microwave is fast ( better not start going on about micro waves this time).

Come on think about what your body needs to keep it healthy and full of energy. I wrote about this in my first blog post of this series.

Water, sleep, proper elimination, exercise, GOOD HEALTHY FOOD.

Yes we all like treats once in awhile – this is why there are celebrations – this is when we feast.  Every day however our bodies requires the clean, nutrient rich fuel that will energize our bodies and our brains so we can enjoy life.

The following are just a few of the worst chemicals you can put in or on ( yes on) your body.  Take a minute – do your own research.

I was my own human experiment.  For 20 years I was in the Salon/Beauty industry, breathing in and wearing, dyes, formaldehyde, ammonia, peroxide, sodium laurel sulfate.  I got so sick I eventually had to quit – good thing really.

Once you have done your research ask yourself – “am I part of the Human Science Experiment” ?  Where else can they put all the fillers and excess chemicals ? Well I am sure if enough of us stopped using these foods and products – another solution would have to be found.

Find out what products you find the following in and what they are doing to your body!




FD & C Colour Pigments



Polyethylene Glycol

( just to name a very few)

A good rule of thumb is if you can not pronounce the word – do not put it in your body.

As I mentioned we all know what to do – we just don’t always do it.  Think about it…how many years are you planning to live?

Mona McClelland

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