The Fitness Code

What is the Fitness Code?Well in honor of “March is Vibrant Mom Month”I thought I would summarize what equals a life lived in balance and harmony. I believe that everyone’s purpose here, living this life, is JOY. That’s it…. Living Joyfully is your purpose….good to know right?

And if you are not living in Joy…then you ARE out of alignment with your purpose and the pain you are feeling is simply your habitual resistance to change. Meaning you are holding ON to something ( a job, relationship, attitude, belief, habit) that does NOT serve you.

AND to make matters worse you are digging in your heels….banging your head against the wall…swimming against the current to HOLD on to this way of being…of living…for FEAR of not knowing what will happen if you let (it) go!

So what is the Fitness Code?

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I worked with this amazing coachonce that must have felt like banging his head against the wall with me…. I was in a very tough situation that I had to change to move forward in my life…..and week after week….. I kept telling him all the reasons that I could not. This lack of decision and action was hell for me…BUT I kept choosing to mull it over and over and talk about it over and over and still do nothing. Talk about a definition of insanity. (ever done this?)He told me something that made such a strong impact on me….that today I live by it and I base my decision on it.

I call this the  Fitness Code.….would you like to try it on for size? Lets get started!1. F stands for Fiscal Fitness….. if you can not move forward in your life because you feel TRAPPED by your bleak financial situation….you have to do something about it. Get your head out of the sand ….look at it and act.
I started using a method taught to millions by Harv Eker  and with a few tweaks of my own I call it “the Money Habit” …but know that FIRST if you are in a “debt” situation that you must take care of that first…. you can  not create wealth…while feeling burdened by debt…find someone to help you create a debt settlement or repayment program and then focus on creating a better fiscal future with the Money Habit. Listen to the Money Habit here

2. E stands for Emotional Fitness …..if you  are someone who feels emotionally defeated often….then you may have a little bit of work to do. There is a pattern or an underlying theme that makes you feel that you are responsible for the outcome of a situation ( or you are in menopause…lol…but really this can stir your life up dramatically). When you are emotionally challenged…..your self confidence is weak. You do not believe in yourself and it is hard to set goals and accomplish your desires. Join the “rubber band ” club. I did this to help my youngest daughter and along the way it helped me immensely. Put an elastic band on your arm and every time a situation comes up to challenge you emotionally..snap it and affirm something like ” I am ok…I am strong…I can feel it to heal it and then move on.” This is cognitive behaviour therapy at its simplest.Don’t knock it until you try it.

3. M stands for Mental Fitness ….. here is where you can really have some fun AND I could go on and on for pages about this…BUT simply put, YOU are in charge of your thoughts and what you feed yourself mentally. Do you want to know what you are thinking most of the time? Just look at your life…it will be a direct reflection of your thoughts. That can be a tough pill to swallow. Want more fun in your life…are you thinking ‘fun thoughts’? Want more love in your life…’ are you thinking and acting loving’? Want more money in your life…’are you thinking about all the debt you are in’?
I think you get the picture.  Here it is again in a nutshell. 1. Thoughts become feelings. 2. Feelings create your TYPE of action ( or inaction) 3. Action creates results. OR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.
Start paying full attention to your thoughts….PLAY with this and see what happens!

4. P stands for Physical Fitness ….. I think this one is quite obvious. If you are not moving your body….you will not feel energized. NO you do not have to go to the gym if you DISLIKE that sort of thing. But, the good  news is there are a TON of other things you can do. Can’t get out or have a physical limitation? Search YouTube….I used to spend tons of time and money going to Hot Yoga classes. Now my classes stream to me through the internet on my time and I spend the money doing other fun things. Check it out. Just type in whatever you like in the YouTube search bar and I guarantee something will come back that  you can do. Or just get outside for a walk every day.

5. S stands for Spiritual Fitness ….. In my humble opinion this rates right up there with Physical Fitness as a priority for wellness and  a vibrant life. If you do  not believe or wish to spend time in prayer  or meditation…find out what makes your heart sing and then spend time fully engrossed and focused on that.Personally, I love prayer and silence. In my prayer I do the blessing and inquiring and in silence I wait for the answers. This is when you hear your higher self, intuition or God speak to you. In this busy world don’t you deserve to find peace…peace on your terms? Give yourself this gift. Start with 5 minutes a day….ask a question and then just sit..stare out the window and breathe. The more you practice this …the more it WORKS.AND this is a valuable part of the “creating your life deliberately” puzzle.

Now for those of you who may be struggling with relationships …here is what was once told to me. ” Love = when to people resonate in harmony …mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually”. One caveat….. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANYONE ELSE….do this for yourself. Practice the your FITNESS CODE and see magic ..what/who aligns with you!

Commit to adding one component of the Fitness Code into your life daily and watch your life transform right before your very eyes.

…and how do we know the importance of this Mom?

….because “When Moms Happy..Everyone’s Happy”



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