Barb B. Kelowna BC Canada

Mother – Financial Needs Analyst

Before working with Mona, I suffered from a lack of direction, lack of motivation and lack of focus.
Mona was able to help me identify the action steps I needed to take and help me dig down deep to
reconnect with my full potential and set goals for quick results.

Together Mona and I Created a ‘Life Map’ and she was my tour guide…pointing out and uncovering blocks that would have create dead ends and detours….she was able to help me clear the path and shorten the time it would have taken me to get results.

TRUST…Mona made it all about me. She listened and asked the right questions that would allow me to hear what was uniquely important to me and my family’s future. She seemed to always be one step ahead of me with the exact solution or strategy I needed to implement at just the right time.

After just my first session, I felt instantly alive and excited….I rediscovered my gifts, knew how to harness them and give them, in service, to others. It was like my brain connected to my heart and in that moment of clarity I became incredibly focused and knew where I was headed in my business and life.

Within a couple of months my income began to increase. Six months later I have quadrupled my income. This is just the beginning. I have a plan, it works and I am accountable. Now I am living, not simply existing. I am achieving my goals and creating my life “deliberately”.

I now have more time for myself, my family AND my business. Because of the structure and plan I have put together with Mona’s guidance, I have balance in my life…I have freedom. Who knew that structure would create Freedom!

Thanks Mona for everything…..I am extremely grateful. ~ Barb



Mother, Health Coach, Author

~ Fiona H.~ Colorado

*Before I started working with Mona I couldn’t get anything done….my focus was on my “mom duties”. I was up to my ears in post it notes.

I find Mona highly intuitive, with a wealth of knowledge in so many areas of life, and personal growth that in only one session I was able to craft a clear plan to move forward with an important project that I was procrastinating on forever. She listens to my concerns and authentically cares… and is incredibly good at holding me accountable to the agreements I have made.

I know that I am never alone because she is there to support me on my journey.

Mona was able to help me organize my scattered life and cut down on my tendency to procrastinate in only two sessions with easy, manageable success steps. Thank you for your authenticity, focus and clarity to help me see who I am.



~ Paula K.~ Victoria BC

Mother, Professional Care Give and Healer

*Before working with Mona I lacked confidence in myself and my decisions. I had no idea WHAT to do next in my life. I felt trapped and totally dependent on my spouse.

I wanted to be a role model of strength and inspiration for my very young son. I wanted him to see his mother, a woman who could emulate the qualities of future women that would be in his life: An Empowered Woman.

Mona’s intuitive and spiritual approach would guide me to exactly where I needed to go and what I needed to hear. She knew exactly what to ask so I could hear the answers to what I needed to do next come pouring out of ME.

….Mona knows where the answers are hiding.

In just two weeks my life began to change and my confidence grew rapidly as I overcame my first hurdle quickly and easily.

Within one week of becoming clear about the work I am meant to do I manifested the perfect job to fit into my life and still have time for myself and family…and the best part, where I once felt invisible, unheard and unappreciated….after only one session with Mona, I learned how to stand in my power, set my boundaries and earn back myself respect.

Today I am a completely different woman: A Visible role model for my son and other women. My gifts are now enjoyed by my clients and customers. My income has grown exponentially. I now live in my power AND can deliberately create anything I want to in MY life quickly.

Thank you Mona for helping me SEE myself and my blessings.


~ E.W. ~


Father, Health Care Professional, Internet Entrepreneur

*Before Working with Mona I was Sad, Unfocused, Full of Anxiety and Unmotivated.

I was questioning my personal self worth and purpose. As a single dad I was experiencing parental alienation and was at the end of my rope not knowing where to turn to get help, guidance and most importantly support.

The first thing that happened for me immediately, working with Mona, is I felt validated and heard. AND within one week, I was taking positive forward action towards resolving the personal and painful dilemma I was experiencing in my life. I learned to ask myself the right questions in order to find effective solutions and in turn any self doubt began to quickly atrophy.

With Mona’s ability to find the hidden answers I became clear on what action steps needed to be taken to empower myself to become the best father and role model for my boys.

Now, I have engaged the proper advocates to ensure my rights as a father are heard.

My life is forever changed; I have a master plan for my life with my children, for generating more income than I could in my “regular job” and I have found the love of my life. I also manifested a new home, have a closer relationship with my sons and more love in my life that I ever could have hoped for.

I don’t even want to think of where I would be had I not found Mona and her program.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Colette K.
Kelowna, Canada – Mother, Financial Planner

*Well what can I say, before the first conversation I had with Mona, I found myself anxious and frustrated when it came to communicating my thoughts and feelings, especially around my step children.

Mostly I was highly reactive and found myself spending time and energy trying to control the outcome in many situations.

What was very empowering is when I discovered during this one particular time after a very emotionally trying visit with them, that I was being treated incredibly disrespectfully. I was letting it happen, AND harbouring so much anger and upset inside. I recalled Mona’s suggestions; immediately and on a dime, I turned the situation around. My self-respect skyrocketed and from that single moment on I chose to be heard and put what is right for me first. After that my anxiety disappeared and I felt heard and respected. The biggest change is in me. I learned that I could release all the energy I spent trying to control others in my life and sit back and choose whether I want to participate in the drama or simply make a choice not to.

Even just the “sound” of Mona’s voice, made it so easy for me to open up. I just knew that with this person listening to me the answers would come. Call it intuition/sixth sense or something…she just knew exactly what I needed to hear at the time I needed to hear it, regardless of the situation at hand.

As time passed I felt extremely empowered in some situations and in others where I didn’t I just reached into my ‘new’ toolkit that I had acquired with Mona’s help and I climbed again to new levels of confidence.

I have gone from being reactive to circumstances in my life to stating and setting clear boundaries, gaining self respect and respect from others.

Thank you Mona for all you have given to me and my peace of mind.


Action Steps: Willingness to be vulnerable, Got clear on personal boundaries, Set boundaries and stuck to them. Chose not to participate in others drama.



Martha Meagher, Mother, Healer, Internet Entrepreneur
Colorado, USA

I have struggled my entire life, choosing to live day by day, moment by moment. But there was one key factor I was not aware of that would decide my success in every area of my life and that was “structure would grant me freedom”. Mona helped me to remember I could do anything I set my mind to and to believe in myself again. In just a couple of weeks I gained clarity, focus and could start checking things off “My List”, anxiety and worry subsided and I became “solution focused”.

Within a couple of months I watched myself attract a wonderful relationship and ‘like magic” manifest a dream trip of a lifetime….. “It was so easy”.

Thank you Mona for creating a Blueprint that put me in the driver’s seat of my own life and set me up for a lifetime of success.


Action Steps: Focus, Clarity, Plan of Action, Take Action, Accountability


Sue R. ~ Victoria BC

Executive Assistant, Youth Empowerment


Before I started working with Mona I was completely scattered. I thought something was wrong with me. I was just going through the motions of life…not truly living.

Mona is a “real person” – down to earth and when I listened to her teach, I instinctively knew I could trust her…she made me feel safe…she listened to me.

Right away I began to see results. She brought me face to face with my core values and my gremlins – the critic inside that was keeping me from doing ANYTHING. As I became more in touch with what was most meaningful in my life I began to plan, take small steps and immediately began to feel more alive and purposeful. My constant state of overwhelm was soon replaced with a feeling of accomplishment inner confidence.

It feels good to admit that I am a better person. I have brought music back into my life. I am saying yes to invitations that I would once have turned down. I am more present for others and can hear myself, my needs and my desires (and making them happen). Depression has been replaced with optimism.

I now know that once I DECIDE to do something …the people and resources I need to make it happen just magically show up. The Decision comes first. No wonder nothing was happening in my life…. I couldn’t make a decision.

What began as a life line for me has now become a foundation from which I am growing from, trusting I now have the tools that will allow me to contribute MY GIFTS to the world.

Thank you Mona for having the courage to reach out to me and share YOUR gifts, I am grateful.





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