~ Stop resisting abundance ~

Yep,  that is what I said…..stop resisting abundance.

What do I mean by that? It is simple……but it takes some conscious awareness to stop this habit and turn things around.

Habit? Now I am calling it a habit? Yessirree, and a bad one at that.

A good place to start is to identify how a habit is formed. Every day you probably do some of the same things over and over. Like; brush your teeth, have a shower, make coffee, read the paper…….A habit is simply formed by doing a certain activity over and over again. This habit can be beneficial OR it can become detrimental to your life…stopping you from getting exactly that which you want.

Today I am simply going to tell you how to stop resisting attracting abundance into your life by forming a new habit.

First, pick a day, any day that you can focus on your thoughts, words and actions. What you are looking for is a pattern of thought (words or actions) that focus on what you don’t want.

Ex: Perhaps every day you don’t like the sound of your alarm clock and every morning, think or say…”that damn clock is annoying”, then you get up and you find yourself rushing, and again you think ” I hate feeling so rushed, why don’t I give myself more time in the morning”, get stuck in traffic and curse and complain about that. You get the idea. You will soon see what you spend a huge amount of time focusing on and will get a glimpse of why you are getting what you are getting and NOT that which you want.

Here is a great way to stop resisting abundance and start shifting your focus. You will also become very aware of all the abundance currently in your life and possibly quite pleasantly surprised by this as well.

Become Abundance Focused: I have a white board in my house and every time someone gives me something, I get a good deal on something, I am given a compliment, a smile or am shown expressions of love and affection…I write it on my white board. What begins to happen is that you will become very aware of this wonderful plethora of abundance and you will begin to shift your focus to abundance by looking at and writing on this board everyday.

Some months the board is filled quickly and there is barely any room to squeeze on one more thing……on the flip side,  if I do not pay attention to my practice of “abundance focus”, my board for the month, will have big gaping white spaces just waiting to be filled….and the amount of abundance I had been feeling in my life begins to atrophy.

It is really up to you. If you focus on what you don’t want….you will get more of that guaranteed. Start today, add a sprinkle of gratitude for all that there already is in your life and watch those seeds take root. What you will begin to see is a wondrous garden of plenty begin to grow in your life and you will have opened the doors wide to allowing abundance to enter and become a new and fruitful habit born out of simple attention and awareness.

“the easiest thing you will ever have to do is change your thoughts….the hardest thing you will ever have to do is change your thoughts” James Allen

Happy gardening.







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