Star Trek Medicine Has Arrived?

You may be asking – Ok Mona – what are you talking about Star Trek Medicine?

For those trekkies reading this I think you may know what I am talking about and perhaps like me, grew up watching Star Trek most Saturday afternoons ( in my case the only other option was All Star Wrestling – no thank you)

Let me paint the picture….. one of the main characters, Captain Kirk or Spock or Zulu would get hurt….they would rush him to sick bay and then Bones would say something like “ I am a Doctor – Not a Magician” while looking of course at the gravity of the situation and then Dr McCoy would scan for signs of life and severity of injury and from there would determine what to do ( usually a shot of some kind if I can recall or some energy sensor crystal moving over the body to heal it )

….ok fast forward to Four Weeks ago ……I was told about a healing treatment that has about 94% success rate…yes an alternative healing modality that is getting a lot of interest in some main stream hospitals. This Form of Healing begins with a test using Star Trek type technology. I am talking about Electro- Interstitial Scan Biosensor Technology.

The EIS-BF is a unique hardware/software computerized system that applies precise algorithms and proprietary formulas to generate onscreen, 3-D modeling representations of the human body systems.

Now that is a mouthful…. well quite simply in “my terms” I sat in front of a laptop computer with sensors on my head and my hands and feet on sensor pads and in 2 minutes the software produced an accurate report of where in my body I had “problems”….. It accurately reported my oxygen levels, ph levels, chronic patterns in any part of my physical structure and internal organs.
I viewed 3D images of my heart, head, brain, liver etc in awe. The information about my head was particularly interesting because it ( the EIS –BF) knew that I had had a head injury – something I passed off long ago as a bump on the head……but which in fact caused a lot more damage to my head and neck and body than I realized.

What was really cool was that this gave me a greater insight and understanding of my chronic digestive problems that started not too long after this smack on the head. The explanation given to me made complete common sense ( and those who know me I am a big fan of common sense)….if the brain has had any injuries even slight then the messages that are sent from the brain to the rest of the body may not be accurate or delivered properly ( again folks these are my terms – I am neither a scientist or a physician)…..

So imagine a technology that can measure and detect old and chronic injuries and then at the hands of a gifted Electro Crystal Therapy practitioner, balance these areas of the body by reducing inflammation and boosting depletion…..what an amazing miracle – that seems light years ahead of what we have today.

I will keep you updated on my progress with this technology and healing. I can tell you right now that after 4 session the inflammation in my colon that used to be called IBD is gone and I am very excited about how the other correction will affect my over all vitality and energetic stability.

A little background about me – very brief – I participated over about 20 years of my life in extreme sports and I have tried with varying levels of success most every healing modality on this planet with the exception of standing on my head whilst gargling peanut butter. Through this journey I have become very knowledgeable, by using my body as an experiment, as to what works well and what does not and have also become very skilled at guiding others to their best health.

My recommendation is always, take the recommendation and then do some research yourself.

To find out more about E.I.S. : or
Contact Prof.Nabraj & Vasana Spogliarich at

E.I.S. Technology is currently being used for testing and research at Jackson Memorial Hospital
* Jackson Memorial is continually ranked in U.S. News & World Report among the “Best Hospitals in America“

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