Soul mate….How to know if you found him/her?

Most of us have that one person in our lives who, no matter what, manages to push our buttons like no one else can.

I remember as a young girl that I wanted to find my soul mate…. I should have just stood in front of a mirror and took a good long look. That would have saved me a whole ton of time, a couple of divorces….and a lot of money.

I used to think that I needed to find someone just like me….who liked what I liked and really “got” me. First of all…I was NEVER attracted to anyone LIKE me and when I found someone remotely similar to me… I got bored of them fast. I felt like I was hopelessly doomed to be alone and LONELY.

Then finally with maturity and too many years in the school of ‘relationship’ hard knocks….I finally got it. Be with myself…be at peace with myself…find time to fall madly in love with myself and then, being full ( of myself – lol) I would have enough in the tank to have the capacity to accept those in my life as they are, without wishing they were so different or LIKE ME for heaven’s sake.

Being a busy working mom, it is important that you conserve energy. And by stopping TRYING to make someone; your kids, your spouse, your boss or coworkers change or be like you, you will do just that. If you can say to yourself….” isn’t that interesting” when a stressful situation arises and keep your ego at bay….BREATHE…then you can begin to choose a less reactive response to all situations and feel calm and peaceful most of the time.

This doesn’t happen over night…but it will happen if you practice self awareness of your behaviour and are willing to humble yourself rather than having to be right.

Try this next time you feel yourself getting hot under the collar or wanting to control a  situation….

1. Breathe.

2. Don’t say anything for 30 seconds.

3. Ask yourself “what can I do to be kind in this moment”?

4. Then respond ( or not).

OR…just watch the Video again if you haven’t already so you can understand that even if that certain someone that you chose as your soul mate drives you crazy….you can rest easy knowing that is was not a mistake. …but a gift of  transformation for you and those you encounter every day.

Liked the video? What are your thoughts? Do you believe the people who test us the most could indeed be some kind of “soulmate?”


aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

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