Sleep and Relaxation over the Holidays

Are you crazy Mona?!

I know what you are thinking these two activities do not make it in to your agenda between now and January 1, right?

Well perhaps it is just because you have never made it a habit to insert a little extra sleep and relaxation into your holiday plans.

I would like to give you a few tips on how just to do that so that by January 1 you are not needing a holiday or simply going back to work for a break.

The idea is to ENJOY the holidays not become so worn out that you get sick.

For the last month I have been talking with authorities and experts on how to manage stress over the holidays and how to enjoy more fun…..I have implemented many of the strategies I have learned and I am more calm this year than I have been in many years during the holiday season. But I must admit sleep is one thing that can be all over the map for me and most folks I think and HOW does one pop in a little extra relaxation without opting for one more drink to do the job.

Here are a few tips passed on to me by a resident authority on Sleep and Relaxation.

1. Improve your daytime habits ie: regular daytime exercise, increase water intake, not packing too much in to a day, prioritizing.

2. Throw open the sashes – Open the blinds in the morning to let the light stream in – even if the sun has not yet risen – helps to reset our body clock.

3. Avoid Caffeine, smoking, keep alcohol to a minimum or avoid all together

4. Keep the kids out of your bed …..nice to snuggle with but disturbs your full night sleep.

5. Regular bedtime routine….prepare for sleep instead of falling into bed exhausted.

6. Breathe – remember to do this throughout the day – check how many times you are holding your breath especially if you are rushing to that next store to buy that extra little treasure to put under the tree.

There is a fabulous and simple relaxing breathing technique that anyone can do anywhere…like when standing in that long line up waiting to pay….rather than putting it all in words here I will include the link to my last episode of Blogtalk Radio where you will hear from our Sleep and Relaxation Specialist as he guides you through this invaluable little technique to have with you when you need it most.

For those of you who think you can not possibly implement all of these tips and still have fun this holiday season. Then just pick one that works for you and create a new restful habit so you can truly enjoy your FUN and end up relaxed, not ill to start off a fabulous New Year.

Happy Holidays to You All

From my family to yours

Coach Mona

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Remember Good Health Doesn’t Cost it Pays

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