Play with kids – make money

If you are reading this post, I am almost sure it is because of the subject title AND I know that you are more than a little bit curious about HOW you might play with your kids and make money.

Well we both know there are several ways that you could do that, just type in google and ask “how to play with kids and make money”….but what I am talking about is HOW you can structure your busy life, work, family, spouse, finances and self care and make money too (whether it be your dream job, work from home or figuring out HOW to make your “hobby” support your desired lifestyle.)

AND the irony of it all, is in the years I have been coaching, the one thing that will stop MOST women dead in their tracks, is having an idea and then getting STUCK on the HOW. Believe me, sister, ALL you need is the WHAT (the inspired idea), hold on to it, and the HOW will present itself. …And right now you are probably saying ” oh really……HOW”?

Today I am simply going to share with you 5 steps…Tips, I guess, but if you really do these 5 steps you will create a strong foundation to start manifesting DELIBERATELY your ideal EVERYTHING.

There is nothing different about me….from any of you.  Not too long ago I was a confused, messed up, depressed, single mom. One day I decided to take stock of what gifts I already had to offer the world, what my strengths were, then I decided to ‘get help’ …I hired a coach….and from there got clear on what/who I wanted in my life.  Oh Yah…I hit some roadblocks…BUT those roadblocks were GOLD, they showed me what was stopping me from stepping up and out ( even though at times I was as nervous as Bambi standing for the first time on new wobbly legs) But guess what….I got stronger….and YOU will too!

Ok…ready to make some changes in your world?

Remember I had no special talents or advantages. Anyone can do this stuff–including YOU.

1. Get Clear on Your Purpose

Remember I said all you needed to figure out is the WHAT you want…the inspiration for your life? Want to make your dreams come true? Clarifying this purpose is the one most important thing you must do

Having a crystal clear…focused understanding
of WHAT you truly want to do or give the world allows you to make decisions quick and easy. It keeps you on track with your goal markers. It helps you avoid getting side tracked and making mistakes. And it brings you back quickly to a simple quick-reference point for staying the course, (when challenges occur).

What you truly desire must be relevant to you. Why? Because it’s the compass for your LIFE. Why should you get that new job, start a new business, lose 25 pounds?  Don’t hang out with Dream Stealers (or give them ANY of your precious time).Know that it’s okay to like WHAT you like and to pursue your own path!

2. Follow a Plan

If you want to do three errands and still get to the school in time to pick up your kids…. you plan out the quickest and most efficient route right? This way you can get it all done and be on time. Oh sure you can just hop in the car and hope you get it all done BUT if you follow your simple plan you won’t waste any time, can just follow the plan and get the tasks completed effectively.

Keep your ability to become distracted by creating a check list and follow your plan. Keep your weaknesses in check–by following a plan.

There is really a very simple way to chart any goal IF you use two strategies: Creating a deadline and being accountable.

Deadlines force you to get serious complete your tasks, and show you clearly when you are NOT staying true to your plan. Firm deadlines help to eliminate excuses, and stop you from getting caught up in BUSY- ness that has nothing to do with your desired result.

And that’s where accountability comes in. You need some way to keep yourself on track.  For me “the coach” helped a ton…and the fact that I laid some money on the line too. You know it is not that you are purposely going to lie to yourself but the memory is fallible, and it’s easy to imagine you’re getting more accomplished more than you really think you are, just because you’re “working on it.” Oh boy, am I ever good at falling into that one. A system of accountability gives you a way to track your progress.

Use these tools and you can accomplish any task you set for yourself.

3. Houseclean Your Life

Oh yah… I can hear you groan…NO MORE housecleaning…puullease!  But this type of housecleaning will GIVE you energy and space to receive what you have set out to get.

First – get rid of the people who are pulling you down and taking you away from your dreams….

OUCH – harsh right…okay you do not have to disown anyone. BUT really limit your time with these well intentioned “loved ones” who tell you that you cannot do what you WANT to do. They think they are keeping you from getting hurt or failing. Well guess what? They are not you…it is not their life…Thank them and carry on with YOUR dreams. (These would be the dream stealers I mentioned earlier). Also keep your distance from nagging, complaining, energy drainers….people AND violent drama on TV and in the news,

Make better choices of what  and who you want to share your environment with. AND guess what …when you change yourself and are true to yourself…they won’t come around you anymore AND you will not enjoy sources of “negative” entertainment that you once allowed to seep into your being….

Other housecleaning to do?….Yep, get rid of clutter, tie up loose ends, get a debt repayment program going, so you can focus on building wealth and abundance. “GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER”…make room for the new. “YOUR HOUSE” is your environment….as you clean it….WHAT you now want will be able to find a space to call home.

Know also that in choosing to do one thing, you’re also choosing not to do an awful lot of other things. Commit to people, actions or things only when they’re in line with Item 1 on this list–WHAT YOU WANT – for your life – your purpose.

4. Embrace Responsibility for Your Life

Oh I have been the biggest victim of circumstance in my life….OMG… but I had to let go of all that stuff…SO what!! ..”The past is the past for a reason – ITS OVER” Sounds harsh doesn’t it…yes I know….I remember finally waking up to this fact and I think for a while I became more of a victim “nobody understood me”. BUT the LOVING truth is you aren’t a victim of your childhood or your past or your circumstances–unless you choose to be. There are no excuses.

When I realized the “buck” stopped here…. I had to stop making excuses and I stopped waiting for others to help me. Instead, I started changing my life AND I sought out an invested in me AND the kind of help and resources I needed.

It didn’t always feel easy and some days I can still slide a little backwards (my latest EXCUSE…menopause – ha ha). I assure you, it DOES get easier when you get clear about your purpose and you embrace it with fierce desire. When you’re driven by that purpose of what you really want in your life and when every action you take is aligned with it, it’s easy to stay on track and receive every goal or marker you set for yourself.

5. Focus on Direct Action

Start taking Action. Lay out the first step ( if you do not know the step after that …that is okay..It will reveal itself) But, don’t let that stop you. TAKE the first step fearlessly and watch what unfolds by taking direct action puts YOU in the driver’s seat and in control of your destiny. If you are not taking charge, then you are handing someone else control of your life.

I get that there are people there to take into consideration. Your spouse, perhaps, your kids too, but I am sure that you get that there is a difference between finding your dream and taking steps to make it happen and asking permission. You are a grown, powerful, vibrant woman with so much to give the world and when you step out and take action, not only will YOU benefit but of course so will those you love.

So as you can see here, there is no magic potion or spell. The things we want do not instantly manifest on our front lawns on a whim. You just have to step out and take them. All it requires is desire, strategy, some hard work (which moms are already familiar with) and the determination to see it through.

These 5 steps worked for me, and they’ll work for you too. Embrace them and you’ll be well on your way to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.


the “Busy Mom Mentor”

ps if you are at all like I was …reach out and get some help digging for that gold inside you to help you remember what it is that you were once so passionate about.

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pps If you know of any other mom who would benefit from this information, I thank you, in advance for passing it on!


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