No Excuses

“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Are you one of the many who get inspired with an idea and then it never comes to be?

This is classic ….so many people get inspired and excited and then for one reason or another never take any action and they stay in the same place, job, relationship etc, wondering what it will take to get them out of their rut and into something new!

“For one reason or another”….what does that mean? Well, usually it means either that you told someone your idea and that person did not think it such a great idea and that was that…..or perhaps, and this is huge, you had no idea how to bring that idea into fruition, so you did not act at all….you did nothing.

What is important in understanding this habit of self sabotage is that “knowing how” to get it done, to make it happen is none of your business.

What is your business is getting excited about an idea and being open to receiving the answer to the ‘first step’ in making it happen and then (just like driving from coast to coast in the dark…..only able to see 200 feet in front of you at the time) trusting that you will see the next step as you complete the first step and so on and so on…holding on to the excitement of the idea and trusting in its outcome. Period!

Some people will say to me….. “I don’t even know what I want, I just know that I want something else, something different”…. I am here to tell you that you do know what you want even if you cannot put it into words and there is a very easy way to find out what you want and here’s how:

First grab a piece of paper and draw a line length ways through the middle. On the left side of the paper write – ‘What I Don’t WANT’. Then be specific. Write down everything you do not want or don’t like about your life….make the list long. Then go back and with each thing you do not want, write on the left side of the paper its opposite. When you are done writing down all the opposites then you now have a list of what you do want. Celebrate…focus only on this…what you want. Cross off everything you listed that you don’t want…no need putting your focus there anymore.

Now get to it! Pick one of the things you want and expect an inspiration or opportunity as to how to get it to show up (hint: all opportunities come through people). Then take the first action and then the next as it shows up. Trust and believe. Why? Well, has the way you’ve been doing it been working for you? This works every time and if you do not believe me….try it for yourself.

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“If you want to change your life – YOU have to change your life”

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