More Precious than Gold

No this is not a Network Marketing Pitch or a Call for Investors (although in today’ Economic Climate you may want to hitch your horse to one of these options).

What could be more precious than gold you may be asking me?

Well when it comes to an Abundant and Healthy Life the answer is Minerals…..Minerals – yes that is what I said. Do you know that minerals may be THE critical ingredient that is missing from the body?

Research show that Minerals such as Magnesium and Iron are more precious for our bodies than silver and gold. I always say that your health is your life and your life is your health….. What kind of life do you have without YOUR Health?

Minerals are essential in most of our bodies’ functions, such as: digestion, nervous system, bone growth, hormone production, hair growth, insulin production, heart and muscle health  and so much more. It is important to know or remember that when our bodies do not get enough minerals from our food intake or supplementation we can become quickly mineral deficient.

Did you know just missing our minerals ONE day can severely affect our overall health?  
Ex: Iodine….only a fraction of a gram is necessary daily, this mineral plays a substantial role in balancing your body; including temperature, weight gain/loss, hormones, heart rate, blood pressure and energy levels.

…because our soils around the globe are severely deficient in minerals the presence of minerals in our food has declined at an alarming rate. Interestingly now we may have to eat 2, 3, or 6 apples to keep up with the decrease in minerals. Not only is it soil depletion that is affecting the mineral content of our foods but also the high degree of processing that is done to our foods today.

How can you help keep the levels of mineral content in YOUR body at its highest? Lifestyle choices of course, such as: reducing the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, eliminating cigarette smoking, eating a more alkaline diet, drinking clean alkaline water.  Other factors that decrease minerals in our bodies that are within our control are; reducing stress, eliminate mega dosing of isolated minerals ( ex calcium which greatly affects the magnesium levels in your body) and be aware of over-exertion which can leech minerals from your system. All these factors combined contribute to severe mineral deficiencies.

Now you know why, if you drink caffeine, have a couple of cold beer each night, work overtime, only get 6 hours sleep each night, and never drink more that ½ glass of water a day…..WHY you are so drained!

Remember each mineral has its own unique role in the body….a combination of minerals working together is needed for a certain function.
Ex: to remodel bone the body requires calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, boron, iron, fluoride, copper and vitamins A, K, E, C and D to make your bones strong and healthy. Where can you get these minerals in your diet? The most plentiful supply of minerals is found in leafy green vegetables and these are usually the least consumed.

*Hint – the darker more vibrant the food colour – the more nutrient dense the food is…ex: bright red cherries, blueberries, yellow ripe bananas, rich red tomatoes, dark green cucumbers, bright orange yams, vibrant green romaine lettuce, dark green spinach.*

And one other thing to remember for complete mineral utilization in the body, minerals need vitamins, vitamins need protein and protein needs enzymes.

Remember to keep eating a wide variety of nutrient rich, deeply coloured fruits and vegetables daily. Select organic preferably and if cooking only lightly steam to retain most of the minerals needed to give you energy and heal and repair your body daily.

A great resource for minerals “Real Minerals At Last”*select “products and feed the body”

Again YOUR Health is Your Life and Your Life is YOUR Health.

Here’s to YOURS

Enjoy living an Abundant Healthy Life

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