Miracle or Homeopathics?

Today my daughter , who is 6, got up extra  early to yet another visit to the hospital – 7th within the last  9 months.  It was becoming a routine……an annoying routine for all of us.

Last September as she entered grade 1 and while playing fast and furious on the school  play ground she tripped and fell hard, with an ear splitting scream all  those around her knew something was terribly wrong.

After the better part of the day in the Emergency room it was determined that her arm was fractured and she would have to have to live the next six weeks in a sling with no physical activity to allow the fracture to heal. Everyone including myself remarked “ can’t you cast it?” It would be so much easier for a six year old and others  to see that her arm was broken if there were a cast on it. No was the answer, the damage was done on the upper part of the bone in the growth plate by the shoulder and there was no way to immobilize the area without casting her entire neck…… kind of like a collar bone fracture.

So after 6 weeks and 3 more visits to the hospital for imaging and observation of the proper growth of her bone she was told – go  play and be a kid and then I  was told that she had a bone cyst called a Unicameral Bone Cyst, predominantly found in children, benign but creates a weakening of the area affected. There was a chance the arm could break again.

Fast forward 7 months. The phone call came again from the school – the ear splitting scream. I was now feeling ready to keep her home from school – to keep her from her extreme play ground activities. But what can you do…..another day spent at Emergency….diagnosis: Broken……again.

This time I decided…….time to reach into my bag of alternative medicine and work on fixing – hopefully the strength of the healing bone and the speed of recovery.  It is now spring, her birthday coming up and all sorts of fun activities that she would not be able to partake in.

So with homeopathic Knit-bone and Traumeel Drops in hand – the repair crew was at work.

There is a lot of controversy around the effectiveness of homeopathy. I have used homeopathy for over 20 years and notably it has worked the most efficiently and effectively on children……with me its effects can take a little longer. However that said……I trust that it works and now for me there can be no denying its healing effects.

Three weeks ago the Bone Doctor said – “6 more weeks in a sling”……..and today, 3 weeks after the fracture he said……”It is all healed” …….

So, common sense would tell me  since the only thing I did different to help my daughter this time was the homeopathic remedies – that there can be no denying the effectiveness of this form of “medicine”.

Of course there will be some that will always say otherwise.

My job here is not to convince……but to report that I have one very happy child who now will have two working arms with which to enjoy the rest of the school year and her birthday next week . She will turn 7 and there will be no sling in the birthday photos. YAY!!!!

Mona McClelland
Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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  1. Gary Mandl says:

    I could have used this info 20 years ago when I split my heel bones apart because of a fall the Dr. was so upset that I broke my foot at dinner he set it and left it. 2 years later a specialist from UBC explained that the last Dr. had set my foot wrong and the only alternative was to re break it. I was already out of work for 2 years and with 2 daughters and bills rising fast I could no longer use that option. Here today I will suffer this pain with every step so much for new medicine and Dr’s. I have tried all sorts of orthotics no help and so it is. if there is a solution plz. forward some info thank you for your time.

  2. CoachMona says:

    Hi Gary,

    Well that is a drag – yes you may be able to find a physio who does “shock wave” therapy – worth doing a google search – not sure where you are. There is also an alternative therapy that could help – the only people I know who administer it are here in Victoria – you can contact them through http://www.camelot-connection.com – people are experiencing profound healing with EIS. – Take Care and thanks for your Comments – Mona

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