~ Merry Christmas to You ~

You know this year I really want to tell you that it has been a great year of blessings. I realize how important it is to go for what you want in life….how much happiness you want, how much love you want, how much success you want…… AND it all starts with the awareness that perhaps you have taken your life on a “detour” and it is time simply to get back on track with what God intended for you.

I think many people live their lives on ‘others’ terms….not even knowing that they are doing this, then they wonder why nothing is going as they planned, while resentment and bitterness creeps in.

What if you knew that the only reason for these feelings is god’s/or the universe’s way of telling you to take notice…look at your life and change directions? Every time now that I feel resistance/negativity inside I ask myself, ‘What am I doing that is not in alignment with what I want to be doing or giving’?

It really all starts with Gratitude…even for all the ways life shows you, you are not going the right way….. especially then.

I am so grateful for you being in my life….having touched my life, caring about what I have to share. Thank you.

So many of you know that I have had many changes happen quite rapidly in my life over the last couple of years….some of these changes have not been easy and some have been glorious and in keeping with the spirit of the season I want to share some of those highlights with you.

I have spent the last year working one on one with clients, coaching and guiding them towards their gifts and blessings and now I am gearing up to share my gifts with many others who are looking for a guide in this life.

I have found someone special who “sees and hears me”, celebrates me and cheers me on through every triumph and holds me up through every challenge. I thank god for this man and his love.

I have moved to a new home…one with lots of space for six. I have added two more boys to my family aged 6 and 11; at the same time my oldest who is 19 is finding her way working in Montreal with plans to finish her University degree in New York.

My two younger daughters are now 7 and 10; they are both busy with music, gymnastics, brownies and guides. Many of you remember when they were just born……yes seems like yesterday.

This year we traveled to Nova Scotia where I met some amazing caring people who are now part of my life and family too. We spent most of our time there enjoying the warmth of the summer, the kindness of the people and the yummy lobster that is so readily available. (The girls even adopted a lobster each for their classes at school). We spent time at our cabin up island and even had a visit to San Diego this fall.

The kids are all happy and doing well in school and since many people tell them we seem like the “Brady Bunch” we managed to track down some of the old episodes on DVD so the kids would know what people were talking about. We all have decided at some point we need an “Alice” too.

As this year comes to an end it is a natural time to reflect on the “old” and focus on the “new”…. please feel free to share with me and my family any of your plans and what you will let go of to make room for “the new” in the new year.

…and finally, if you are curious to see all of us, CLICK HERE here we are, all of us “Live” wishing you and your family the very best for 2011. We are sending you warm wishes for a happy, happy holiday filled with gratitude, love and joy!

Merry Christmas,
Mona and Ed and Family

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