Imagine a Life without Fatigue

I was told once by a friend of mine (who just happened to be a naturopath ) when I was about 25 ( pre kids) that most adults with kids are chronically sleep deprived.

Now back then at 25, I was not yet a mom, but I was riding high on the adrenals of my new career, putting in tons of hours…which set me up, along with my programmed “work ethic”, to begin the slippery slope into adrenal fatigue from workaholism.

I was so determined to succeed that I threw many of the great common sense habits of health and vitality out the window.

So today I want to share with you 5 great common sense tips that will help you regain your vitality plus a link to a great program (that is free to join) that will support you in stepping out from your ” mom world”  and learn about giving back the gifts that you were born to give the world.

Sleep. Resist the temptation to burn the candle at both ends! Getting 8-10 hours a night of sleep is one of the best ways to restore your adrenal glands. It’s best to turn in early if you can. Drink herbal tea or consider a natural herbal supplement to help you wind down. And if you need one and can, take a nap during the day.

Modify your exercise. Some of my patients feel great after they exercise. If this is you, stick with it. Others feel drained with exercise and it’s important to take it slow. Mornings are best for aerobic exercise but try not to let your heart rate go above 90 beats per minute. Try relaxing walks, yoga, or any kind of exercise that restores you instead of draining you.

Eat well and often. Eating certain foods, and at specific times of the day can help you avoid the “crash and burn” of sugar/caffeine highs and lows. One important point: a hungry body puts stress on the adrenals, so don’t let yourself go too long without a meal or a snack.

Relieve stress. Schedule a massage or enlist a partner or friend to give you one; practice yoga, t’ai chi or qi gong; put up your feet and enjoy a cup of tea; or call a loved one just to talk. Cultivate the practices that best relieve tension and stress for you. Even just five minutes a day of quiet breathing or meditation can do wonders.

Play. Take a good look at your life, and let go of as many of the things that drain you as possible, replacing them with those that fulfill you. Engage with the people, activities, and work you most enjoy: go to the beach, play with your grandchildren, go dancing — whatever you have fun doing, give yourself permission to do it during this time of healing.

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Have a wonderful Tuesday, take a time out for you, MOM
…and remember, ” When Moms Happy, Everyone’s Happy”

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

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