* Is Your World Crashing in on You? (good news for busy working moms)

What to do when your world feels like it is crashing in around you?
I know this is a common theme for a lot of moms……..this feeling
can sneak up on you and then BAMM, everything feels out of control.

How do you be everything for everybody? You know you want to and
sometimes you feel like you can do it all…but it just takes one
thing (okay 5 things) to tip the apple cart and there you are
feeling exhausted and defeated.

Today is one of those days. Let me share……(in readers digest
version of course):

*One daughter is approaching mid-tweens and is becoming rather sneaky
..ex: eating all little sister’s remaining Easter treats, comes clean,
little sister is crying.

*I am having empathy for one, while trying to make heads or tails of WHY the
other one would do that. The only answer from her is, ” I don’t

*The hubby’s children’s schedule was changed yesterday, his
EX pulls a fast one with her lawyer “all in the best interest of
the children of course” and he feels a myriad of emotions as you
can  imagine and I just want to stand on a soap box and say THIS IS
WRONG. Truly it felt like we were negotiating a house deal NOT a
co-parenting schedule…geesh.

*And finally, for you moms out there who are older, either pre-menopause
or right in it like me; No one ever said once I hit fifty, I was going
to wake up every morning and feel like I am 90. OMG, everything hurts! The legs, hips and
back pain is the most dramatic. (Guess I am fortunate….no hot
flashes, insomnia, or WILD mood swings (just moderate)….and on
every “menopausal forum” I find on line, all these women, like me,
are talking about these pains…BUT no one seems to be getting any help.

Trying to hold it all together in a big family…be the main
stay….is freakin’ hard at times. I GET IT.

K…. I am sure one or two of you can relate to me. The upside is
there are many things that you can do if your life starts running
away on you! The first step is this awareness of course. If you
don’t have the awareness, YOUR body will speak up…..I guarantee
it. So the key is to cultivate the awareness BEFORE you hit the
slippery slope.
Here is what you do…., if you are feeling frazzled at ANY point
in the day, this I can be a Micro Meditation of sorts….. or  what
I call the “ISNESS is the BUSINESS plan”.  There are 5 steps:

1. Think of a situation that is disturbing YOUR peace.
(could cause stress.)
2. Notice WHERE in your body you are FEELING it.
3.Give it LOVE (or at least acceptance)*Don’t judge or analyze -
don’t try to make it go away. Be with the feeling.
4.Zone into where it is most intense. (like a bull’s eye – stay
OUT of your head…stay in your body).
5.Stay present to it…if it seems like it is gone – then think of
the disturbing thought or situation – see if the feeling is gone.
(if yes – you have made it to the other side)

This can be done in minutes and the intention is to bring you back
to the NOW….back to what you are doing in the moment…because if
you are off in your head, overwhelmed with emotions with a floating to
do list in your brain….you are not present and can not be THERE
for anyone… This ‘Isness is the Business Plan’ can give you the
much needed time out in your day so you can collect your thoughts
and allow the feelings trapped inside your body to be  FIRST,
acknowledged and then they will leave.

Repeat this as many times as it takes, so when you think of the
disturbing situation you will NOT be emotionally troubled by it AND
you will be able to go into rational solution mode if necessary.
This phrase the Isness is the Business has become my Mantra and I
hope it helps you as much as it helps me and the clients I have
shared it with.

Have a wonderful Tuesday…..Make a Time Out for Mom everyday
(your family with love you for it …AND you will love them more too).

Mona McClelland
the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Ps. I will update you from time to time on my progress at handling
these awful Menopausal symptoms…man this is a whole new journey
into to health and wellness for me.  Next step….health food
store…to see how I can balance out what has now gone missing in
my body that its telling me loudly it needs. (I only wish it would
speak my language ….pain doesn’t always translate into English
that well….lol).

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