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Mirror Mirror On The Wall are YOU the Most Invisible of All?

Are You tired of Co-Starring in Your Own Life?

7 Simple Steps to MORE TIME, MONEY and LOVE By Being Seen, Heard and Valued in Your World

Over the last three years I have shed my old image of a mom that is and does create a life for myself that I have always wanted: different from the one role modeled to me growing up. I have learned to take care of myself first, so I have more to give to others, find the deep committed love only written about in fairy tales and be the master of my income.  It all started with a dramatic change in my life...a wakeup call, I could not ignore.

Mona McClelland
  • Next I had to take stock of my life and figure out how to live my life for myself and not others, including my children
  • Then I had to determine what it was I truly wanted ...not what others wanted for me.
  • And then I had to make a plan, find a coach or mentor and take action.

And now, fast forward just a few short years,  I have attracted the love of my life, I work at home around my kids schedules, do the things I like to do, and I am the master of my income.

I don't tell you this to brag, I share this so you know that in as many months, I have learned a thing or two about a thing or two. I have seen so many busy professional moms trying to be everything for everyone and not being anything for themselves except resentful, tired and passionless. So I took what I have learned and what I have applied to my own life and created a Blueprint in which others can learn from, apply and customize to their own begin to feel seen, heard and valued in their world.

Would YOU like to learn my secrets for creating
 A life that you love to wake up to each and every day?

For the first time ever I have decided to share these secrets with you. But there IS a catch.

You have to be willing to put yourself first.  Now I know that is not always very easy for busy professional moms.....trying to slip in a bath, undisturbed, is challenging enough.

 wake up

But if you know that you could learn some very simple easy to implement ideas that could make profound changes in the happiness meter of your life would you be willing to at least find an hour to join me?

So are you ready for your LIFE to change for the FIRST TIME EVER I'm going to teach you MY secrets for creating a life that will allow you to finally be SEEN, HEARD and VALUED in YOUR WORLD and Create MORE TIME, MONEY AND LOVE and anything else that you want in YOUR life!

On this eye-opening call you'll learn:

1)      The #1 thing you need to focus on to be sure of what you want in your life.

2)      Exactly how to know where your life is out of balance, so you can begin to really Shine in the Starring Role of your life.

3)      How to recognize the area of your life you are most dissatisfied with ( this may surprise you)  so you can  Live the life YOU have always wanted.

4)     My secret formula that will show you how to create that first step that will take you from I do not know where to start to I know exactly what to do to first to begin to value myself and my life.

5)       The Key that opens the door to creating the life you want, easily, so you do not have to do this alone.

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*Before working with Mona I lacked confidence in myself and my decisions. I had no idea WHAT to do next in my life. I felt trapped and totally dependent on my spouse.

I wanted to be a role model of strength and inspiration for my very young son. I wanted him to see his mother, a woman who could emulate the qualities of future women that would be in his life: An Empowered Woman.

Mona's intuitive and spiritual approach would guide me to exactly where I needed to go and what I needed to hear. She knew exactly what to ask so I could hear the answers to what I needed to do next come pouring out of ME.

....Mona knows where the answers are hiding.

In just two weeks my life began to change and my confidence grew rapidly as I overcame my first hurdle quickly and easily.

Within one week of becoming clear about the work I was meant to do I manifested the perfect job to fit into my life and still have time for myself and family...and the best part, where I once felt invisible, unheard and unappreciated....after only one session with Mona, I learned how to stand in my power, set my boundaries and earn back myself respect.

Today I am a completely different woman: A Visible role model for my son and other women.  My gifts are now enjoyed by my clients and customers. My income has grown exponentially. I now live in my power AND can deliberately create anything I want to in MY life quickly.

Thank you Mona for helping me SEE myself and my blessings.

Paula K., Victoria BC

   Mother, Professional Care Give and Healer

Paula K.

Action Steps: Commitment, Accountability and Baby Steps to Success


"Before Mona, My life was Chaos and I simply could not focus."


 I have struggled my entire life, choosing to live day by day, moment by moment.  But there was one key factor I was not aware of that would decide my success in every area of my life and that was structure would grant me freedom.  Mona helped me to remember I could do anything I set my mind to and to believe in myself again.  In just a couple of weeks I gained clarity, focus and could start checking things off My List, anxiety and worry subsided and I became solution focused.

Within a couple of months I watched myself attract a wonderful relationship and like magic manifest a dream trip of a lifetime.....  It was so easy.

Thank you Mona for creating a Blueprint that put me in the drivers seat of my own life and set me up for a lifetime of success.

Action Steps: Focus, Clarity, Plan of Action, Take Action, Accountability

 Martha  Meagher, Colorado, USA
 Healer, Coach , Entrepreneur

 This call is for You if...

    1. You are tired of waking up each day TIRED AND RESENTFUL
    2. You are looking for a way to BE SEEN, HEARD and VALUED in your world
    3. You want to find out how to start to create more TIME, MONEY and LOVE
    4. You want the key to unlocking the door to an Amazing LIFE BY DESIGN
    5.  You are done thinking about doing SOMETHING and are ready to TAKE ACTION!


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