Food and Feelings

What would it be like if your child said to you…..I don’t feel well, or I can’t think straight or I am so tired…I think it might be what I ate?

I would like to start this off by telling you a story about my step daughter.

I met her when she was eight going on nine. She was a very bright and active girl who loved to eat yummy food. ( the definition of yummy food, in her case will be revealed as the story continues.)

As she and I got to know each other she confided in me that she often got heartburn. Heartburn….. a 9-year-old. She was given relief from chewing on Tums or Rolaids (an antacid – even though chronic antacid use can compound the problem: Stomach acid is important for proper digestion and immune function, but antacid use can suppress and/or interfere with this normal process.)

I said to her one day, “what if the heartburn would go away for good?”

She was curious and open to the idea. So I asked her to do a small experiment. I asked her to think about what she had eaten every time prior to having the feelings of heartburn. So she agreed and kept track for about a week.

The results were not surprising to me but very revealing to her.The results were not surprising to me but very revealing to her.

I turned out that prior to every bout of heartburn my stepdaughter had eaten foods such as french fries, chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches, deep fried chicken fingers. Foods that typically get fed to children off ‘ the children’s menu’ at restaurants OR when parents are in a hurry at home. The oil that was heated up to high temperatures and then eaten were causing her symptoms of heartburn.

Her words to me were this, ” you mean if I stop eating this food I will not have heartburn any more?” I said yes and in fact I said let’s do a test to see. Over the next week or two she did not have any of these types of “bad” fatty foods and did not have any heartburn. She was thrilled and now knew she was in control of how her body would and could feel by the foods she would put in it.

Sounds like a simple philosophy doesn’t it. So why do so many people choose to cover up or ignore the symptoms of heartburn, headache, fatigue to name a few…instead of looking at controlling one of the muscles in our bodies that is responsible for this problem? ( well series of muscles actually) The arm – reaching out for bad food choices and putting them in our mouth. Oh I know there is more to it than that – but with a little self-education there is no need to suffer the digestive malaise that many do.

Just think, almost an entire wall of stomach medication could be removed from the pharmacy shelf if we all simply paid attention to our body as it tells us what it doesn’t want or like.

So make a commitment from today going forward, track your moods, feelings, upsets and be aware of what you have put in your body that is making it talk to you.

On the flip side – see how your body can feel when fueled with life giving, raw organic foods, fruits and veggies , whole grains, lean protein and clean water. Just be mindful – you might have a ton of energy.

To Your Very Best and Healthful Life,

Coach Mona

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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