Common Sense Tips To Great Health

So many people wonder why they have no energy, wonder where their get up and go has got up and gone.

People see Doctors, take pills ( natural or otherwise) and still wonder why? they don’t feel good.

The Human machine is intricate and complex and at the same time simple and common.

What do I mean by that? Well yes we have many symptoms for many dis-eases. But our bodies all heal and repair the same way.

For example:

Our bodies require vitamins to help us grow and thrive. But the vitamins need minerals to work properly in our system. The minerals need protein and protein needs enzymes.

This is true for all of us. But still we wonder why our bodies do not have the energy we would like to make it to the end of the day full of vim and vigor.

Here are 5 Common Sense tips to help Your body regain its natural health.

1. Water – surprise, surprise. An easy formula to ensure that YOUR body is getting enough water is to take YOUR body weight and divide it by 2. That would be the number of required ounces per day that YOUR body needs to hydrate and function properly. Example: 150 lb man/woman requires 75 ounces of water each day – just over 9 – 8 oz glasses. And NO, coffee and tea do not count.

2. Sleep – hmmm – burning the midnight oil. Research shows us that we double our sleep in the hours before midnight than after and that our memory is renewed in the 71/2 to 8 1/2 hour in the sleep cycle. Wonder why you forget where those car keys are – well sleeping from Midnight to 7:00 am just doesn’t cut it. Get your 8 hours a day – a couple before midnight will help greatly.

3. What goes in must come out. Many people still seem to think that one bowel movement every couple of days is “normal”. Where did that one come from. Nutrition is extracted from each meal and then the “waste” ( it is called that for a reason) is expelled from the body with in a few hours of consuming. So unless you are only eating one meal every couple of days….. 2 to 3 BMs a day is not only normal it is necessary. And another thing – candy, coffee cakes and cookies do not constitute a meal. Think natural foods, whole grains and water.

4. Lets talk for a minute about that coffee break. What do you know about caffeine? Perhaps for some folks they would prefer to be ignorant to the fact that caffeine acts as a drug in our bodies – not just for some – for everyone. Do you remember that first cuppa – and how you got that little buzz? Maybe you were about 10 like I was, sipping out of mom or dad’s morning coffee cup while they weren’t looking. This is what is happening in your body as caffeine hits it. Sure your body revs up – that is your metabolism starting to be affected by the drug and then the kidneys get going and very soon off to the potty you go saying ” boy that coffee goes through me – it is a diuretic” Well think about it this way – your body is going “holy cow – here we go, we have to do everything we can to get this “drug – this toxin” out of this body as fast as possible” – so the body gets this burst of energy ( which of course is why so many folks drink it in the a.m. or to stay awake for late night whatevers) and it starts working very hard – every organ and gland is going into overdrive until the kidneys can get it pushed out through the bladder asap. The the body feels this lull and goes for it again. Thank god for sleep – so the body can get some rest from that cycle.

5. Oh and of course we can’t forget SUGAR. Let me ask you this – if the cause of sugar diabetes is in the name of the disease – what would be the obvious cure? Hmmm – do you think maybe – remove the sugar from the diet? Again refined sugar acts like a drug in the body – the body gets revved up and does everything it can to get it out……..yes we crave it – only because it is feeding the “bad bugs/flora” in our gut and as they take over the population our body craves more sugar and we can not seem to help ourselves. And when it comes to our kids – we force it on them……it is in so much of the ( and I loosely call it this ) food on our grocery shelves….that we are creating a nation, a world of addicts.

Now this may all seem over the top…….but really look around today at children with severe allergies and food sensitivities.

We have the power within us to do something about it.

1. Read the labels.

2. Listen to our bodies after we eat. Identify how we feel with what we just ate and adjust if it is not a good feeling.

3. Become a conscious eater. No TV, books, eating in the car… present and grateful at meals.

4. Make sensible choices for your body and your health. Follow these common sense tips and you will notice an increase in energy, brain power and desire for life.

To Your Best Health,

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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