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Is Sugar making your body Toxic

Is Sugar making  Your Body Toxic 

Here is a Video that  will show you how sugar not only causes heart disease and diabetes, but also feeds tumors and causes them to grow, plus is as addictive as Cocaine to your brain……( making you crave more and more and ……..)

 Everyone needs to watch this video from a recent episode of 60 Minutes.  I don’t think most people understand  just how harmful sugar is to your health OR the seriousness of this epidemic.  Most people blindly eat and drink loads of sugar each day, unbeknownst to most of them. (Americans consume an incredible 1/3 lb of sugar per DAY on average). How is this internally affecting your body and your biochemistry?

 Please share this page with all of your family and friends so they can be empowered to deeply, positively affect their health, well being and longevity. 

What I believe  is that food manufacturers want you to be addicted to sugar and continue to buy their junk food and sugar laden products which will destroy your health.

It really should be no surprise to anyone today that  excess sugar consumption contributes to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Your argument might be that some natural sugars have always been a part of the human diet, and why would this be an issue?  Yes, we have always eaten small amount from fruit ( in season )….this was a part of our ancestral diet.  But for the first time in history we are exposed to massive quantities of ADDED sugars. Just look at an average street corner in any city in America ( usually at least two shops of the four corners are selling,  flavored coffees, muffins, cakes, cookies, sweets, sweets, and more sweets. AND sugar is hiding in most of the condiments, dressings and tomatoes sauces to boot!

The average American eats a gross 130 lbs of sugar per person per year, or 1/3 lb per day!  Personally I think this is just blatant disrespect for the body….or ignorance. WAKE UP…..make some changes NOW.

Did you also see in the video how in one controlled study, they replaced 25% of the daily calories of the subjects with sugary drinks, then took blood tests every 30 minutes around the clock?  These tests showed that by replacing 25% of their daily calories with sugary drinks, the subjects increased their dangerous small dense LDL particles in their blood which causes arterial plaque and heart disease.  Soooo….. sugar and carbs contribute more to hurting our  hearts than fats do.

And did you also catch the bit about how sugar feeds tumors and can make cancer worse? Yikes!

Finally, some evidence by the medical community that proves what I was taught over 20 years ago ( and-FYI, it was really hard for me to change back then )….SUGAR is bad stuff.

If you must have something sweet…..check the studies about honey and some other natural sweeteners…. in small amounts they are not anywhere near as bad for you as the “white stuff”( remember the white stuff is processed)….stay away from HGFS and when you indulge try a piece of 85 % dark chocolate OR Raw chocolate….YUM ( not the whole bar…just a square.)

There are so many other great foods to eat and with the internet now, a plethora, an infinite number of recipes are just waiting to tantalize the taste buds. Save the sweets for special occasions……feast on those days ( not everyday!)

Please take just a moment right now and as I mentioned at the start of this message…share this with everyone you know and love!

To a Long, Healthy and  Vibrant Life






Mona McClelland

Professional Health & Certified Life Coach

Author of “the Visible Blueprint”  7 steps to more Time, Money and Love

aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Do you need more money?

My experience in working with my clients has proved to me over and over again that you want more in your life…..and in over 90% of the cases, what you want most is, more time, more MONEY and more love.

So today we are going to talk about Money: why you don’t have it, why it is never enough and how to get more of it.

First of all you must understand that money is just energy. What do I mean by that? Well…if money is just sitting on a table, minding its own business….it is static….it does nothing. BUT the energy YOU give money by your thoughts, beliefs and perspective determines how easily money flows to you or or AVOIDS you.

Here is what I mean by that.

Money is attracted to order. So, Is your home in order? Your car? Your relationships? Your body? Your mind?

As you decide to find a way to create more money in your life or  move into your next money level, you must do some preparation !

It’s impossible to BE the same and HAVE different. If you want your life to ULTIMATELY change, YOU must ultimately change who you are, how you think and feel about money, who/what you are connected to and what you are doing.

Friendships may need to come to an end. (yes, some friendships simply limit your ability to grow in many areas including finances)

Closets may need some cleaning out. (remember money likes order)

Your body may need to go on a cleanse. (renew and rejuvenate your body and mind)

Believe me, the more you release from your life that no longer serves you, the QUICKER  you will create your new financial level.

You must ruthlessly separate all poverty and beliefs about poverty (regardless of your current circumstances) to attract more money. This is what I mean when I talk about  poverty – I mean low-level frequency, toxic, stagnant – people, places, activities, thoughts & things!!!!

Here is an easy assignment you can do – write down any “poverty” in your life and make a choice to let it go. Then also write down what you will replace it with.


Low frequency (poverty): Messy Closet – just can’t let go of something that you have worn for YEARS …just in case you might wear it one more time??? ( I know I used to do this one) – get rid of it!

Action : De-clutter Closet

High-frequency (prosperity)
- only bring into your closet that which you need or want. Only what you enjoy wearing… what makes you feel good.


Low frequency (poverty): Friend with the “glass half full” mentality. You can still love this friend…but radically limit the amount of time you spend with her.

Action : When you are with her, immediately stop her when she begins her complaining again. ( Simply interrupt her and then ask ” So, ______, What do you want?”. This question will not only stop her in her tracks…but it will get her to start thinking of a solution. If she continues to bring you down to her level….you may have to stop keeping company with her

High-frequency (prosperity)
: Find a group of people who are like minded. Join a in-person or online group or coaching program that will take you to the places and the mindset that creates the changes you want to see in your world.

….Remember….it all starts with your Vision….have you created your Life Script yet?

If not…here is where you start.

And remember…When Moms Happy ….Everyone’s Happy”!

Mona McClelland
“the Busy Mom Mentor”

5 Ways you give away your Power

What are you thinking…don’t give away your power….OH…you don’t know that you are doing this….read on…..

1.  Asking others what YOU should do:  Oh I know it is great to chat with your friends, people you respect, to get their opinion. BUT I encourage you to go inside and ask what you should do. Stop, be quiet and then listen. Especially if what you are deliberating on is particularly important to you. This way you will be in touch with what you “feel” you should do – not what you “think” you should do. The mind is meant for solving equations and figuring out puzzles…not for telling you what is BEST for you…that decision comes from  your heart and only YOU know what your heart is telling you to do!

2. Worrying about HOW your dream will come true: This is assuming you know your dream and that you have crafted your vision and you are taking steps to bring it to fruition. THE WORRY only stops or delays the desired outcome. YOUR job is to take the steps ……the HOW will be revealed along the way. It is kind of like driving across the country at night time. You know when you get in the car in the dark you can only see about 200 feet in front of you…BUT if you follow the markings and signs on the road along the way YOU WILL get to your desired destination. The same is true with your dream. WORRY just creates a big detour or a flat tire and stops you in your tracks.

3.Being attached to UNIMPORTANT details and outcomes: You have never done this have you?  What a waste of energy. So what if you forgot something at the market on the way home from work….dinner will still be fine…..and if one of your kids sleeps in and is late for school/work …oh well….and if all the creases are not out of the shirt you meant to wear to work today and you just noticed it going out the door….life goes on. Just BREATHE!

4. Waiting for all your ducks to line up before acting. This is a very common situation. Say you want a specific outcome in your life. Maybe you want a promotion at work…..but you don’t think you are completely qualified. What if you apply anyways? …. You just may get it and THEN you can learn what you need to know to become competent in the new position. BUT, again  you wait until ‘the perfect time’…or the perfect posting before you act…..and then sometimes it never comes and you are still RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Take the leap of faith…you can always course correct as you go along. :-)

5. Choosing to be unhappy: You are probably saying that you do not “choose” to be unhappy but circumstances in your life are causing you to be unhappy. Maybe things are not perfect. Maybe you don’t love your job, or you have too much debt, or life seems too busy, the kids are driving you crazy…all of this and more is MAKING YOU unhappy.
Sorry sista, I am here to tell you, you are choosing to feel that way about all of it. Yes, I get that none of those circumstances are fun and that they are at the forefront of your life BUT what if, just what if you start looking at some of the other circumstances in your life that may counterbalance ( or out weigh ) the “BAD stuff”?
Lets see…What if every day one or more of your family members gives you a big hug or tells you they love you? What if a client expresses his gratitude for your help? What if you go outside and stand in nature and revel at it consistent beauty? What if someone who you ordered your Latte from smiles at you and says “have a nice day”?
These things may seem small in comparison to the “BIG” problems of your life…but string a bunch of these things together consistently with your conscious awareness AND then you will be choosing happiness and magically your life will begin to change for the better.

You can choose to BE a lighthouse in the storm ( of life) or you can choose to be a tumbleweed. Stand strong as the winds blow around you OR be blown around by the winds will!

Want help choosing to take back your life……
In 30 minutes you will learn exactly what it is you need to do to take that first step back to YOU and your dreams (do you remember what they were?)

Click here and make that choice today.

And remember …..When Moms Happy….Everyone’s Happy

Your Worst Enemy

I can not emphasize enough HOW important it is for YOU, mom, to take care of yourself!

In this busy world you are so good at doing so many things that everyone around you EXPECTS you to simply keep doing these things. Then one day you are wiped out or sick and you cannot. YOU are our own worst enemy. YOU have set up that expectation with everyone….including your spouse, boss and children.

What if…just what if you put yourself on the top of that list and set up some expectations of yourself FOR yourself?

Match everything you do for others with what you could do for yourself.
Example: You drive your kids to all sorts of activities…music lessons, gymnastics, school events…WHAT could you be driving yourself to once a week to nourish your interests?

OR  you buy food and make meals that you know your family will enjoy….do you do this for yourself? Do you put anything on that grocery list just for you?

I am going to give you an assignment this week AND if you want to send your results to me for accountability I would LOVE it to hear what you did for YOU.

In the next 7 days make your self a list (using the clarity through consciousness method).

Remember you know what you DON’T want and this is the best clue to showing you what you do want. So take a piece of paper lengthwise and draw a line down the middle. On the left you write everything you don’t want about the topic you have selected. In this case the topic is ‘what do I love to do for myself’?’ So this exercise should be easy AND insightful…IF YOU DO IT.

Ex: on the left you might write: I don’t like being so busy I have no time for a walk ( in nature, by the beach etc), or I don’t like being so busy that I don’t read my book every night.  So the opposites of these are : I want to go for a walk in nature EVERY week, I want to read in my book every night, I want help making lunches etc.

You can not change that which you are not conscious of …….GET CONSCIOUS…. then take the steps to change things. Create a new set of expectations for yourself, your boss and for your family.

STOP being your own worst enemy and start being YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. How you treat yourself IS how others will treat you. How do you want to be treated?
Let me know HOW your life changes.

Mona McClelland
the “Busy Mom Mentor”

* if you find this information helpful PLEASE share it with other busy working moms that you know it would help to take back their lives and begin sharing their gifts with the world!

….And REMEMBER ”When Moms Happy – Everyone’s Happy”

Not Enough Hours in the Day

What is on your TO DO list today? Probably MORE than you can even think of getting done. So much so that you don’t even make a to do list anymore because it just stresses you out more…right?

….and have you ever said…there is NOT enough hours in the day (or I wish there were two of me so I could get it all done). But secretly you know ….IT WILL NEVER BE DONE. Are you feeling like that hamster on a wheel these days….running around in circles?

Well… you are right… you will never get it all done….BUT you can get done the important tasks and then ALLOW what you have not gotten done to fill in between the big priorities. I teach all about this in my program The Visible Blueprint “7 steps to more Time, Money & Love”. But for today what I want to share with you are 7 Steps to ELIMINATE Time Scarcity and leave you will a couple of action steps to help you get off the hamster wheel today!

1. Eliminate Overwhelm: Stop thinking there is not enough time to get things done. This is really key. You have to stop telling yourself daily that there is not enough time and change your mindset. Make your mantra something like this: “I get everything I need to get done everyday calmly and easily.”

2. LOVE EVERYTHING you do. Even if you have to pretend. What is better… Hating every job and task that needs to be done in your day OR finding something about it that you can love. Even doing the dishes can be viewed as a meditation… you automatically stack, rinse or wipe them, hold in your mind your life vision OR simply focus on your breath. If at work you simply hate pushing the paper around make a game of it…..FIND something you can love about your work and focus on that every day.

3. Develop Patient Timelines: Over promising or trying to do too much in too little time is a common stressor.  Set realistic timelines and then don’t push yourself to OVER DELIVER. Multi-tasking is highly over rated and continuously makes you set the bar higher each time….moving closer and closer towards BURNOUT.

4. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: Time to look at the schedule…the stuff in your house and everything on that to do list. Be radical here. Just CANCEL some stuff in your life…..think about YOUR childhood….remember BEING bored? Cool…..make your life more like that.

5. Upgrade Your Energy Sources: Meditate (even while waiting in a line up – enjoy the pause in life).  Do yoga, take a dance class, watch funny movies, play games with your kids, walk on the beach, run, play an instrument, sing, laugh……..create energy in your life….(even look at the food and water you are putting in your body… food = LIFE).

6. Redefine Your World: YOU have created the world that you live in. Pay attention to what you are habitually thinking, decide what you want and then focus on that only. ( Hint: be specific).

7. Elevate your Consciousness: Find books, mentors, classes or workshops that teach you about living your life consciously. (Good resource: Book – Power vs Force ).

What you can do to eliminate Time Scarcity:

1. Record thoughts of Time Scarcity( keep a journal of what is making your think or feel that there is no time).

2. Become more aware about HOW you FEEL about time. ( Do you always feel rushed or that there is NO PEACE in your world?)

3. Be ACCEPTING of HOW you feel. Awareness is the first step to change. Awareness in and of itself can create CHANGE.

( 4. If you need help get it…. Hire a coach, talk to a friend, take a course, read a resource book)
…..”if you want to change your life…YOU have to change your life!”

If your life feels like it is spiraling out of control, send me an email. I will be glad to help you pinpoint what is taking over your life and HOW YOU can regain hours in the day and add years to your life.

Click here now to invest in taking back your life.

Here’s to finding more time for MOM!

Have a Great ( UN-Overwhelming Day)

…..and remember  ”When Moms Happy….Everyone’s Happy”

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? You may be thinking, “this seems to be a very broad question”  to be asking. You may be wondering, in what context am I asking this. Am I wanting to know about your blocks to creating the most loving relationship that you have always imagined?  Am I  curious about why you struggle with finances and why there is not enough at the end of every month? Are you worried about your health?

Well I guess I am inquiring about all of this but mostly I am asking  you WHY you are afraid?

I am inspired to ask this question because two books I have just read. One called “Paradox of Healing ” by Dr Greenwood and the other is “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.

The first is by a professional…a Doctor who writes in depth about the inadequacies of the medical profession to assist people to heal …..who poses the question of “how can a ‘rational science’ possibly heal most people who suffer from illnesses primarily caused by an irrational emotion( fear)”?

The second  is an in depth account of one woman’s battle with terminal cancer, her incredibly detailed NDE (near death experience) and her miraculous, complete, rapid and spontaneous healing.

The common thread in both accounts…..FEAR.

Has fear ever stopped you, paralyzed you, held you at bay from that which you most wanted to do? AND did it succeed?

You see, we are all meant to LIVE…to be joyful, to celebrate each day of LIFE. You are meant to LOVE and share that love with others….and they are meant to do the same.

What if you could really truly LIVE to your fullest potential…move through that fear and feel amazing each day? What if you knew that we are all so connected and because of this connection  HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF reflects on how others feel. If you knew that would you CHANGE the way you think, talk about and treat yourself? Wouldn’t that be the most “unselfish” gift to give back to the world……To everyone you love?

Just simply…start treating yourself better!

That is what I have been trying to tell you and that is how I can best support you.

Today and everyday do one loving act of kindness to YOURSELF. Try this just for one week and see what changes in your world. AND embrace the joy of being ALIVE.

If you don’t know how to let go of the fear I suggest you read “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani to start with.

If you need help…reach out…to a friend, a coach/counselor, God…..just reach out. YOU are worth it and the world ( your family) needs YOU.

I am here to support you, in loving yourself and learning how to do what you have forgotten. To take back your life and BE AMAZING.

For more information on my BLUEPRINT to help you take back your life Click Here.

To claim your 30 minute Rapid Coaching Session today to finally find out WHAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF …… Click Here.

You were created, you are a creator. What will you deliberately create for yourself TODAY?

With deep appreciation and love for who YOU are.


the “Busy Mom Mentor”
Author of  The Visible Blueprint

and remember    “When Moms Happy…..Everyone’s Happy”

De-Stressssssss – can you?

I think there is an epidemic today – it is called adrenal exhaustion. Do you know what that is or what the symptoms are?

Let me enlighten you……

Some experts believe that upwards of 80% of the population suffers from some level of adrenal insufficiency. Besides the usual symptoms of overwhelming fatigue and inability to handle stress, the symptoms listed below provide a more complete picture of adrenal fatigue and are often overlooked even by alternative practitioners.


What is going on?

You go to bed at midnight and get up at 6 am day after day after day and then wonder WHY you cannot recover your energy. Our brain chemistry is meant to work with the daylight…..night comes the brain sends out the chemicals necessary for sleep and rejuvenation. Day comes and again the brain signals WAKE UP with energy for the day after a period of rest.

BUT with the advent of artificial light our brains chemistry is fooled and the body does not get the rest it requires to replenish the body on a daily basis. Then on top of all that throw in the multitudes of multitasking you do throughout the day and the quick unhealthy food (or reasonable facsimile) you put into your body and then you wonder why you cannot get out of first gear.

What can you do?  You can see there is a common thread to my messages here….what can you do…what are you WILLING to do to help YOURSELF so you can have the quality of life that you want so YOU can have more LIFE for yourself and energy for your family?

Let me leave you today with a simple exercise that you can do over the next week so you can quickly SEE what is draining all of your energy.

Print out a BLANK calendar template  and then label on each day HOW you are feeling ….in relation to the activity you are doing that day.

EX: Monday – activity = Work (happy, sad, calm, stressed, angry, frustrated, bored etc.) Volunteering at the school (happy, sad calm etc)……. THEN, look over these activities and identify which ones you are “stressed” by AND determine what the trigger might be. (ex: too tight a deadline – or you procrastinated/were not organized – thus the stress – solution maybe you need to start the project sooner OR  be more organized.)

The purpose of this exercise is to paint a picture of where you are getting stuck or leaking VITAL ENERGY (definition of Vital=necessary to the continuation of life).

Let me know what you find out and how I can help if you need support gathering up your life force…….

What I have shared with you today is one of many lessons from the Visible Blueprint

“7 steps to more Time, Money & Love by being Seen, Heard & Valued in your WORLD”

You are the Spirit – the Life Force of your family…..You deserve to learn to preserve your vitality and in turn you will be able to give back MORE to those you love most.

Vitally Yours,

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Author of “The Visible Blueprint”

What would fulfill YOUR life?

Life is full of Irony.  It is bizarre to think that the things we want
most seem to be the things we have the most resistance to.

Do you remember being so OMG nervous and fearful around a
boy or a girl you really liked?

How about this…do you ever procrastinate on doing the things that are
most important to you?

Do you tend to hide ( or are you afraid to show -  or have you forgotten) your deepest gifts?

You are not alone that is for sure.

I think that because the things we want most in life bring up the most fear. Interesting isn’t it?

…and isn’t it also interesting how our deepest desires live in the very most vulnerable part of our being? And how we seem to have to hide that which is most important to us ( sometimes in fear of failure or ridicule – even as an adult) Seems absurd doesn’t it?

So you can see how your inner most desires and your fears can go hand in hand.

Here is an interesting concept and I am curious about your thoughts……

It would make sense that most coaches and teachers tell us to simply face these fears and push through what you most feel you resist …BUT I think it is important to listen to the fear and the resistance…Hear what it is telling you first and then create a bond with it ….asking it to HELP you move towards what you want…hand in hand. ( Thank this fear and resistance as it did serve you at one point – now it can act as your guide…more like a consultant to you on the path to your desire).

Rest assured that sometimes you will feel stuck along the way to taking back your life, your dreams, your career goals and that you are resisting doing what is important because you are afraid to step out from back stage into YOUR starring role.

This simply means you are on your path…right on track…your fear is just letting you know this…so thank this fear, this resistance and then keep going knowing that fulfilling YOUR life and creating exactly what YOU want will help you have more for your family in the short and long run.

AND just because fear is now your ally, doesn’t mean you should do what it is telling you to do (it just means you are hearing it and thanking it and moving forward towards YOUR most fulfilling life regardless.) Your most fulfilling life is waiting for you…this is a gift you can give yourself AND your family, please don’t make them wait one second longer than they have to.

I would love for you to share what YOU really want in your life…what fills you up so you have more to give your family.

Leave your comment here!

Are you too Needy?

Every mom has the ability to do so much for her family and at times your tank is running on empty but you don’t even know it……Moms are so good at taking care of their family’s needs but what happens when mom’s needs are not being cared for?

First, if there are any signs of  sadness, resentment or depression, it is imperative you  start looking deep inside yourself and trying to figure out why you feel this way. Here is the kicker,  awareness is usually thehardest step. Once aware of the problem you can then do something about it.

What is the underlying reason you are feeling this way?


  • You’ve lost who “you are”? What I mean by this is that sometimes when we get busy in our busy-ness we are focusing so much on the others AND we forget what we were like and liked before family. So, you suddenly find that you no longer know what you like to do and what you want from life. You don’t know who “you” are because you have forgotten to nurture this part of yourself.
  • Maybe you are afraid of abandonment (children eventually spend more time with friends/grow up and move on) or maybe emotional abandonment?
  • Is there something in your past, an event that is causing your baggage to trigger some deep unresolved emotions that could be interfering in the intimacy of your current relationship (ex: abandonment, abuse, etc.?)
  • Does your spouse or children make comments or do things that chip away at your self esteem? It is important to figure out where the feelings are coming from. Once you pinpoint this it makes it easier to find a resolve and create some healing steps to feed and nurture YOUR needs.For example, if you found that you once had goals and dreams that faded away with the decision to have a family and now realize that you have lost who you are, then you could start with figuring out what it is you want to achieve in your life. Are there places you still want to travel to or skills you want to learn? Remember this is about finding things that you would want for yourself.Ask yourself what do you like to do and then start doing it on your own. Even if you say you do not know anymore what it is you like to do….simply begin by making a list of what you do NOT like to do ….and guess what…what you like to do is simply the opposite.

    Then you could spend time doing what you love which would build up your skills, self esteem and self confidence in the area that makes your heart sing and also for yourself.

    Now, most importantly you will be focusing at times on yourself, (as well as your family).

    In a relationship(s – kids and spouse), it is really beneficial to know what makes you happy and to be “complete” whether the other person(s) is there or not.

    Ask yourself:

    Is this a self esteem issue or a conflict between you and another in your family…if so the solutions will be different. You need to identify first, the root of your neediness.

    Also, figure out the trigger (how does this happen?). Pay attention to what is going on for you when this feeling arises. What circumstances contribute to the feelings in you? Then, how do you respond/react? Watch yourself like you’re a witness to the event. Paying attention to HOW these needy feelings get stirred up will be valuable to figuring out a long term solution.

    If this feeling arises whenever your spouse  is not paying enough attention to you, you can ask yourself …”does this mean he does not love me?”  Ask yourself “ Just because he is not paying enough attention to me, does that mean he does not love me?” Most likely you will then realize that this behaviour doesn’t mean this at all. That YOU created that thought or belief. YOU will have to then work through those emotions or get some help.

    And guess what – whether is it about your kids and the endless hours you give to them OR the lack of appreciation or love you feel is missing from your spouse….YOU will learn, by asking yourself this simple question if this is a belief your have about yourself as well. You might have veered so far from YOUR LIFE SCRIPT (path), you might be feeling that no one appreciates or loves you.

    You can simply change this old belief by writing it down and then a new one that reflects the truth.  Going forward you can catch yourself each time you are thinking the old belief,  and then say the new one. Ex: “Everyone is happy and busy doing their own thing and I can love myself by spending some time catching up on MY goals and dreams” (fill in what the goal or dream is at the end of the NEW belief statement).  It then becomes a matter of re-programming your thoughts.

    Remember this process may take some time….all habits begin with thoughts that are followed repetitively. YOU have the power and choice over what you think. It is easy to think the same old habitual thoughts…but it is freeing and empowering to think new productive thoughts that create a positive momentum in your life, create self confidence AND fulfill your dreams.

    Begin by exploring and don’t be afraid of the emotions that may arise. The emotions are a good thing…a release plus you will be create a better understanding of yourself and become much stronger. Being needy is okay…we all need each other…but when your neediness cripples your ability to enjoy your life and those you love then it is time to take a long look at what YOUR own needs are and HOW YOU can fulfill them yourself.

    If you would like to GAIN SOME CLARITY and begin to take back your life and fulfill YOUR dreams….Contact me at and I will schedule for you a 30 min rapid coaching discovery session at a ONE TIME NO CHARGE RATE.  (regular 150.00)

    Copy and paste the following questions ….fill in the answers  forward to me and within 48 hours I will send you my available appt times for scheduling.

    1. What do you most want to
    change today?
    2. Have you tried to change
    this before?
    3. What have you attempted
    in the past that didn’t work?
    4. Why do you think it didn’t
    5. On a scale of 0-10, how
    important is it for you to
    achieve change today?
    6. What other areas of your
    life do you want to change
    (if any)?
    7. Full Name
    8. Email Address
    9. Phone #
    10. Time Zone

    Check off the areas you’d most
    like to work on…

    __ Business
    __ Weight Loss
    __ Relationship (get into one)
    __ Relationship (improve the one I’m in)
    __ Career Change
    __ Parenting Challenges
    __ Other

  • Its a Mothers Business

    Many women ask me “What do you do that you get to stay at home with your kids?”

    It is true that some days I work in my pajamas….mostly because I got the kids out the door and then sat down to do just ONE thing  - then all of a sudden I see it is 1 o’clock and I haven’t had a shower or dressed yet.

    Working at home does NOT mean luxuriously taking your time to get things done while enjoying playing with your kids. It means creating a plan for the week/day…cramming it all in the hours that you have before the kids come home from school ( or in some cases wake up from their nap) and your are back on mom duty AND it means finishing what you need to get done AFTER they have gone to bed and you have made lunches.

    However the rewards do outweigh the challenges and you can definitely create a work environment that is conducive to the values that you want to model to your kids  and to  HOW you want to live your life, share your gifts and raise your family. ~ Mona McClelland

    Honest conversation from Moms who work from Home

    Owning and operating a small business while raising young children isn’t easy, but the rewards can make it all worthwhile.

    Seven years ago, Karen McCauley left a demanding consumer-research job to launch her own market research company called Fresh Squeezed Ideas. As the mother of two young children, ages three and six at the time, she hoped running a business out of her Toronto home could be the best of both worlds: she would be her own boss in a professional field that she loved, and she would also get to spend more quality time with her family.

    For the most part, this turned out to be true. McCauley’s business thrived, and she was still able to walk the kids to school, see them at lunchtime and occasionally volunteer in the classroom –– things she likely wouldn’t be doing if she worked for someone else. She admits, however, that she was initially a bit naive when it came to the challenges involved.

    “The flip side of having your own business, especially when you’re working from home, is that there are no boundaries,” she said.

    In the beginning, McCauley had a tough time delineating work time and family time. So, although she was able see the kids at lunch, she would often find herself up in her office working on the computer all evening.

    “It can be difficult trying to be a business professional while at the same time having your kids run into your office asking you to be a mom,” she said. “I used to have to put a note on the door that said, ‘Do not come into my office right now. I’m on a call with a client,’ and I would think, I have to try to live these two personas at the same time, and it’s really hard.”

    Manage expectations

    The authors of a new book called Mom Inc.: How to Raise Your Family and Your Business Without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt are very familiar with these challenges. Torontonians Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell are MBA graduates who left the fast-track of Bay Street to open their own custom baby-blanket business called Admiral Road Designs in 2002. They decided to write the book, published earlier this year by HarperCollins, to address misperceptions about what it’s like to run a business with young kids at home.

    “It felt like the media coverage of mompreneurship was a bit too glossy,” explains Ballon. “Every magazine article we flipped open featured a perfectly coiffed mom with perfectly tailored children playing at her feet while she worked at the computer. And we thought, wait a minute, that’s not what it’s like!

    “We wanted to paint a realistic picture of what it’s like to work for yourself when you’re trying to raise young kids as well.”

    When it comes to balancing family needs with business needs, it’s all about communication, says Botterell.

    “We still have to talk about it all the time,” she says. “There’s a lot of managing the kids’ expectations. They’ll say, ‘Why can’t you come to the assembly today?’ I’ll say, ‘I can’t come to the assembly because I’m working. But I can pick you up and drop you off, and that’s the deal that we’ve made.’”

    McCauley agrees that communication is key. As her own kids have gotten older and she’s become more established in her business, she’s figured out new ways to make everything run more smoothly. Now that her children are 10 and 13, for instance, they all do their “homework” together.

    So, if she has work to do in the evening, she’ll bring her laptop downstairs, and she and the kids will all work in the same room. When the kids are finished their homework, McCauley unplugs, too.

    Include kids in business

    Paula McNamara runs her own talent agency, Playgroup Enterprises, out of her Toronto home. Her daughter is younger than McCauley’s children, but McNamara still has a similar strategy of “working” side by side with five-year-old Madison when there’s a deadline to meet while her daughter is at home.

    “I’ll let her sit next to me in my office and quietly colour, because some things do have to get done in a certain time limit, and there’s no getting around that,” says McNamara. “It’s also nice to try to make the kids feel involved with the business.”

    McNamara, who has been a talent agent for 15 years, started her own agency in 2005. A month later, she became pregnant. She wasn’t able to take any maternity leave, which is often the case for small business owners. But the upside of a home-based business was that she didn’t have to be away from her infant all day. She hired some part-time help with the baby and was still able to spend a great deal of time with Madison.

    Now that her daughter is in school, McNamara makes it a priority to work around her school schedule. Whenever possible, she puts work on hold after school so she can fully engage with her daughter.

    Work around school schedules

    Eva Cooper of Wakefield, Que., also sings the praises of working around your children’s schedule. She opened her own retail business –– a clothing store called Boutique Burro Borracho in Wakefield –– in 2005 when her daughter, Delilah, was three. Since she has staff, Cooper has always been able to leave the store in time for the end of school, and then she’ll just pick up the laptop and start working again after her daughter has gone to sleep.

    “And Delilah’s always been an early riser, so I just start my day early,” she said. “Even now, she’s on the bus at 7:30 a.m., so I go to work at 7:30 a.m. If you can mirror their schedule with yours, it works really well.”

    Now that Delilah is 10 years old, Cooper felt the time was right to expand. So this fall, she opened up a second store in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood. Much to her daughter’s delight, she called the new boutique Delilah.

    “Growth is good,” Cooper said. “After you do something for several years, and it works well and you’ve got the system in place, why not? I think it’s good to think about the future as well.”

    As children get older and become increasingly independent, there’s more time to focus on the business.

    “With young children, it all goes by pretty quickly,” she said.

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    |Above Story Resource; CBC News:

    Mona McClelland

    Professional Health and Life Coach

    the “Busy Mom Mentor”