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Are you too Needy?

Every mom has the ability to do so much for her family and at times your tank is running on empty but you don’t even know it……Moms are so good at taking care of their family’s needs but what happens when mom’s needs are not being cared for?

First, if there are any signs of  sadness, resentment or depression, it is imperative you  start looking deep inside yourself and trying to figure out why you feel this way. Here is the kicker,  awareness is usually thehardest step. Once aware of the problem you can then do something about it.

What is the underlying reason you are feeling this way?


  • You’ve lost who “you are”? What I mean by this is that sometimes when we get busy in our busy-ness we are focusing so much on the others AND we forget what we were like and liked before family. So, you suddenly find that you no longer know what you like to do and what you want from life. You don’t know who “you” are because you have forgotten to nurture this part of yourself.
  • Maybe you are afraid of abandonment (children eventually spend more time with friends/grow up and move on) or maybe emotional abandonment?
  • Is there something in your past, an event that is causing your baggage to trigger some deep unresolved emotions that could be interfering in the intimacy of your current relationship (ex: abandonment, abuse, etc.?)
  • Does your spouse or children make comments or do things that chip away at your self esteem? It is important to figure out where the feelings are coming from. Once you pinpoint this it makes it easier to find a resolve and create some healing steps to feed and nurture YOUR needs.For example, if you found that you once had goals and dreams that faded away with the decision to have a family and now realize that you have lost who you are, then you could start with figuring out what it is you want to achieve in your life. Are there places you still want to travel to or skills you want to learn? Remember this is about finding things that you would want for yourself.Ask yourself what do you like to do and then start doing it on your own. Even if you say you do not know anymore what it is you like to do….simply begin by making a list of what you do NOT like to do ….and guess what…what you like to do is simply the opposite.

    Then you could spend time doing what you love which would build up your skills, self esteem and self confidence in the area that makes your heart sing and also for yourself.

    Now, most importantly you will be focusing at times on yourself, (as well as your family).

    In a relationship(s – kids and spouse), it is really beneficial to know what makes you happy and to be “complete” whether the other person(s) is there or not.

    Ask yourself:

    Is this a self esteem issue or a conflict between you and another in your family…if so the solutions will be different. You need to identify first, the root of your neediness.

    Also, figure out the trigger (how does this happen?). Pay attention to what is going on for you when this feeling arises. What circumstances contribute to the feelings in you? Then, how do you respond/react? Watch yourself like you’re a witness to the event. Paying attention to HOW these needy feelings get stirred up will be valuable to figuring out a long term solution.

    If this feeling arises whenever your spouse  is not paying enough attention to you, you can ask yourself …”does this mean he does not love me?”  Ask yourself “ Just because he is not paying enough attention to me, does that mean he does not love me?” Most likely you will then realize that this behaviour doesn’t mean this at all. That YOU created that thought or belief. YOU will have to then work through those emotions or get some help.

    And guess what – whether is it about your kids and the endless hours you give to them OR the lack of appreciation or love you feel is missing from your spouse….YOU will learn, by asking yourself this simple question if this is a belief your have about yourself as well. You might have veered so far from YOUR LIFE SCRIPT (path), you might be feeling that no one appreciates or loves you.

    You can simply change this old belief by writing it down and then a new one that reflects the truth.  Going forward you can catch yourself each time you are thinking the old belief,  and then say the new one. Ex: “Everyone is happy and busy doing their own thing and I can love myself by spending some time catching up on MY goals and dreams” (fill in what the goal or dream is at the end of the NEW belief statement).  It then becomes a matter of re-programming your thoughts.

    Remember this process may take some time….all habits begin with thoughts that are followed repetitively. YOU have the power and choice over what you think. It is easy to think the same old habitual thoughts…but it is freeing and empowering to think new productive thoughts that create a positive momentum in your life, create self confidence AND fulfill your dreams.

    Begin by exploring and don’t be afraid of the emotions that may arise. The emotions are a good thing…a release plus you will be create a better understanding of yourself and become much stronger. Being needy is okay…we all need each other…but when your neediness cripples your ability to enjoy your life and those you love then it is time to take a long look at what YOUR own needs are and HOW YOU can fulfill them yourself.

    If you would like to GAIN SOME CLARITY and begin to take back your life and fulfill YOUR dreams….Contact me at and I will schedule for you a 30 min rapid coaching discovery session at a ONE TIME NO CHARGE RATE.  (regular 150.00)

    Copy and paste the following questions ….fill in the answers  forward to me and within 48 hours I will send you my available appt times for scheduling.

    1. What do you most want to
    change today?
    2. Have you tried to change
    this before?
    3. What have you attempted
    in the past that didn’t work?
    4. Why do you think it didn’t
    5. On a scale of 0-10, how
    important is it for you to
    achieve change today?
    6. What other areas of your
    life do you want to change
    (if any)?
    7. Full Name
    8. Email Address
    9. Phone #
    10. Time Zone

    Check off the areas you’d most
    like to work on…

    __ Business
    __ Weight Loss
    __ Relationship (get into one)
    __ Relationship (improve the one I’m in)
    __ Career Change
    __ Parenting Challenges
    __ Other

  • Imagine a Life without Fatigue

    I was told once by a friend of mine (who just happened to be a naturopath ) when I was about 25 ( pre kids) that most adults with kids are chronically sleep deprived.

    Now back then at 25, I was not yet a mom, but I was riding high on the adrenals of my new career, putting in tons of hours…which set me up, along with my programmed “work ethic”, to begin the slippery slope into adrenal fatigue from workaholism.

    I was so determined to succeed that I threw many of the great common sense habits of health and vitality out the window.

    So today I want to share with you 5 great common sense tips that will help you regain your vitality plus a link to a great program (that is free to join) that will support you in stepping out from your ” mom world”  and learn about giving back the gifts that you were born to give the world.

    Sleep. Resist the temptation to burn the candle at both ends! Getting 8-10 hours a night of sleep is one of the best ways to restore your adrenal glands. It’s best to turn in early if you can. Drink herbal tea or consider a natural herbal supplement to help you wind down. And if you need one and can, take a nap during the day.

    Modify your exercise. Some of my patients feel great after they exercise. If this is you, stick with it. Others feel drained with exercise and it’s important to take it slow. Mornings are best for aerobic exercise but try not to let your heart rate go above 90 beats per minute. Try relaxing walks, yoga, or any kind of exercise that restores you instead of draining you.

    Eat well and often. Eating certain foods, and at specific times of the day can help you avoid the “crash and burn” of sugar/caffeine highs and lows. One important point: a hungry body puts stress on the adrenals, so don’t let yourself go too long without a meal or a snack.

    Relieve stress. Schedule a massage or enlist a partner or friend to give you one; practice yoga, t’ai chi or qi gong; put up your feet and enjoy a cup of tea; or call a loved one just to talk. Cultivate the practices that best relieve tension and stress for you. Even just five minutes a day of quiet breathing or meditation can do wonders.

    Play. Take a good look at your life, and let go of as many of the things that drain you as possible, replacing them with those that fulfill you. Engage with the people, activities, and work you most enjoy: go to the beach, play with your grandchildren, go dancing — whatever you have fun doing, give yourself permission to do it during this time of healing.

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    Have a wonderful Tuesday, take a time out for you, MOM
    …and remember, ” When Moms Happy, Everyone’s Happy”

    the “Busy Mom Mentor”

    Your Big Breakthrough?

    I hired my first business/life coach in the spring of 2007. Our initial call was the first time I  realized that I had a lot of baggage to sift through and unload before I could ever even think of what it was I wanted to create in my life. I realized that day that what other people saw in me was NOT what I saw in myself (they saw a dynamic and vibrant woman – I felt like an imposter) and until that changed there would be no way I could ever out-perform the beliefs I had about myself.

    I needed a major internal mindset overhaul. The only thing I knew for sure that was clear at that first meeting was that whatever I was going to do in my life I had to do within the limits of my children’s lives and schedules. They were 4 and 7 at that time and I was about to become a single mom.

    When I look back, I see the perfection in all that has happened to bring me to this point now; CEO of When Moms, coaching, mentoring and supporting other Busy Professional Moms to take back their lives and truly understand ALL that depends on their happiness, because we all know “when moms happy – everyone is happy”!

    Hiring a coach was an important first step in the achievement of my dream. You can’t go it alone and expect to live your dreams. Please read today’s “anti-do-it-yourself” parable to discover why being smart and solo can be a problem in your life.

    Mona McClelland

    The ”Busy Mom Mentor”

    Professional Health & Certified Life Coach

    * If you are at all struggling to reach your goals and dreams, whatever they may be – take 5 minutes now and read the full article HERE.

    The Importance of Coaching

    By Dr. John Berardi
    In the past, my default position, when butting up against a challenge or coming face to face with a problem, had been: “everyone out of my way, I’ll figure this out myself.”

    Whether it was a relationship issue, a health issue, a business issue, or even a problem with my car, I figured I had enough intellectual firepower to tackle the issue. I’d buy some books, search Google, learn everything I needed to know, and then go about trying to fix my issue.

    Yes, it feels empowering and righteous to be a do-it-yourself kind of person.

    After all, I consider myself a pretty intelligent guy. I’ve earned a host of University degrees (including a PhD). I score in the top percentile on most intelligence tests. I run a successful and thriving company, one that does meaningful work. And I’m generally seen as the go-to guy for family and friends when it comes to solving problems.

    However, this idea that I’m a “really smart guy” sometimes gets in my way. It’s also distracting, inefficient, and…well…not-so-smart.

    I was reminded of this mission critical lesson the other day. I was running errands and returned home to find my home computer network broken down. Since my wife and I work from home offices, that’s a pretty big problem.

    Being a “smart guy”, naturally, I’d set up my own home computer network. So, when I found it broken down, I began a “troubleshooting” process.

    (I put troubleshooting in quotes for a reason. Having no formal training in network set-up or administration, I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing. So, what I call troubleshooting, others might call, stumbling around blindly in the dark).

    I spent about an hour fiddling with settings and made some small improvements. But the network was still busted. And, based on previous experience, it’d likely take me hours (or more) to get this sorted out.

    Fortunately, as I was just about to make a classic mistake and dig into this process, my wife and 2-year-old daughter knocked on my office door. It was quittin’ time for the day and they wanted to go to the park.

    So, instead of ham-fistedly hacking my way though the network process, I called a local network technician I trust. (Someone who’s actually trained in the process). She came right over. I took my family to the park.

    When we got back, she was gone and the network was fixed. And, not only was it fixed, it was working better than ever before, with more features and capabilities that would make our lives and our work easier.

    I called her for a debriefing. Apparently, it took her only 30 minutes to fix the problem and enhance the network. (Remember, I’d already wasted 1 hour on the issue without resolving it).

    I asked her to walk me through what she did. And, of course, her fix was something that would have never occurred to me. Even though I’ve set up networks and home offices in every house I’ve lived in for the last 15 years.

    So, what’s the point?

    Well, think of this story as an anti-do-it-yourself parable. I know, just saying that feels wrong to me. As an entrepreneur, I’m highly inclined toward do-it-yourself.

    Yet, I’ve also learned that trying to do everything myself, even though I’m capable and “smart,” often distracts me from the most important things in my life.

    Personally, these important things are my family, my own health and fitness, and my professional goals. They form my own “holy trinity” of meaning. And, in saying yes to anything else, I’m saying no to one of those things, if even for just a little while.

    But that’s just at the best of times. (I’m lucky as my family, friends, and colleagues are willing to forgive me little diversions from the path).

    At the worst of times, trying to do things myself can lead to massive inefficiencies, wasted effort, and tremendous frustration. I’ve seen this in other people too.

    One of my closest friends – honestly, the most intelligent guy I’ve ever met – is a guy who’d struggled with “relationship issues” his entire dating life. Being a fellow entrepreneur and “smart guy” he figured he could think his way through these issues with that big brain of his. Never worked.

    However, after getting some relationship coaching/counseling, he became a different guy. He ended up meeting the type of woman he’d always dreamed about being with. And he’s happily married to her today.

    As a cool bonus, that coaching spilled out into other areas of his life, and other relationships too. Nowadays, he’s more calm, centered, and has a keen perspective that he never had in the past.

    We’ve often discussed how important that coaching and direction really was for him. And, with 100% confidence, he tells me that the counseling didn’t just speed up his development. Rather, it took him to a place he’d never have gotten without guidance. His logical, “left-brained”, intelligence was killing this kind of progress.

    In essence, being smart was the problem.

    I see this all the time in the nutrition coaching business. My company runs the world’s largest nutrition coaching company. And, every day, really smart people come to us with their hands up in the air.

    They’ve tried to get in shape, or improve their blood markers, on their own. And, although they’ve made some progress, it just feels too hard to sustain within the context of their lives. Plus, they often want more progress and simply can’t make it happen on their own.

    This sounds familiar to me. It’s the networking problem all over again. Or the relationship problem. Smart people trying to figure things out on their own when help is just a phone call away.

    In the end, here’s the point I’m trying to make.

    Smart people – precisely because they’re smart – often think that they can single-handedly solve all their own problems by using their innate intelligence. As a result, they’re slow to ask for help and even slower to get coaching.

    I totally get it. I was one of those guys for a long time. Thankfully, I’m not any more. I’ve learned that the smartest thing one can do is to drop the hero act and get some coaching.

    It’s not just about speeding up the learning process. It’s about freeing up your time to say yes to the really important things in your life and no to everything else.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with my daughter at the park.

    [Ed. Note: Dr. John Berardi is the director of the world's largest body nutrition coaching programs – Lean Eating for Men andLean Eating for Women. He's also a faculty member at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Texas. And a consultant for a host of professional sports teams, as well as Nike. You can reach him at]

    * Is Your World Crashing in on You? (good news for busy working moms)

    What to do when your world feels like it is crashing in around you?
    I know this is a common theme for a lot of moms……..this feeling
    can sneak up on you and then BAMM, everything feels out of control.

    How do you be everything for everybody? You know you want to and
    sometimes you feel like you can do it all…but it just takes one
    thing (okay 5 things) to tip the apple cart and there you are
    feeling exhausted and defeated.

    Today is one of those days. Let me share……(in readers digest
    version of course):

    *One daughter is approaching mid-tweens and is becoming rather sneaky
    ..ex: eating all little sister’s remaining Easter treats, comes clean,
    little sister is crying.

    *I am having empathy for one, while trying to make heads or tails of WHY the
    other one would do that. The only answer from her is, ” I don’t

    *The hubby’s children’s schedule was changed yesterday, his
    EX pulls a fast one with her lawyer “all in the best interest of
    the children of course” and he feels a myriad of emotions as you
    can  imagine and I just want to stand on a soap box and say THIS IS
    WRONG. Truly it felt like we were negotiating a house deal NOT a
    co-parenting schedule…geesh.

    *And finally, for you moms out there who are older, either pre-menopause
    or right in it like me; No one ever said once I hit fifty, I was going
    to wake up every morning and feel like I am 90. OMG, everything hurts! The legs, hips and
    back pain is the most dramatic. (Guess I am fortunate….no hot
    flashes, insomnia, or WILD mood swings (just moderate)….and on
    every “menopausal forum” I find on line, all these women, like me,
    are talking about these pains…BUT no one seems to be getting any help.

    Trying to hold it all together in a big family…be the main
    stay….is freakin’ hard at times. I GET IT.

    K…. I am sure one or two of you can relate to me. The upside is
    there are many things that you can do if your life starts running
    away on you! The first step is this awareness of course. If you
    don’t have the awareness, YOUR body will speak up…..I guarantee
    it. So the key is to cultivate the awareness BEFORE you hit the
    slippery slope.
    Here is what you do…., if you are feeling frazzled at ANY point
    in the day, this I can be a Micro Meditation of sorts….. or  what
    I call the “ISNESS is the BUSINESS plan”.  There are 5 steps:

    1. Think of a situation that is disturbing YOUR peace.
    (could cause stress.)
    2. Notice WHERE in your body you are FEELING it.
    3.Give it LOVE (or at least acceptance)*Don’t judge or analyze -
    don’t try to make it go away. Be with the feeling.
    4.Zone into where it is most intense. (like a bull’s eye – stay
    OUT of your head…stay in your body).
    5.Stay present to it…if it seems like it is gone – then think of
    the disturbing thought or situation – see if the feeling is gone.
    (if yes – you have made it to the other side)

    This can be done in minutes and the intention is to bring you back
    to the NOW….back to what you are doing in the moment…because if
    you are off in your head, overwhelmed with emotions with a floating to
    do list in your brain….you are not present and can not be THERE
    for anyone… This ‘Isness is the Business Plan’ can give you the
    much needed time out in your day so you can collect your thoughts
    and allow the feelings trapped inside your body to be  FIRST,
    acknowledged and then they will leave.

    Repeat this as many times as it takes, so when you think of the
    disturbing situation you will NOT be emotionally troubled by it AND
    you will be able to go into rational solution mode if necessary.
    This phrase the Isness is the Business has become my Mantra and I
    hope it helps you as much as it helps me and the clients I have
    shared it with.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday…..Make a Time Out for Mom everyday
    (your family with love you for it …AND you will love them more too).

    Mona McClelland
    the “Busy Mom Mentor”

    Ps. I will update you from time to time on my progress at handling
    these awful Menopausal symptoms…man this is a whole new journey
    into to health and wellness for me.  Next step….health food
    store…to see how I can balance out what has now gone missing in
    my body that its telling me loudly it needs. (I only wish it would
    speak my language ….pain doesn’t always translate into English
    that well….lol).

    PPS If you haven’t heard it yet …why not? My Special Report  – grab it here – NOW.
    “7 Secrets Every Mom Needs to Know to Instantly Eliminate,
    Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout”

    Do You Have the Energy?

    I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I never have
    enough energy and think, “how am I going to make it through the
    day?”…let alone the week (and it is ONLY just Monday).

    One of the reasons I became a Professional Health Coach, is because
    I had significant health  problems stemming from a poor digestive
    system since I was in my early 20s ( I am now 50). AND when I had my
    children,I thought OMG, how am I ever going to have enough energy to do
    raise these children and take care of myself…. I was in bad shape…
    I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning…but I knew
    I had two little people depending on me… thank God otherwise I might
    still be in bed.

    So I continued to study and learn what worked best for my body and
    how I could correct “naturally” these significant health issues and
    take care of my children.

    It has been a dream of mine to share all that I have done with
    other moms…then there became the challenge of finding the time
    to put it all together in a program or course…where was that
    time going come from?

    Miraculously, God works in mysterious and great ways as into my
    path came a woman by the name of Isabel de los Rios….She put together a
    program designed to burn fat….increase energy…all with few dietary

    Her program, lifestyle eating plan and “mom” designation all met
    the aspects of what I did and continue to do to help myself stay slim and
    energized so I can take care of those I love.

    I invite you to meet Isabel de los Rios….you are going to love
    hearing about her story, her children and just wait to see HOW great she

    Click HERE to meet Isabel.

    Her Diet Solution Program is well laid out and simple and she has a created a
    support community for her members.

    Find more energy now, naturally!

    Professional Health Coach
    Certified Life Coach
    Busy Mom Mentor

    3 Powerful Tips for Reducing Stress Today

    3 Powerful Tips for Reducing Stress Today

    1. Timing is Everything (especially WHEN eating)

    Many turn to eating as a form of comfort when stressed. Did you know that eating your meals and snacks at certain times of the day can help you dial down your stress-ometer?

    If you let yourself get too hungry your blood sugar levels will drop. This drop will put extra stress on you by making your adrenal glands work harder….this can create fatigue like symptoms, irritability and even weight gain. We recommend the following schedule to help lessen your adrenal burden:

    • Do your best to eat breakfast by 8:00 AM or within an hour of getting up.
    • Eat lunch ideally between 11:00 AM and noon.
    • Eat a nutritious snack between 2:00 and 3:00 PM because if you do not you may experience a dip in your energy levels that normally hits about 3:00 or 4:00 PM.
    • Dinnertime is best around 5:00 or 6:00 PM.

    2. Exercise: For better results…..TRY a slower pace!

    When you hear the word exercise…do you cringe? Does it sound like a lot of do you fit it in?  If you feel stressed it seems that fitting one more thing in your daily schedule will just push you over the top. But here is the truth….. if you are recovering from a stressful period, exercising too much may add to the burden your body is experiencing already.

    Here are some gentle alternatives:

    Walk outside for 15 minutes after meals.

    Take a restorative yoga class

    Or do a lighter version of your normal exercise routine.

    Spring is on its way and since winter is naturally a time for “hibernation”, your body will be grateful to ease in to this transition along with the season.

    Child’s Pose is great for restoration.

    3. Relieve Stress with a Natural Remedy

    Is getting out of bed for you a struggle in the morning? What about calming down to get to sleep at night?  Have you wondered why you crave salt or regularly turn to sugar or caffeine  to boost your energy?  All of these signs can mean that “stress” may be negatively affecting your body. Sugar and caffeine may be a quick fix, but over the long term they can deplete your reserves, and even make you feel even worse.

    There are many effective, natural remedies that can boost your energy and help your body adapt to the stressors in your life.

    Here are a couple of remedies to try…but please talk to an alternative health care professional and do your own research if you have questions.

    • Astragalus root (A. membranaceus). Astragalus aids in the body’s natural ability to adapt to stress, bolstering the immune system so you stay well while helping to regulate normal blood sugar levels and alleviate insulin resistance.
    • Cordyceps (C. sinensis). Cordyceps is a prized antioxidant fungus that can slow aging and take a load off the adrenals by supporting the immune system, balancing the inflammatory response and helping to stabilize blood sugar.
    • Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus, formerly called Siberian ginseng). As I mentioned above, eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb that can help protect us against the negative effects of stress, while decreasing fatigue, enhancing mental clarity, helping to balance blood sugar, and even perhaps supporting bone remodeling as well.

    *Resource –

    Beyond the demi-truths of our dysfunction ~ by Olga Sheean

    When Demi Moore spoke about her fear of being unlovable and how betrayed she felt by her body, she got people’s attention (The Vancouver Sun, 5 January 2012). Women all over the globe were nodding in sympathy and agreement, knowing exactly how she felt because that’s how they felt too. Some felt relieved because it meant they were not the only ones to feel this way. But others felt much worse: if a beautiful, talented celebrity felt that way, what hope was there for ordinary people like them?

    Yet what Moore is experiencing is a classic case of negative subconscious programming that has resulted in low self-worth, which has caused her to attract relationships that trigger, reflect and confirm her perceived unlovability. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that her subconscious programming is the only thing that needs to be addressed; she herself is absolutely lovable and deserving of love (and I personally think she’s wonderful). Even though she might intellectually know this to be true, however, her subconscious believes otherwise. And for as long as her negative subconscious programming is running the show (as it has been, up to now), she will keep attracting partners who fail to give her the kind of love that she seeks—despite her keen awareness of the issues. It doesn’t matter what I or millions of others might think about her, or even what Ashton Kutcher might think; it’s what she thinks of herself subconsciously—and demonstrates in her words/actions—that determines how much love she can attract, let in and hold on to.

    The key to breaking this kind of frustrating cycle is to understand and work with the following seven principles:

    1. Our subconscious is very magnetic and it causes us to attract very particular people, partners, challenges and circumstances, in accordance with how it has been programmed.

    2. We have all been negatively programmed at the subconscious level—with negative beliefs, fears, guilt, expectations and low self-worth that leave us diminished, distorted, dysfunctional and disempowered. As a result, we compromise, have weak personal boundaries, are needy/insecure, and reject/deny/condemn ourselves in countless everyday ways.

    3. A key component of our programming relates to our ‘missing pieces’—essential formative qualities, such as acceptance, trust, respect and validation, that we needed as children, in order to be complete, but failed to get. Filling in these missing pieces is the key to creating the love and the life we want.

    4. Our missing pieces cause us to attract partners with the same missing pieces as us, which means they’re unable to give us what we’ve been missing and seeking all along; only we can fill in our own missing pieces and we must do so in practical ways, making ourselves emotionally complete so that we then attract a similarly complete partner.

    5. Filling in our missing pieces means saying and doing things that DEMONSTRATE healthy self-worth, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-expression in our daily lives. It’s not enough to think positively or to have good intentions; it’s what we do and say to demonstrate our innate deservability (not what we think, feel, intend or believe) that changes our negative programming and then brings us what we’ve been missing all along.

    6. Anything that’s not working in our lives—relationships, finances, career, health—is a direct reflection of the parts of our negative programming that are asking to be addressed; every challenge we face is a call to empowerment, in the context of our own particular programming and missing pieces.

    7. Our programming is the very thing that gets in the way of us realizing that it’s the very thing that’s getting in our way. Transforming our negative programming in practical ways is the most powerful, effective way to create what we want.

    So, rather than telling the world how unlovable she feels, Demi Moore could set a powerful example for others by getting down to the deeper truth of her dilemma—and by filling in her missing pieces so that she starts to attract the kind of partner she really wants and deserves.

    She might also want to consider the fact that our bodies send us messages when we fail to honour them or respect their needs, thereby creating distress or rapid degeneration. If we’re feeling betrayed by our body, then, it’s almost always because our negative programming has prompted us to make emotional, physical or nutritional compromises in the hope of acceptance or approval from others—which means that we betray our body in numerous ways. We say yes when we want to say no; we over-extend ourselves, in the hope of recognition; we become pleasers, in the hope that others will love us in return; and we make others’ needs or feelings more important than ours, rarely putting ourselves first in healthy, unconditional ways. Understanding and heeding the body’s messages is another way of connecting with the deeper truth about ourselves—and cancelling out the negative programming that has been covering it up.

    Let’s hope that the new programme that Moore will be co-producing later this year on cable TV—The Conversation—will reveal the bigger picture of empowerment, and not just the demi-truths of our dysfunction.

    For a FREE e-book on how to identify and fill in your missing pieces in practical ways, please e-mail For more on empowerment and the science of human dynamics, see


    Quick Description

    With more than 1 out of 3 adults in the US (70 million) taking OTC or prescription pills for digestive disorders and the pain associated with them, as a nation, we have serious health problems. And we’re spreading our problems around the world.

    What most people are frustrated with is that even if they eat how most health professionals consider to be healthy, a large percentage of people STILL experience digestive problems. And so most people resort to drugs, surgery or eating bland foods. Or they just continue to suffer.

    That’s why the Great Taste No Pain System was developed — to help slash some of the $42 billion dollars spent on those pills in the US alone.

    This simple eating system is designed to dramatically reduce the acid pH measure in a person’s entire body — not just in the stomach. It does so by increasing the ratio of alkaline forming foods eaten and by showing you how to combine foods in a way that radically decreases the amount of acid digestive juices in the stomach and small intestines required to break down foods. With me so far? Hope so, because this is important stuff.

    One of the primary components of the Great Taste No Pain System is the science of food combining, which was first introduced into the US in 1911 by Dr. William Hay, a New York surgeon who used it to cure his Bright’s Disease, a kidney disease which was often fatal at that time. In fact, among the many thousands of lives it claimed was Teddy Roosevelt’s first wife, who died of Bright’s Disease at just 22 years of age.

    A basic knowledge of Junior High chemistry is all it takes to see the logic behind this science: Mixing foods that require alkaline digestive enzymes with foods that require acid digestive enzymes slows and can even stop the digestive process. It can and does delay digestion by as much as 10 hours and more. This is incredibly bad for the body. The Great Taste No Pain system alleviates this problem, speeding food through your body, allowing it to absorb nutrients from foods at a much higher level.

    In addition, one of the manuals in the Great Taste No Pain system, ‘Foods That Create Acid, Foods That Take It Away,’ is as clear as I’ve ever seen this data presented. Follow this simple guide and your body will use a minimum of energy in the digestion process, which leaves more energy for healing and other daily functions your body carries out.

    This is a timely set of guides, because with our society’s addiction to the convenience of processed foods, in many respects our health challenges are far worse than they were in 1911.

    Great Taste No Pain author, Sherry Brescia, was a former Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferer herself. In fact, in 1991, she spent 7 days in the hospital with bacterial colitis.

    As a health insurance researcher and Chief Underwriter, she was able to research the benefits of an alkaline- balanced body and over the next 15 years perfected the system she now calls Great Taste No Pain.

    She meshed a number of philosophies proven to help alkalize the body to create this simple system that anyone can follow regardless of where they are or what food choices they have available to them.

    What I Like:

    Taste: Unlike most restrictive diets, Great Taste No Pain cannot actually be called a diet, because it allows you to eat even great volumes of luscious, delicious food as long as you combine it according to a few simple guidelines. It truly requires very little willpower. Perhaps the greatest news for people who love to eat is that the 176 page recipe book in the system is stuffed with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that are unbelievably tasty. No rabbit food. Gourmet all the way, yet the meals (if you like to cook) only take between 15 and 30 minutes of prep time and make tons of yummy leftovers. So you can throw away the belief that you can’t eat healthy on a super-busy schedule.

    Speed: I love that you don’t have to read 300+ pages before learning what to do. In the first guide, ‘How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD says, “No Way,”‘ it provides a brief background on the science and then quickly moves onto the step-by-step ‘how to.’ I really love that.

    Simplicity: The second Guide in the GTNP System is ‘What To Eat With What.’ This is a massive compilation. Every kind of food that you could possibly put in your mouth is listed, along with the corresponding foods that combine with it for easy comfortable digestion, and those foods that don’t. This guide is so complete and so easy to follow, if you screw this up, it’s back to pre-school for you.

    More Simplicity: Traveling is the one thing that can ruin even the healthiest eaters. But in Great Taste No Pain, Sherry gives you a ‘Pocket Guide For Pain-Free Dining Out.’ This tool is phenomenal. You can store this little baby with your credit cards and, until you understand what combines with what, all you have to do is pull out your pocket guide and quickly note the rule, so you can eat and enjoy the rest of your day, pain-free.

    I don’t know why you would but if you must…… Would you believe that you could eat McDonald’s food and not suffer gassiness and reflux? Now you can!

    Meat: While meat is not something people with digestive issues usually tolerate well on a daily basis (hence the daily pain), the problem isn’t so much the meat as it is what you eat with the meat.

    That is why each of the Guides in the system, including the recipe book, lists every possible food you can combine with meats without suffering. Most people will suddenly be able to eat beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, venison and any other type of meat they want. As long as you combine it right… no pain at all! And broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and other veggies that can create havoc suddenly will not. That I love.

    Fruit: Ask anyone that suffers stomach problems about fruit and you’ll hear horror stories. So sadly, the most perfect food on the planet is shunned by a huge part of our world’s population. No longer. Because you will soon learn why fruit causes you trouble and how to easily change that. You CAN eat fruit again, even if it now makes you turn blue! It’s true!

    While each Guide in the system is detailed and complete, they are “dumbed down” in the clearest language possible. So I don’t doubt Sherry’s claim that any 11 year old could teach it. This I really love.

    Things To Watch For:

    The one thing you want to be careful of is that once you start eating as prescribed in Great Taste No Pain, you could quickly begin to feel all powerful. You might start to think you are “cured” of your digestive problems since they went away so fast and since you have so much extra energy.

    That would be a mistake.

    Because technically there is no “cure” for most digestive problem, because technically they are not diseases at all. They are maladies brought on by eating the wrong foods and by eating them in the wrong combinations. So the principles in Great Taste No Pain is not a “cure,” since people with sensitive stomachs will always be sensitive. GTNP is merely a way to make all symptoms go away forever and give you a lot more energy.

    For example, let’s say you’ve got it bad and have Diverticulitis or Crohn’s. Great Taste No Pain can help you get rid of your symptoms very quickly.

    But a year later, if you start eating like you used to, guess what? Yep, the symptoms will come back. You see, the principles that Great Taste No Pain is based on are sound. They work for everyone. But if you think that because you’ve been symptom-free for a long time, you’ve been “cured,” think again. Go against these principles of easy digestion, and the problem can come back with a vengeance. Remember, good health comes from living a healthy lifestyle, not a”do it once and you’re fixed” approach.

    Another thing you might want to be prepared for is that since Great Taste No Pain cleanses your digestive tract, initially you could get a little diarrhea. If you experience constipation on a fairly regular basis, you might get a little “looseness” at first, but it will end soon.

    Also, due to the detoxing going on, you might get a runny nose or get some other cold-like symptoms at first. It’s nothing to worry about. If you do, while it might not be fun, it does mean it’s working. It means your body is becoming purer and the toxins are leaving. And that is a very good thing.


    When I began following the system, I personally was amazed at the amount of energy I had, even late into the evening. I had no discomfort, no bloating, I didn’t feel the need to eat again within an hour and no need for caffeine after meals.

    Professionally and personally, my strong recommendation is that for anyone who wants more energy, sounder and longer sleep, migraine headaches to stop almost immediately, pain from gastritis and acid reflux to stop almost instantly, and the pain of digestive problems to stop or be reduced dramatically, get over to:  Great Taste No Pain now and get the program. You will be thrilled.

    And frankly, it won’t take a full day for most people to feel a major difference in their bodies. Often it just takes one meal. After you have been following it for a week or more, feel free to let me know how you like it. I personally believe that anyone who adopts this simple, enjoyable food combining method will reap gigantic health benefits. So if that is what you are looking for, get over to Great Taste No Pain and get started today.

    All my best,

    Mona McClelland

    Professional Health and Life Coach

    ~ A Must read if you want to eat Dessert again ~

    A Must read if you want to eat Dessert again

    So many moms contact me wanting to know what I could recommend as healthy alternatives to sugary treats through the holidays…to keep themselves and their families healthy.

    I am so happy to have found, Isabel de los Rios….. she has put into action, what I have been living for years; a program for busy moms wanting to live a life that is healthy without denying themselves any of the enjoyment of making, eating and serving tasty meals and treats. ~ Mona

    The excitement is in the air!  Yes, many people are excited for the upcoming holiday season, but what I’m talking about is the excitement around the new recipe book we are creating together in Beyond Diet.

    If you missed last week’s newsletter, I announced that all of us (yes, that includes you) will be creating a healthy recipe book filled with “Isabel approved” delicious desserts.  This recipe book will help you get through the holiday season without feeling deprived of your sweet treats.  The best news is that you will get access to it online at no cost to you (now that’s pretty sweet, right?)

    Thank you so much to those who have already submitted their wonderful recipes.  It looks like I’m going to be busy in the kitchen for quite a while!

    For those of you who can’t imagine how you can make a tasty dessert that’s delicious and healthy at the same time, I’ve got several easy suggestions and ingredients substitutions for you today that will make your dessert creations “Isabel approved”.

    Coconut flour and Almond Meal/Flour.

    I’ve successfully used coconut flour or almond flour/meal instead of white flour or whole wheat flour in many cake, cookie and bread recipes (my son is a huge fan of the banana bread recipe below).  I have found both of these flours at most supermarkets and have also ordered them online (>> Almond Meal and >> Coconut flour)

    >> Banana Nut Bread made with Almond Flour

    Baking Stevia

    Most desserts contain an incredibly high amount of sugar, which makes them really unhealthy and not a good addition to your fat loss plan.  That is where baking stevia comes to the rescue.  For every 2 cups of sugar in a recipe, you can replace it with 1 cup of Steviva Blend , without all those grams of sugar.

    >> Almond Cookies sweetened with Baking Stevia

    Coconut Milk instead of Cow’s Milk

    Just because you’re trying to stay away from dairy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on ice cream and other “creamy” desserts.  Organic coconut milk works great as a substitution for cow’s milk and many times tastes even better!

    >> Easy to Make Coconut Milk Ice Cream

    >> Coconut Whipped Cream <– Isabel’s personal favorite!

    Isabel de los Rios

    For more information on Beyond Diet and the Diet Solution Program CLICK HERE

    Mona McClelland

    the “Happy Mom Mentor”

    Teaching Busy Professional Moms ( and curious dads)

    How to Find & Live the Life that You Love!

    All you need is love….

    It is interesting to me that many times we go out in the world and tell others of the wonderful and special attributes of those we love. But, really isn’t it the ones we love who truly deserve to hear these heart–felt messages?

    …And just as kids need a daily dose of love, touch, affirmation, acknowledgement and support, adults, particularly those who did NOT receive this loving reinforcement as children,  will still be seeking it from someone/somehow until this need is met and fed….maybe for the rest of their lives….And that is ok!

    To share a little with you about my life growing up; I felt I had to beg for love or cause some sort of disruption for a little (or a lot of) attention. The latter – attention seeking – resulting in the former….getting what I thought was love (probably in a form of a punishment – hey at least I got some attention). Pretty screwy way of thinking right….but hey I was a kid and I did what I knew how to do to get my needs met the best way I knew how. I am sure some of you reading this can relate somewhat.

    Fast forward to my adult years. The program that was laid in place during my childhood caused me to continue to seek the loving affirmations in relationships – sabotaging the somewhat good ones while trying to hang on to the painful ones. (Can you see the pattern here?).

    Then finally after much maturing, self-discovery, self love and putting my faith in God, I found the love of my life….Ok the second love of my life. Learning to love myself first, heal from layer upon layer of heartache, allowed me to clearly attract into my life….a partner, someone with so much love to give me and someone wanting all the love I could NOW give in return.

    But, just when I thought all was right with my world…even in this most loving, caring relationship moments of deep loneliness would creep in causing me to ask myself if I could still be “broken”, so broken that I could not be fully happy with all the love I was receiving?

    Then one day, after asking God if I was still broken, I realized and heard clearly that I was not….and what came to me was this understanding: The simple fact of not being given the five blessings of love constantly from my parents, left a hole in my fabric and that all I had to do now, as an adult, was to ASK….I must ask for this need to be filled. In this way, my loving partner would then have the ability to respond to my needs without having to ‘read’ my mind AND I did not have to live in sadness as a victim of my past.

    My parents did their best and of course, in my maturity, I have long since accepted this fact.  As number 4 of 4 children, my parents had their hands full with the very real threat of losing a child, my sister 2 years my senior, who had severe asthma attacks, starting at age 5.  She spent a lot of time hospitalized and I spent a whole lot of time alone, full of imagination and creativity and curiosity, but alone……and my exuberance for life was just too much at times for my mom and dad to bear. The unintentional squashing of my spirit began and the molding of Mona took place. The more I fought this, the harder it was…so I stopped…I conceded…..but the sad ache in my heart never left.

    I learned that I was happiest when I was loving someone…but truly I was searching to fill this empty place inside…where my natural….happy…exuberant spirit once lived.

    The learning through these revelations is this: Today, I ask for my needs of love, touch and affirmation from the man I love and trust. Sometimes this is hard to do and the “little Mona” will retreat and pout…feeling sad and lonely again. However, I find the more I reach out and shine light on this truth and accept it…(my need of hearing that I am loved and feeling that I am loved)….. The more my wisdom, my maturity and my voice can take over to bring me my heart’s desire (to feel loved).

    My mother always said, “You have a voice…use it”. Maybe not so easy as a child in my demographic…..but there is so much truth in this statement. Use your voice….be heard…get what you need…whatever that may be. Put the shame away and be proud of who you are…..believe me you will not stand alone if others hear your message.

    Ask for the love you want and HOW you need to receive it. For some, in this life, the subject title of this message could not be truer….  “All you need is LOVE”.

    Coach Mona

    Your Guide to an Abundant, Healthy Life