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How to ALLOW Abundance into your life now

So you have been studying the Laws of the Universe have you?

Especially the Law of Attraction  – LOA as most people refer to it. If you haven’t, that is okay too… I will give you a refresher.

LOA is a LAW...not something I have made up…it is a LAW of the universe that  just happens…and is happening all the time whether you believe it is or not. Just like the law of gravity…doesn’t matter if it is you or the Queen of England…if you step of a high building the LAW of gravity will bring you down.

So the LOA is happening every moment….. Now and now and now and now. It’s only has one job and that is to check and match your vibration. SO if you are grumpy …it is checking and matching and bringing you more of that scenario. If you are happy and positive ….it is checking and matching and bringing you more of that. The good news is that LOA had no memory banks and YOU get to change your vibration as many times as you change your mind to attract what you want. Do you want to know HOW to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t?  Keep reading!

This is my last abundance message until September for this year. In the summer I manifest, time with my children, playing in the summer sun all while working with my clients and if you would like to attract more abundance this year I suggest you email me or call me up and make that a priority.

I know you are saying… I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money AND you are right…what ever you say it true…because you believe it and until you decide to believe something different, you can read all the abundance blogs in the world…BUT still you will not attract what you want because of ONE thing…. You are NOT allowing it!

That does not mean you ramp up the affirmations, place more sticky note reminders around your house or hope and pray more than ever that you get what you want. You see doing these things just reinforces what is NOT happening and then you get more of that..WHAT is not happening!

There is an art to getting a positive match from the Universe and deliberately creating an abundant life. It is called ALLOWING.

1. First you need to know what it is you want…like going into  a restaurant, the waiter can not bring you want you want until you decide and ask. AND then what you want comes and you enjoy the result ( hunger satiated).

2. You need to give what you want attention, energy and focus. Stay in the vibration of WHAT you want and stay away from people, places and other situations that would bring your vibration (positive feeling) down and take away your focus of getting what you want.

3. The third step is to ALLOW it to come. What do I mean? Well if you have complete doubt ….absolutely NO Faith that what you want will come ..then remember what I said before? You are right…It won’t come and then you get to affirm, “See, this stuff doesn’t work”.

If you have never been able to get or achieve what it is that you do want then you might continue to believe that you can not. BUT you can begin to believe by affirming that you are now in the process of getting that which you want and you can get excited by that…then you can even look for social proof of others getting what you want and saying ” I’ll have what they are having”.

More good news is that you do not have to completely wipe out the doubt to deliberately create, you only have to reduce the doubt. The less doubt you have the faster what you want will appear.

That’s it…. Too simple? Then why are you not doing it already? Seems to me people just want to hang on to why they can not get what they want and then buy into, what they call, their reality they have created with all their doubts and complaining.

Remember LOA is working now and now and now …whether you like it or not… are the creator…why not learn to create what you really want deliberately?

A great how to book for making your WANTS into your REALITY is  HERE …grab it now and start living your most abundant life now.

How to apply the Law of Attraction so you get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t!

Your Abundant Life Guide ( AKA the “Busy Mom Mentor“)






~ What you DON’T want will bring you EVERYTHING you DO Want ~

Did you know that to get everything you want, the key is to know what you don’t want?

Ahhh…how can this be you maybe thinking?

Well it is simple and it IS the key to getting EVERYTHING you want.

I and many of my clients are living proof and when I found out HOW to do this one simple thing, every time I do it….. what I want rushes to me. It is like magic.

Now that  I have peaked your curiosity…….I won’t keep you waiting.

I use a process that I call “Clarity through Consciousness”. An elaborate name for a simple process.

What I have found is prevalent in the human condition is that we seem to know and focus on what we don’t want. When it comes to relationship, business/career, finances, love…..we have a laundry list of what we don’t want to have or have happen…. AND THIS IS EXCITING!

….and here’s why.

When you identify what it is that you DON’T want the exact opposite is the reveal. This now is what you DO WANT.

Whoo Hoo!!

Here is an example. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line vertically through the middle. On the left side at the top, label this column “WHAT I DON’T WANT”  on the right side column, name it “WHAT I DO WANT”.

Then pick a category, in your life, that you want to focus on manifesting a positive outcome…let’s stay a better job.

On the don’t want column you may write:

  • long work hours
  • low wages
  • cranky boss
  • negative co-workers
  • long commute
  • etc etc ….make the list of Don’t wants LONG

Then on the other side ( the  I do want column) write the opposite.

  • 7 hour work days
  • 25.00 per hour
  • an upbeat employer
  • team players
  • short commute from home
  • …and keep going till you get it all scripted out

THEN cross out the DON’T WANTS  and focus on the DO WANTS.

That’s it….but remember to spend time daily and envision the DO WANTS as being here now and how you feel about it. If you create it in your mind – you will see it in your world!!

ps…..this is how I found the love of my life….. and he jokes now and tells folks he is a product of a “list”… friend’s hubby is too, so we have lots of fun with that. This is the same process we used to find the house we live in now. This is powerful and it works.

Don’t take my word for it ….give it a try and then let me know exactly what an abundant life you are now creating!







pps…want MORE help creating an abundant Magical life…..Just use The Visible Blueprint …..7 Steps to More Time, Money and Love – Grab it now HERE

~ Don’t Stop – Success IS right around the Corner ~

“When you have worked hard, take the time to appreciate what you have done. Do not always look at the distance that you have yet to travel. ” Unknown

What happens when the enthusiasm dies off …… and you still do not see the results you were expecting? Maybe you are building a business…..spear heading a project or a committee and it seems that everything you had hoped for is NEVER going to be realized. This has most definitely got to be one of the  most annoying and frustrating things that can happen to even the best laid plans. You have been working at something for a long time, but NOW you realize there’s still a ways to go before you’re going to get where you ultimately want to be.

What if it has been months or years even and you are still trying to get things to fall into place exactly how you envisioned?

Maybe you’ve been:

Following step by step instructions to create an online business. Or

Plodding away for what feels like an eternity looking for that perfect job. Or,

While Working on that never ending project and every time you think you’re almost done, you find more and more things that still need to be completed. Or, 

Being very focused on creating big improvements in specific areas of  your life, but it feels like you are simply spinning your wheels.

It can be so discouraging to think that what once seemed easy to tackle, or a quick fix solution, has turned out to be a complete ball and chain with only an inkling of belief remaining that you can actually accomplish what you first set out to do.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel……

What I mean by that is you really only have two choices. One: Quit and start something else…completely understandable…renewed enthusiasm…renewed life …Woo hoo! or Two: Keep pushing through the funk and re-energize your vision of the end result and go for the success  you believe you will still achieve. ( a little prayer to the big guy or the universe for guidance wouldn’t hurt either – as long as you listen for the answer…that is).

It is very easy to quit …to give up…..but the reality is… you will just start again…something else and in time you will come to this place …this crossroad again. It is a personal milestone that every great achiever has had to cross. Pull up your boot straps…refocus and go again and again …for as long as it takes…until you are ready to RECEIVE success….. YES, it has to do with you being ready to receive it.  AND the road is the test…the teacher.

….And why  on earth would you want to quit anyways? You’ve come this far, You’ve invested so much time and effort. Quitting at this point would be absolutely crazy. But the reality is… it is here… this point ….where disbelief sets in …..where most people do quit. BUT that WON”T be you will it? …..It’s just not in your chemistry.


If you really want this , then you’ve got to re-commit and push through.The reality is you are much closer to the end than you realize. You just can’t see it is all. It is like that story that Jack Canfield told in the movie …”the Secret”  “If you are driving in the dark, from L.A. to New York… you can only see 200 feet in front of you…but if you keep going the next two hundred feet and the next…even though you can not see where you are going…. you will arrive at your destination….just keep going that next 200 feet”

Here is a great quote to hit home what I am trying to convey.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

What is most important is that you NOW tap into your belief that you will succeed. Don’t waste worrying about all you have left to do. Everything you have done so far has landed you here. NOW it’s time to build on all the progress you’ve made get to the finish line.

1. Re-Focus on what is already working! Challenge MISS Negative Nellie or Ned in your mind by remembering everything that is working and all the steps you have already taken.

2. Remind Yourself about your initial excitement. Remember WHY you started this project or down this path. Then remind yourself of what is waiting at the finish line and how great YOU will feel when you succeed. This is so important…in fact this must become a daily habit – 5 minutes of focusing on this feeling – at least 3 times a day. Get your body to feel this success and success will come and meet you where you stand because you will simply attract it!

3.Create a new plan.  Map out  from where you are now and 30 days out and then commit to doing something every single day to make this happen. The more frequent the steps you can take every single day, the sooner you WILL see and reach the finish line.

It is all up to you…no one else…another favourite saying of mine “the BUCK stops here”..WITH YOU!

Mona McClelland

Abundant Living Guide

aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Certified Life and Professional Health Coach

How to get more money ( and anything else)

Well it is almost the end of January 2013….how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

What never ceases to amaze me every year when people set NEW years goals is…… ONE: you set too many goals, get overwhelmed and quit while TRYING to implement everything on this laundry list or TWO: you set one or two very important, dear to your heart, am absolutely going to nail this year goals….and then you have NO CLUE how you are going to make it happen….do NOT create a plan…and all of your best intentions go to hell in a handbasket,  so to speak.

So this year you decide to get more money ( or make more money)…….

Well there are several sure- fired ways to make or acquire more money….and I have uploaded a video with a testimony to a tried and true method to create more of anything in your life. First here are a handful of ways  to get  more money this year…..

More Money for 2013:

1. Get a second job : Don’t stop reading…..I am not here to insult your  intelligence but to remind you of something that you are NOT DOING that is stopping you from having a more ABUNDANT LIFE. We can both agree a second job IS one way to get more money this year ( even if it is not HOW you want to do it).

2. Ask someone to give you money: Maybe you have a project or a passion to do something and someone out there who has more money than you WILL help you get what you want. Have you thought about that? Have you asked ANYONE?

3. Win Money: Self explanatory……( but know you limits).

4.  Money raising Websites:  Like ….a place where you can post your idea for raising money for personal reasons to “big” visions. There are all sorts of internet sites out there now that with a few clicks of your keyboard buttons, will in minutes have you out there….”with your hand out”!

5. Source out a reputable online business: What are you interested in? Maybe you are a health nut, or a exercise fanatic or a marketing guru. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online…you just have to do your homework and find the fit for you.

6.  Hire yourself out:  Okay…easy now. What I mean by that is there are several online freelance market places where you can outsource yourself. From ghost writing, IT work, article submitting, surveys. Just type something into google and see what you can find.

What do all of these things have in common in order for the  money to start flowing in?  YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. You have to take action. Everything you see around you …..a chair,  a table, a window, a radio …everything started as an idea in someone’s head and then had to be created….with action.

Many people these days talk about Law of Attraction and how this world will bring you something if you think about it and put enough attention, energy and focus on it. This is true…..if you want to think about how to get more money….you can  not spend all your time thinking about how little of it you have or HOW much debt you are in. Create the vision and the feelings of what you want and how you will feel when you get it ( live here in this new feeling )….then relax…expect it and then DO SOMETHING to get it. Your resistance WILL be what slows it down or stops it from coming to YOU.

I made this video in 2008….when I really NEEDED  something to happen. You can translate the message in this video to getting more money or anything else you desire this year. YOU are the variable. What are YOU going to mak ehappen in YOUR LIFE this year to make it a most abundant and rewarding year?


To YOUR Abundant life:

Mona McClelland

(aka “the Busy Mom Mentor“)

Certified Life & Professional Health Coach

Does your life need a Radical Adjustment?



Do you need more money?

My experience in working with my clients has proved to me over and over again that you want more in your life…..and in over 90% of the cases, what you want most is, more time, more MONEY and more love.

So today we are going to talk about Money: why you don’t have it, why it is never enough and how to get more of it.

First of all you must understand that money is just energy. What do I mean by that? Well…if money is just sitting on a table, minding its own business….it is static….it does nothing. BUT the energy YOU give money by your thoughts, beliefs and perspective determines how easily money flows to you or or AVOIDS you.

Here is what I mean by that.

Money is attracted to order. So, Is your home in order? Your car? Your relationships? Your body? Your mind?

As you decide to find a way to create more money in your life or  move into your next money level, you must do some preparation !

It’s impossible to BE the same and HAVE different. If you want your life to ULTIMATELY change, YOU must ultimately change who you are, how you think and feel about money, who/what you are connected to and what you are doing.

Friendships may need to come to an end. (yes, some friendships simply limit your ability to grow in many areas including finances)

Closets may need some cleaning out. (remember money likes order)

Your body may need to go on a cleanse. (renew and rejuvenate your body and mind)

Believe me, the more you release from your life that no longer serves you, the QUICKER  you will create your new financial level.

You must ruthlessly separate all poverty and beliefs about poverty (regardless of your current circumstances) to attract more money. This is what I mean when I talk about  poverty – I mean low-level frequency, toxic, stagnant – people, places, activities, thoughts & things!!!!

Here is an easy assignment you can do – write down any “poverty” in your life and make a choice to let it go. Then also write down what you will replace it with.


Low frequency (poverty): Messy Closet – just can’t let go of something that you have worn for YEARS …just in case you might wear it one more time??? ( I know I used to do this one) – get rid of it!

Action : De-clutter Closet

High-frequency (prosperity)
- only bring into your closet that which you need or want. Only what you enjoy wearing… what makes you feel good.


Low frequency (poverty): Friend with the “glass half full” mentality. You can still love this friend…but radically limit the amount of time you spend with her.

Action : When you are with her, immediately stop her when she begins her complaining again. ( Simply interrupt her and then ask ” So, ______, What do you want?”. This question will not only stop her in her tracks…but it will get her to start thinking of a solution. If she continues to bring you down to her level….you may have to stop keeping company with her

High-frequency (prosperity)
: Find a group of people who are like minded. Join a in-person or online group or coaching program that will take you to the places and the mindset that creates the changes you want to see in your world.

….Remember….it all starts with your Vision….have you created your Life Script yet?

If not…here is where you start.

And remember…When Moms Happy ….Everyone’s Happy”!

Mona McClelland
“the Busy Mom Mentor”

Your Big Breakthrough?

I hired my first business/life coach in the spring of 2007. Our initial call was the first time I  realized that I had a lot of baggage to sift through and unload before I could ever even think of what it was I wanted to create in my life. I realized that day that what other people saw in me was NOT what I saw in myself (they saw a dynamic and vibrant woman – I felt like an imposter) and until that changed there would be no way I could ever out-perform the beliefs I had about myself.

I needed a major internal mindset overhaul. The only thing I knew for sure that was clear at that first meeting was that whatever I was going to do in my life I had to do within the limits of my children’s lives and schedules. They were 4 and 7 at that time and I was about to become a single mom.

When I look back, I see the perfection in all that has happened to bring me to this point now; CEO of When Moms, coaching, mentoring and supporting other Busy Professional Moms to take back their lives and truly understand ALL that depends on their happiness, because we all know “when moms happy – everyone is happy”!

Hiring a coach was an important first step in the achievement of my dream. You can’t go it alone and expect to live your dreams. Please read today’s “anti-do-it-yourself” parable to discover why being smart and solo can be a problem in your life.

Mona McClelland

The ”Busy Mom Mentor”

Professional Health & Certified Life Coach

* If you are at all struggling to reach your goals and dreams, whatever they may be – take 5 minutes now and read the full article HERE.

The Importance of Coaching

By Dr. John Berardi
In the past, my default position, when butting up against a challenge or coming face to face with a problem, had been: “everyone out of my way, I’ll figure this out myself.”

Whether it was a relationship issue, a health issue, a business issue, or even a problem with my car, I figured I had enough intellectual firepower to tackle the issue. I’d buy some books, search Google, learn everything I needed to know, and then go about trying to fix my issue.

Yes, it feels empowering and righteous to be a do-it-yourself kind of person.

After all, I consider myself a pretty intelligent guy. I’ve earned a host of University degrees (including a PhD). I score in the top percentile on most intelligence tests. I run a successful and thriving company, one that does meaningful work. And I’m generally seen as the go-to guy for family and friends when it comes to solving problems.

However, this idea that I’m a “really smart guy” sometimes gets in my way. It’s also distracting, inefficient, and…well…not-so-smart.

I was reminded of this mission critical lesson the other day. I was running errands and returned home to find my home computer network broken down. Since my wife and I work from home offices, that’s a pretty big problem.

Being a “smart guy”, naturally, I’d set up my own home computer network. So, when I found it broken down, I began a “troubleshooting” process.

(I put troubleshooting in quotes for a reason. Having no formal training in network set-up or administration, I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing. So, what I call troubleshooting, others might call, stumbling around blindly in the dark).

I spent about an hour fiddling with settings and made some small improvements. But the network was still busted. And, based on previous experience, it’d likely take me hours (or more) to get this sorted out.

Fortunately, as I was just about to make a classic mistake and dig into this process, my wife and 2-year-old daughter knocked on my office door. It was quittin’ time for the day and they wanted to go to the park.

So, instead of ham-fistedly hacking my way though the network process, I called a local network technician I trust. (Someone who’s actually trained in the process). She came right over. I took my family to the park.

When we got back, she was gone and the network was fixed. And, not only was it fixed, it was working better than ever before, with more features and capabilities that would make our lives and our work easier.

I called her for a debriefing. Apparently, it took her only 30 minutes to fix the problem and enhance the network. (Remember, I’d already wasted 1 hour on the issue without resolving it).

I asked her to walk me through what she did. And, of course, her fix was something that would have never occurred to me. Even though I’ve set up networks and home offices in every house I’ve lived in for the last 15 years.

So, what’s the point?

Well, think of this story as an anti-do-it-yourself parable. I know, just saying that feels wrong to me. As an entrepreneur, I’m highly inclined toward do-it-yourself.

Yet, I’ve also learned that trying to do everything myself, even though I’m capable and “smart,” often distracts me from the most important things in my life.

Personally, these important things are my family, my own health and fitness, and my professional goals. They form my own “holy trinity” of meaning. And, in saying yes to anything else, I’m saying no to one of those things, if even for just a little while.

But that’s just at the best of times. (I’m lucky as my family, friends, and colleagues are willing to forgive me little diversions from the path).

At the worst of times, trying to do things myself can lead to massive inefficiencies, wasted effort, and tremendous frustration. I’ve seen this in other people too.

One of my closest friends – honestly, the most intelligent guy I’ve ever met – is a guy who’d struggled with “relationship issues” his entire dating life. Being a fellow entrepreneur and “smart guy” he figured he could think his way through these issues with that big brain of his. Never worked.

However, after getting some relationship coaching/counseling, he became a different guy. He ended up meeting the type of woman he’d always dreamed about being with. And he’s happily married to her today.

As a cool bonus, that coaching spilled out into other areas of his life, and other relationships too. Nowadays, he’s more calm, centered, and has a keen perspective that he never had in the past.

We’ve often discussed how important that coaching and direction really was for him. And, with 100% confidence, he tells me that the counseling didn’t just speed up his development. Rather, it took him to a place he’d never have gotten without guidance. His logical, “left-brained”, intelligence was killing this kind of progress.

In essence, being smart was the problem.

I see this all the time in the nutrition coaching business. My company runs the world’s largest nutrition coaching company. And, every day, really smart people come to us with their hands up in the air.

They’ve tried to get in shape, or improve their blood markers, on their own. And, although they’ve made some progress, it just feels too hard to sustain within the context of their lives. Plus, they often want more progress and simply can’t make it happen on their own.

This sounds familiar to me. It’s the networking problem all over again. Or the relationship problem. Smart people trying to figure things out on their own when help is just a phone call away.

In the end, here’s the point I’m trying to make.

Smart people – precisely because they’re smart – often think that they can single-handedly solve all their own problems by using their innate intelligence. As a result, they’re slow to ask for help and even slower to get coaching.

I totally get it. I was one of those guys for a long time. Thankfully, I’m not any more. I’ve learned that the smartest thing one can do is to drop the hero act and get some coaching.

It’s not just about speeding up the learning process. It’s about freeing up your time to say yes to the really important things in your life and no to everything else.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with my daughter at the park.

[Ed. Note: Dr. John Berardi is the director of the world's largest body nutrition coaching programs – Lean Eating for Men andLean Eating for Women. He's also a faculty member at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Texas. And a consultant for a host of professional sports teams, as well as Nike. You can reach him at]

Are you lying to yourself?

How many times have you  started something, only to have the entire plan thwarted? It starts with an idea, a great idea; a goal or a plan to make your life better, create more and make wonderful life changes?

Then out of nowhere (usually after you tell someone) a voice in your head (reinforced by the comments you just heard) says something like, “what makes you think you can do that”? “How are you going to do that?” “Do you even know how to do that?” Or some judgement that was conjured up in your mind from this voice that I like to call the voice of unreason. If it was the voice of reason….it would be saying something like… “What a great idea.” “What will be your first step?” “Who is the best person to talk to, to really make this happen?”

But alas, again you go nowhere. You are stopped even before you get started. Your life stays the same. You stay the same….unfulfilled!

What kind of lies have you been telling yourself? I call this too much rational-lies-ing. The voice of unreason begins to talk and churn and you start to rational –lies all the ways you can NOT make these changes. Yes maybe you spoke to someone else – the wrong someone else who, for whatever their good reasons may be, helped you rational – lies things until you could simply no longer get excited about your once very exciting idea or plan.

First: You must know if you get an “inspired idea” to go WITH it. This feeling is a very good sign that you are on the right track.

Second: Tell no one….or only someone you can trust that will support you and help you hone this idea into fruition.

Third: Find a coach or mentor who will help you find or see the steps necessary to make what you want a reality.

Fourth: Prepare – do not jump ahead of this step. Many people do, only to fall flat on their faces because of lack of preparation.

Fifth: Create small, doable steps to success

Sixth: Do them!

Be very aware of the “voice” in your head – the one that is rational-lies-ing away your dreams.

Create an amazing life…..the good news is you have been doing this all along. Don’t like what you see? Change it. Don’t know how? That is not your job. Your Job is to know what you want….the HOW will be revealed. Try it! Let me know.

May you create a truly abundant life.

What to talk to me about this? Fill out this short questionnaire and I will be in touch.



To DECIDE or Wait …that is the question? (Here is the answer)

I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say “I will do that when…..” (fill in the blank).

When what?

  • When I get enough time
  • When I get more money
  • When I feel better
  • When I think I can do it
  • When my spouse is on board
  • When my partner says yes

When, when, when. That is like…..I will do it tomorrow…But tomorrow never comes.

When never seems to happen right?

Well there is a simple reason for that. The reason is because you don’t need anything to happen because you have not made a decision yet.

You have it all backwards. And just to let you know, I used to do this to, but not anymore. I have had enough experience of getting what I want, things I desire showing up or happening…even if I did not have enough time, money or the where with all…to know that this works.

So you have an idea…or you decide to make a change. You get excited. Maybe you tell someone or even reach out for help. Maybe you also make a plan or at least have an inkling of an idea of what you want to do next. …and then it hits you….the old pattern OR habit swoops in….  “But, I don’t have enough money, I will wait until I have enough money” or “I don’t have enough time to get started, I will wait until my life is not so busy”. Arrghh… Do you hear what that sounds like?

I worked with a mentor who told me of a student he had once, who said to him. “I want to buy a house”. My mentor said to him, “then go buy the house”. The student then replied, “I don’t have enough money to buy the house”. The mentor then replied back …”You don’t need any money to buy the house”. The student was perplexed; he said “I don’t”. “No”, said the mentor, you don’t need the money because you have NOT DECIDED to buy the house. Once you decide to buy the house…then the money will show up” ( the money will actually show up or the idea/way to get the money will present itself).

Now I know that is a hard concept to get your head around for some….but what about when a couple says they are going to wait until they are in a better financial position to have a baby before they have one? Does this ever really work? Oh I guess yes, in some cases, but if this were the case, for the majority, I think the world’s population would be significantly smaller. Come on… most people have the children and then with a bit of creativity and work (or action steps) the money shows up to raise the child.

It is NO different with anything you want in your life. THE DECISION comes FIRST….period.

So what do you want that you have been putting off until “anything” is better for you?  I have a challenge for youmake the decision to do it, make it public (to at least one person), and then “ask”, ask out loud or in your head for the first step.  Maybe you need to find a mentor, or a coach or someone to help you.  If you don’t, then don’t go whining to anyone about your life the way it is. Here is the exciting news; YOU are the creator of your reality. The proof is all around you. Through your choices here you are. Through new choices and action and maybe some help …YOU can be, do and have whatever it is that you DECIDE you want.

Give it a test drive…let me know….Expect the outcome of your choosing. Have FUN!


Your Abundant Life Guide

No Excuses

“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Are you one of the many who get inspired with an idea and then it never comes to be?

This is classic ….so many people get inspired and excited and then for one reason or another never take any action and they stay in the same place, job, relationship etc, wondering what it will take to get them out of their rut and into something new!

“For one reason or another”….what does that mean? Well, usually it means either that you told someone your idea and that person did not think it such a great idea and that was that…..or perhaps, and this is huge, you had no idea how to bring that idea into fruition, so you did not act at all….you did nothing.

What is important in understanding this habit of self sabotage is that “knowing how” to get it done, to make it happen is none of your business.

What is your business is getting excited about an idea and being open to receiving the answer to the ‘first step’ in making it happen and then (just like driving from coast to coast in the dark…..only able to see 200 feet in front of you at the time) trusting that you will see the next step as you complete the first step and so on and so on…holding on to the excitement of the idea and trusting in its outcome. Period!

Some people will say to me….. “I don’t even know what I want, I just know that I want something else, something different”…. I am here to tell you that you do know what you want even if you cannot put it into words and there is a very easy way to find out what you want and here’s how:

First grab a piece of paper and draw a line length ways through the middle. On the left side of the paper write – ‘What I Don’t WANT’. Then be specific. Write down everything you do not want or don’t like about your life….make the list long. Then go back and with each thing you do not want, write on the left side of the paper its opposite. When you are done writing down all the opposites then you now have a list of what you do want. Celebrate…focus only on this…what you want. Cross off everything you listed that you don’t want…no need putting your focus there anymore.

Now get to it! Pick one of the things you want and expect an inspiration or opportunity as to how to get it to show up (hint: all opportunities come through people). Then take the first action and then the next as it shows up. Trust and believe. Why? Well, has the way you’ve been doing it been working for you? This works every time and if you do not believe me….try it for yourself.

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“If you want to change your life – YOU have to change your life”

Which type are you?

In order to get anything that you desire in your life you have to weigh your why toos and your why not toos….or the benefits of getting more money or better health or something else you have been wanting and the reason why to NOT have these things you want come to fruition.

It is so apparent to me that most people want more…..everything: money, love, flexibility of time, happiness etc etc….but so many are in the ‘wanting’ stage of it ….Not the getting or receiving stage of it. So why is this?

Let’s start by comparing ourselves to an Iceberg. What do I mean by that? Well there is about 10% of an iceberg showing above the water, 90% of that iceberg is hidden below the surface. Like us, our conscious thoughts make up about 10% of our “thinking power”…..but 90% of what is happening in our thought process is subconscious (or below the surface of our consciousness). So it stands to reason that if you are NOT getting what you want….then there is something going on subconsciously that is leaning to the “why not too” get it department. We could analyze this for days, but better than that we can look towards our feelings and actions to determine WHY we are NOT getting what we want for ourselves or our families.

So I thought it would be fun to look at the four types of people there are in the world.

First, there are the “Flounderers” – These are people who have not set goals (mostly because they have never been taught how) and may have very little drive. They seem content to go with the flow and do nothing different to change their lives or the lives of anyone around them. It is typical for flounderers to do the same unproductive activities over and over again, day in day out…like too much TV for example.

Second, there are the “The Would Like Toos” – These are people who would like to be more, do more and have more, but are afraid. They seem to always find that reason “why not.” Fears paralyze them and their decisions and they never seem able to get started on anything. They hope and wish but without action….. thus the hopes and dreams never come to be.

Then there are the “Just Can’t Get it Dones” – Have you ever heard the term ‘get ready to get ready’? This type has a typical MO of starting, but never finishing. They fall short on their commitments and they stop building relationships. They have amazing potential, however no results, mostly because they listen to that voice (you know the voice) that inner voice of unreason, “the critic” that stops them every time and they listen to their own excuses again and again. They kind of have a type of ADD…..always switching from one project to the next. They like the feeling of instant gratification and that takes them off course one more time.

And finally, there are the “Accountables” – These are the people who get the results. They know the buck stops here…with them and their decisions, commitment, focus and action. They are willing to do what is necessary regardless of “the inner critic” and the outer dream stealers and finish what they start and go get what they want regardless of what ever happened to stall or stop them before.

It doesn’t matter what they want in life….once they have become clear about it, they go for it…they find away to make it so. The “Accountables” are just that…. real clear on what they want right from the start and accountable to making it happen – A BIG, common characteristic of all “Accountables” is they take full responsibility and make no excuses, for why things are not happening the way they want…..they focus on solutions.

Which type are you?

This is something you should spend some time thinking about ….especially if things are not happening in your life the way you would like them to.

Here is a tip: In the next week or so really watch your actions and your self-talk.

Keep a close tabs on this and you will be able to determine very quickly which type you are.

Now the good news is…once you know, then you are half way there. Most people spend their days on automatic pilot….complaining about why their life, their health, their relationships are not the way they want them to be and never take the time to find out whether they are a “Flounderer”, a “Would Like To”, or a “Just Can’t Get it Done” type.

Don’t let this be you.

BTW You “Accountables” …you KNOW who you are!

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