~ Be Lazy and Create an Abundant Life ~

Your kidding right Mona?

I am guessing that this is the first thing that came to mind for you. And years ago I would have thought this too.

I remember saying once to my mom….”Please mom, let me learn the hard way…this is the only way I am going to learn is if I fail”.

Well I got it half right…..but if you have been studying Law of Attraction or just simply notice that when you are in a “good mood” how life just seems easier then keep reading….because I am going to explain to you HOW to create an abundant life ( more money, better relationships, more fun, more free time, wonderful job) by being lazy…..I am sure I have peeked your curiosity now……

So, my mom, like many parents always wanted to help me and “save me from what she thought was impending failure” from her perspective AND she used to say that to me. ” Mona, I just don’t want to see you fall flat on your face or get hurt”. I don’t know HOW many times I heard that…but I do remember the day I rebelled and told her to “LET ME FALL FLAT ON MY FACE”.

Well a couple things were at play here.

1. I heard over and over that she wanted to save me from FAILING…. so I heard…”failing” A LOT

2. I “CHOSE” failing so I could learn….and prove to her I guess that could do it on my own.

So first you need to know a little about neural pathways and how they are formed. Apparently when we are born we have NO neural pathways. They begin to form almost right away as we LEARN to get our needs met. We want attention to be fed or changed…we cry out and guess what? WE LEARN HOW to get those needs met, so over and over we do the same behaviour and VOILA we have created a neural pathway… ( fancy name for habit I think).

So you can see in the example with my mom that I heard this expectation of failure over and over….. Can you guess WHAT neural pathway was forming? YES, I created a belief in failing and did  a lot soooooo I could prove to my mom I was LEARNING myself without her help. OUCH! Wouldn’t it been a whole lot better to have someone create an expectation of success for  me? Well Yeah!

Then I made a subconscious choice to continue this failure mechanism so I could learn from it.  And to cement it I said ” Let me learn the hard way” Well the universe has to give you what you ask for ….as this is what Law of Attraction does.

Now, if you understand from my example HOW this works…then wouldn’t it make sense to create NEW beneficial neural pathways. AND these can not be created from physical efforting….but with your mind… your imagination and your feelings.

So in a way I am saying you could be lazy, sit on the couch and create the world you want ( money, love, fun, career) and this would be more powerful than TRYING HARD to make it so.

You may say to me….but Mona, I would have to do something. Yes you are right, you can not wish something into existence….but you CAN, create the blueprint in your mind, attach powerful emotion to it…..expect it and then as you are taking action ( not effort) watch as it begins to unfold in your life.

Rather than swimming upstream…..flow with the current of life and trust that ( as you have created new neural pathways, through habit and repetition) your life WILL unfold much easier than with constant force, effort and trial.

You do not have to believe this…..but I say to you…. if you feel worn out from TRYING to change your life….why not PLAY with this idea? Stay alert to the signs of what you want and at the very least start with being content with where you are….as even just with this… you will release your resistance and just like a dam….when you unstop it…the waters flow. Are you ready for your LIFE to flow….then let go. CREATE new Neural Pathways and watch as your life magically unfolds before your very eyes.

Give it a try….. you are worth it.

To Your Abundant Life,

Happy Creating

Mona McClelland

Your Abundant Life Guide

AKA the “Busy Mom Mentor”


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