Avoid Burn Out: Four Overlooked Traits

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It’s not easy to avoid burn out as a mom. While we understand how moms get burned out, it is ridiculously hard to admit it. Sometimes we don’t admit it because it seems doing so would signal “weakness”, or worse, “incapability” of doing our job that every other mom is doing with her eyes closed.

But every mom is different.

You are different.

Let’s face it: some moms can handle 18 kids, some find 8 enough, others are really happy with one or two. But as sure as the grocery shopping will need to be done in 2 days, every mom will need to learn how to avoid burn out for herself. What matters most is recognizing it (because everyone around us has recognized it for 3 days or more).

While your burn out capacity may rarely get filled, here are four tell tale signs that you are overdue for something (anything) that refreshes you.

A shortened fuse lit by demands, constraints, and life, will eventually go off. When burned out, moms tend to run harder, not wiser, thus pressing ahead usually with force and dragging everyone along with them. The more burned out, the more angry some moms get.

No Fun
Being burned out removes extra energy. Fun takes energy and creativity and a sense of childlikeness. When we’re burned out the last thing we have is extra energy for anything – let alone hosting a camping night out for the kids.

Apathy is described by one mom as “I just don’t care. I don’t care if supper isn’t ready, or if someone can’t find their homework.” When apathy sets in because we don’t avoid burn out, it’s a mom’s way of saying “I’m overloaded and can no longer respond”. It’s burn out to the extreme because on a “normal” day or week, most moms care about everything.

Extra Screen Time
Sometimes being overwhelmed can drive a mom to hibernate behind a “guilt-free” acceptable place to be – glued to the computer or TV. But when it becomes a habit and takes time away from attention to family or routines, burn out is usually a root cause.

Now What?
Once we identify the problem, it’s important to begin a remedy. That remedy is unique to each mom. Generally, the answer to avoid burn out starts with the question, “What would help right now?”

When we identify our need to find time for ourselves and regroup, the anger levels begin to ease. When we create space for ourselves to breathe, we start to bounce back. When we honor our limitations, and recognize where we are on the burn out scale, we can begin to make choices to care for ourselves. When we care for ourselves, we then begin to take exceptional care of others even more than before. It’s the most selfless thing we could do for ourselves – and for our family.
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Mona McClelland

Professional Life and Health Coach

‘the Busy Mom Mentor ‘

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  1. Beatrice Akelo says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful information you have sent to me as a single mother. At times I find myself so stressed and burnt out.
    I will therefore, use this.

    thank you,

  2. CoachMona says:

    You are very Welcome Beatrice… I remember what it was like being a single mom. Thank you for your comments

    ~ Mona ~

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