Do you have the energy to accomplish ANYTHING?

I don’t know about you ….but having a business/job, raising kids, being on committees, volunteering for school trips, taking time for your spouse…taking time for YOURSELF, takes energy.

Do you live your life vibrantly?

Being a Mom is a labour of love with long hours and very little pay except hugs and kisses – (pretty good pay) but you know what I mean.

The greatest achievements in life are only possible if we activate the best within us. If we can amplify that we can achieve anything.

Here are six things that you can do to help you not just wake up in the morning and drag yourself out of bed…BUT get you out of bed with a charge….with excitement about your life and the day.

I will start with number two and leave number 1 to the end.

2.  Presence – I have been known to say the “ISness is the business”, meaning; be fully engaged, energetically body and emotions NOW.  How? …STOP doing everything else. STOP multi tasking (yes you are good at that…but stop).  Ask yourself every day, what level am I at on a scale of 1-10 in terms of physical energy and emotion vibrancy? Figure out where you are….then you can activate more presence.  (Isn’t this what you want from your man – presence …not solutions to your problem…but presence and truly listening and hearing you?).  Are you being present?

3.  Mind Set – Ask yourself this question – am I living my truth? (What is your truth = your identity). Pick three words that define who you are as a person in your identity and three words about how you interact with other people.  Keep these words in the forefront of your mind every day.  Remind yourself ABOUT yourself every single day( ex: I am strong- willed, dynamic, healthy… kind, loving, creative. ) Have this vision of your highest self and focus on this every single day – watch what happens to your life!

4. Taking Care of Your Body– Take care of your body…It is easy to let go of your dreams when you don’t feel well. You want a ton of energy for your life…. a sustained level of energy and engagement in your life. This comes from learning to use your body in unique ways ….ask yourself everyday… Am I rested and Hydrated? Nothing in your physiology is more important than this. Can  you achieve anything if you are wiped out ? Everything is created from a relaxed, calm state.

5. How to be productive:  This is not about being busy….it is about being “lit up” excited to get going and do what makes your heart sing. Here is a question to ask yourself everyday – what is my mission today…what must I accomplish today to take me a step closer what is most important to me? Plan, prioritize and then productivity. Everything else will revolve around your priorities.

6. Delegate: Are they listening?  How do I influence other people (even my family) or others to listen to my thoughts and ideas and make things happen? Am I demonstrating my enthusiasm? When you are enthusiastic others WILL listen. If you are enthusiastic about your day….you will be a strong role model for your family through your excitement and enthusiasm. Watch….enthusiasm is contagious!

Number 1.  Your Purpose.…sure your purpose is probably your family…..that is a given and for some Moms that is your absolute calling…. You know those GREAT Moms…well of course you are all great moms…. But for some of you there is something else.

If you are reading this then I am sure the answer is YES. There is something else that is truly your greatness AND you have put it aside for your family at some point. Well, I was taught this by a great teacher Michael Losier…he said and I agree …our number one purpose is to live in Joy.  The secret is in WHAT you do to bring you that joy…you can get there destructively (complain, be a victim, bark at your kids when they don’t listen) or constructively (figure out your creative path…and then follow it blissfully with a smile and enthusiasm).

My challenge to you today is to take 5 minutes…..sit quietly and just ask….”What brings me Joy?”  If an answer, a hunch, an inspiration comes to you….great act on it (one small step). If nothing comes….ask again tomorrow and then act. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? I know what your family has to gain…. a happy and fulfilled Mom…..

Remember: When Moms Happy, Everyone’s Happy

Mona McClelland

the Busy Mom Mentor

Professional Health/Life Coach

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