…..a Cure for any Disease?

The bugs are becoming Super….the junk food is becoming Super Sized? Hmmm any correlation?

Well I think there is…… It wasn’t too many years ago….in fact 40 years ago I remember as a kid I was sitting in front of the TV where a group of people were sitting in bleachers and a circle was drawn around one out of every 10. The commentator then said imagine “you could be 1 out of 10 that gets cancer” or something to that effect. I am not sure why that stood out in my mind for this many years…..but now I think the ratio for cancer is 1 in two. OMG! What happened?

Well I could go on and on but I suggest you go to this site and see for yourself. This is definitely something that your doctors don’t want you to know……or is it they don’t know so they cannot tell you?

Twenty years ago I got sick……my body let me know that it did not like what I was putting in it…..plus all the chemicals that were streaming in my system from my work. Not surprising my body did not like the diet of coffee, bran muffins and frozen chicken pot pies, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Water, that was for bathing and showering in, it didn’t taste good to drink……have another coffee. What was I thinking….. I just didn’t know?

Here is the information we have all been waiting for…….. If this can work to reverse and heal diabetes…..what other diseases can be cured? Cancer?

Listen and then you decide. http://www.rawfor30days.com/

To Your Health….To Your Life!!!

Mona McClelland
Your Abundant Life Guide

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