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~ Don’t Stop – Success IS right around the Corner ~

“When you have worked hard, take the time to appreciate what you have done. Do not always look at the distance that you have yet to travel. ” Unknown

What happens when the enthusiasm dies off …… and you still do not see the results you were expecting? Maybe you are building a business…..spear heading a project or a committee and it seems that everything you had hoped for is NEVER going to be realized. This has most definitely got to be one of the  most annoying and frustrating things that can happen to even the best laid plans. You have been working at something for a long time, but NOW you realize there’s still a ways to go before you’re going to get where you ultimately want to be.

What if it has been months or years even and you are still trying to get things to fall into place exactly how you envisioned?

Maybe you’ve been:

Following step by step instructions to create an online business. Or

Plodding away for what feels like an eternity looking for that perfect job. Or,

While Working on that never ending project and every time you think you’re almost done, you find more and more things that still need to be completed. Or, 

Being very focused on creating big improvements in specific areas of  your life, but it feels like you are simply spinning your wheels.

It can be so discouraging to think that what once seemed easy to tackle, or a quick fix solution, has turned out to be a complete ball and chain with only an inkling of belief remaining that you can actually accomplish what you first set out to do.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel……

What I mean by that is you really only have two choices. One: Quit and start something else…completely understandable…renewed enthusiasm…renewed life …Woo hoo! or Two: Keep pushing through the funk and re-energize your vision of the end result and go for the success  you believe you will still achieve. ( a little prayer to the big guy or the universe for guidance wouldn’t hurt either – as long as you listen for the answer…that is).

It is very easy to quit …to give up…..but the reality is… you will just start again…something else and in time you will come to this place …this crossroad again. It is a personal milestone that every great achiever has had to cross. Pull up your boot straps…refocus and go again and again …for as long as it takes…until you are ready to RECEIVE success….. YES, it has to do with you being ready to receive it.  AND the road is the test…the teacher.

….And why  on earth would you want to quit anyways? You’ve come this far, You’ve invested so much time and effort. Quitting at this point would be absolutely crazy. But the reality is… it is here… this point ….where disbelief sets in …..where most people do quit. BUT that WON”T be you will it? …..It’s just not in your chemistry.


If you really want this , then you’ve got to re-commit and push through.The reality is you are much closer to the end than you realize. You just can’t see it is all. It is like that story that Jack Canfield told in the movie …”the Secret”  “If you are driving in the dark, from L.A. to New York… you can only see 200 feet in front of you…but if you keep going the next two hundred feet and the next…even though you can not see where you are going…. you will arrive at your destination….just keep going that next 200 feet”

Here is a great quote to hit home what I am trying to convey.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

What is most important is that you NOW tap into your belief that you will succeed. Don’t waste worrying about all you have left to do. Everything you have done so far has landed you here. NOW it’s time to build on all the progress you’ve made get to the finish line.

1. Re-Focus on what is already working! Challenge MISS Negative Nellie or Ned in your mind by remembering everything that is working and all the steps you have already taken.

2. Remind Yourself about your initial excitement. Remember WHY you started this project or down this path. Then remind yourself of what is waiting at the finish line and how great YOU will feel when you succeed. This is so important…in fact this must become a daily habit – 5 minutes of focusing on this feeling – at least 3 times a day. Get your body to feel this success and success will come and meet you where you stand because you will simply attract it!

3.Create a new plan.  Map out  from where you are now and 30 days out and then commit to doing something every single day to make this happen. The more frequent the steps you can take every single day, the sooner you WILL see and reach the finish line.

It is all up to you…no one else…another favourite saying of mine “the BUCK stops here”..WITH YOU!

Mona McClelland

Abundant Living Guide

aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Certified Life and Professional Health Coach