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Get Everything you Want ~ Do one thing

You know that saying….the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and trying to get a different result”? Ok….if you know it then why do you do it? There is another saying…. “we are creatures of habit”. I like a structured plan, routine and habit….makes my life efficient and organized so I can get more done. BUT let’s really look at the habit……What if you want more in your life….or something different. You say you have made some changes BUT your life is still THE SAME….you are in a rut and you still would like MORE…more money, more fun, more love…..and now you just feel resigned with your lot in life!

What if you could do just ONE thing that would make everything change and bring you exactly what you want? You can and I will tell you how…..

I think you  can agree that we live in somewhat of an instant gratification society these days. Long gone seems to be the days of saving and planning….however we still seem to carry with most of us ( my demographic anyways) this “you have to work hard for what you get” mentality. So we work hard, want things instantly and keep working hard without the anticipation of the delayed gratification (which along with that would go the feeling of pride for a job well done – whether from planning or saving). So here we find ourselves and are teaching the next generation to STAY on this hamster wheel…..with only fleeting moments of temporary happiness.

So what is this one thing I am talking about and how will it help YOU get everything you want?

Well, I will give you a clue and THEN I will tell you the answer.

The clue is that is has to do with “habit” as I mentioned before….and specifically WHAT kind of habit you are letting run your life.

And the next thing that I will tell you is…. that this “magical new habit” will NOT create more effort on your part……AND in there lies the key!  EFFORT.

The habit most of our society has is effort.  The physical effort that it takes to GET what you want is what you want to focus on (actually to let go of).

No, you are not going to sit on the couch and wait for everything you want to land on your doorstep…..BUT you are going to be paying close attention to what you are thinking and feeling.

Simply put:

WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT CREATES  HOW YOU FEEL AND HOW YOU FEEL BRINGS YOU WHAT YOU ARE GETTING….and HOW you go about getting it – or not ( read this last sentence again and again until you understand it).

Ex: If you want more  money and you think about your debt….what do you feel? Do you feel abundant? Do you feel wealthy?

Now you may say to me, Mona, HOW can I feel wealthy or abundant first when I am in debt? And I would say to you…..imagine HOW you would feel in this state…..regardless of current circumstances….then feel that way AND if you just cannot….then acknowledge your state…. ( getting the money does not make your life happy…getting happy attracts the money and so much more to your life!)

Ex: “I am in so much debt right now and I don’t know how I will ever get out of it…. BUT I know that somehow, someway I will find a way and I will be free of this burden and then I will start to expect more money to flow to me easily and I will get to do and have all the things I have always wanted to do and have. “

( when you read that last sentence – does it NOT feel better than ….I am in so much debt I will never get on top of it)?

You see this world or universe is designed to give you what you want. So YOUR ONLY  job is to measure your thoughts….change them …or if you can’t change them then acknowledge them and THEN change them to what you KNOW you want. Do this over and over and over and over with everything so you can change what you are putting out there…..and what you are getting back.

If you do not believe this works then prove it for yourself.

But first I must tell you one thing….the reason I know this is HOW  you get what you are thinking and feeling IS to look at your life now…look around you….everything has come to you.. “good OR bad” because of your THOUGHT HABIT!

IF you put forth half as much effort ( = resistance or trying, trying, trying hard) and spend more time in your new THOUGHT HABIT then you WILL have more opportunities to create what you want come to you and then the action you will take  to get it will be with great EASE. Rather like going WITH the current of the river rather than paddling against the current, which is what most do.

1. So try something different…to get a different result.

2. Cultivate the image of what you want in your mind first.

3. Spend copious amounts of time imagining and feeling this. (Remember the FEELING is what pulls what you want to you – right? You can see that is what is playing out in your life right now if you pay attention ( good or bad).

4. Don’t try to TEACH this to others…share it with them…then go back to creating for yourself….as you do this others will also begin to change around you.

5. EVERYTIME  you feel a negative emotion THIS IS A SIGN THAT YOU ARE OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH WHAT YOU WANT. Aha…now if you are paying attention you can change your THOUGHT HABIT.

6. At the very least…just let go of the efforting…the swimming against the current. This in itself will begin to help you flow in the direction of deliberate creation.

Need more help understanding all of this.

Here is someone who is a constant teacher and mentor for me.

YOU are in charge of creating everything in your life……NOW you can deliberately create WHAT you want….( think it, feel it, live it!)



Your abundant life guide

(aka the “Busy Mom Mentor” )