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How to get more money ( and anything else)

Well it is almost the end of January 2013….how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

What never ceases to amaze me every year when people set NEW years goals is…… ONE: you set too many goals, get overwhelmed and quit while TRYING to implement everything on this laundry list or TWO: you set one or two very important, dear to your heart, am absolutely going to nail this year goals….and then you have NO CLUE how you are going to make it happen….do NOT create a plan…and all of your best intentions go to hell in a handbasket,  so to speak.

So this year you decide to get more money ( or make more money)…….

Well there are several sure- fired ways to make or acquire more money….and I have uploaded a video with a testimony to a tried and true method to create more of anything in your life. First here are a handful of ways  to get  more money this year…..

More Money for 2013:

1. Get a second job : Don’t stop reading…..I am not here to insult your  intelligence but to remind you of something that you are NOT DOING that is stopping you from having a more ABUNDANT LIFE. We can both agree a second job IS one way to get more money this year ( even if it is not HOW you want to do it).

2. Ask someone to give you money: Maybe you have a project or a passion to do something and someone out there who has more money than you WILL help you get what you want. Have you thought about that? Have you asked ANYONE?

3. Win Money: Self explanatory……( but know you limits).

4.  Money raising Websites:  Like ….a place where you can post your idea for raising money for personal reasons to “big” visions. There are all sorts of internet sites out there now that with a few clicks of your keyboard buttons, will in minutes have you out there….”with your hand out”!

5. Source out a reputable online business: What are you interested in? Maybe you are a health nut, or a exercise fanatic or a marketing guru. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online…you just have to do your homework and find the fit for you.

6.  Hire yourself out:  Okay…easy now. What I mean by that is there are several online freelance market places where you can outsource yourself. From ghost writing, IT work, article submitting, surveys. Just type something into google and see what you can find.

What do all of these things have in common in order for the  money to start flowing in?  YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. You have to take action. Everything you see around you …..a chair,  a table, a window, a radio …everything started as an idea in someone’s head and then had to be created….with action.

Many people these days talk about Law of Attraction and how this world will bring you something if you think about it and put enough attention, energy and focus on it. This is true…..if you want to think about how to get more money….you can  not spend all your time thinking about how little of it you have or HOW much debt you are in. Create the vision and the feelings of what you want and how you will feel when you get it ( live here in this new feeling )….then relax…expect it and then DO SOMETHING to get it. Your resistance WILL be what slows it down or stops it from coming to YOU.

I made this video in 2008….when I really NEEDED  something to happen. You can translate the message in this video to getting more money or anything else you desire this year. YOU are the variable. What are YOU going to mak ehappen in YOUR LIFE this year to make it a most abundant and rewarding year?


To YOUR Abundant life:

Mona McClelland

(aka “the Busy Mom Mentor“)

Certified Life & Professional Health Coach

Does your life need a Radical Adjustment?