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By Your Words…You Have the Power

We are powerful beyond measure...but so many people do not want to take the time to HEAR their own words and are then shocked to see what has unfolded in their lives.

No, you do not have to monitor your every word…BUT you may want to make it a point to speak the words of your desire and ONLY of your desire and then look again  to see  what may magically appear before your very eyes…..

How do I attract or repel abundance with my words you might ask….?

Here is how……

(…. the following is an excerpt from the Book the Game of Life and How to Play it…by Florence Scovel Shinn)

**Ms. Scovel Shinn frequently refers in her teaching to messages that were written in the scripture and  taught by Jesus. Regardless of your faith – I encourage you to read the deeper meaning of the message as a Spiritual Truth or Universal Law**


“By your words ye are justified and by your words ye are condemned.”

Many people have brought disaster into their lives through idle words.

For example: A woman once asked me why her life was now one of poverty of limitation?

Formerly she had a home, was surrounded by beautiful things and had often tired of the management of her home, and had said repeatedly, “I’m sick and tired of things – I wish I lived in a trunk,” and she added: “Today I am living in that trunk.” She had spoken herself into a trunk. The subconscious mind has no sense of humor and people often joke themselves into unhappy experiences.

For example: A woman who had a great deal of money, joked continually about “getting ready for the poorhouse.”

In a few years she was almost destitute, having impressed the subconscious mind with a picture of lack and limitation.

Fortunately the law works both ways, and a situation of lack may be changed to one of plenty.

For example: A woman came to me one hot summer’s day for a “treatment” for prosperity. She was worn out, dejected and discouraged. She said she possessed just eight dollars in the world. I said, “Good, we’ll bless the eight dollars and multiply them as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes,” for He taught that every man had the power to bless and to multiply, to heal and to prosper.

She said, “What shall I do next?”

 I replied, “Follow intuition. Have you a ‘hunch’ to do anything, or to go anywhere?” Intuition means, intuition, or to be taught from within. It is man’s unerring guide, and I will deal more fully with its laws in a following chapter.

The woman replied: “I don’t know – I seem to have a ‘hunch’ to go home; I’ve just enough money for carfare.” Her home was in a distant city and was one of lack and limitation, and the reasoning mind (or intellect) would have said: “Stay in New York and get work and make some money.” I replied, “Then go home – never violate a hunch.” I spoke the following words for her: Infinite Spirit open the way for great abundance for –. She is an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to her by divine right.” I told her to repeat it continually also. She left for home immediately. In calling on a woman one day, she linked up with an old friend of her family.

Through this friend, she received thousands of dollars in a most miraculous way. She has said to me often, “Tell people about the woman who came to you with eight dollars and a hunch.”

There is always plenty on man’s pathway; but it can only be brought into manifestation through desire, faith or the spoken word. Jesus brought out clearly that man must make the first move.

by Florence Scovel Shinn


Mona McClelland

the Busy Mom Mentor and Abundance Coach