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5 Secrets to an Abundant Life:

On the wall in BIG letters of Dr Phillips office a sign reads “the ISness is the Business”

When I truly take the time to subscribe to this simple but profound philosophy, I can clearly see HOW abundant my life IS now. Like most people, I am constantly growing and learning how to achieve more in my life…..but the funny thing is the busier my life gets…the less I seem to get done and I cannot see the forest for the trees so to speak. This I find Ironic.

When I create more in my life I am ALWAYS doing less. No, that does not mean I am sitting on a park bench waiting for my life to happen….it means I have paid attention to my vision, created some action steps and I am living in faith that my emotional guidance system will take me intuitively in the direction I need to go next to get to where I want to go.

BUT there are some very simple and powerful secrets that I use along the way to attract more and more abundance into my life. Would you like to know what they are?

My 5 Secrets for (attracting) an abundant life.

1.Slow down
When I graduated from high school I remember feeling already behind the eight ball …It seemed there was so much to do and so little time to do it ( I was 17 ). And from this feeling of anxiety and ignorance I began my journey into “the real world” without a plan….going two steps forward and one back most of the time.
There are many things in life that will demand attention and distract you from your path. We also complicate our lives further checking in several times a day to some piece of technology to see what everyone else is doing out there in cyberspace. It just seems that we all fill in any spare moment with anything so as to NOT waste time. Rush, rush, rush…that seems to be the modus operandi today.
If you can slow down, you will become more relaxed. When you are more relaxed you are able to “hear” what it is that YOU need to do next to CREATE the abundance you want in your life. Creative ideas only come at a time when you are relaxed and not when you are stressed….( or surfing facebook again – for Pete’s sake!)

2. Let go of worry
A situation is what it is whether you worry about it or not. It is the worry itself that creates the stress in your body which in turn creates more stress and worry! I get that it is hard to not worry about our kids, finances and the unknown future. AND I think it is important to acknowledge this state of mind when it happens…..because suppressing it causes a whole other string of events and chemical reactions in the body. I like to say… “it has to come up to come out”. So, while it might not be possible to stop the “thought attacks” it is very possible to stop, focus on your senses ( what you see, feel, hear etc) in the moment to bring you back down to earth. When you mind is full of anxiety you are STOPPING abundance from helping you find opportunity and real solutions.

3. The ISness is the Business

Your wondrously creative mind is only able to do one thing at a time. (although you may think differently) Living abundantly means to be free to BE and respond calmly in the moment. So, when you are spontaneous you are able to make things happen seemingly effortlessly. Whatever it IS you are doing….do it fully present and allow yourself to attract abundance in to your world fearlessly (and see how free you feel – CAUTION- this can become addictive …Woo hoo).

4. Stop multi tasking

This is one thing that most women are famous for…..and the more things you can do at once the more you will get done…right? WRONG. You will get trapped in the busyness and just create MORE work and busy-ness. Then you are trapped on the proverbial hamster wheel of life….Spinning dizzily into despair. The emotional wear and tear ranges from nervousness, anxiety to overwhelm and stress. It is simply absurd to think that it is productive to do multiple things in one given moment.
You suffocate your ability to attract any abundance by taxing the creative mind to splice its focus towards too many tasks at one time. The simple truth is that you can only do one thing at one time. Being focused AND fully present in the moment, you will create and attract what you want quickly and with ease.

5. Get grounded in nature

Just look outside at the natural abundance of Nature. There is a simple ease to its creation. Seeds blow in the wind, take root and grow. Everything necessary is provided (wind, sun, water) there is no need to struggle. If you are ever “beside yourself” taxed…nothing is going right in your day…..get outside….barefoot in the grass if possible (hug a tree – no joke). Your energy will be grounded immediately – rooted back into the earth. You will breathe and reconnect with your spirit. Abundance is all around you. You are the vessel that makes it come to you or repel from you.

Ps…..and one other thing STOP scheduling so much in your day…I promise you will get it all done….bite sized pieces….there will always be more to do.

Mona McClelland
the “Busy Mom Mentor”