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Your Worst Enemy

I can not emphasize enough HOW important it is for YOU, mom, to take care of yourself!

In this busy world you are so good at doing so many things that everyone around you EXPECTS you to simply keep doing these things. Then one day you are wiped out or sick and you cannot. YOU are our own worst enemy. YOU have set up that expectation with everyone….including your spouse, boss and children.

What if…just what if you put yourself on the top of that list and set up some expectations of yourself FOR yourself?

Match everything you do for others with what you could do for yourself.
Example: You drive your kids to all sorts of activities…music lessons, gymnastics, school events…WHAT could you be driving yourself to once a week to nourish your interests?

OR  you buy food and make meals that you know your family will enjoy….do you do this for yourself? Do you put anything on that grocery list just for you?

I am going to give you an assignment this week AND if you want to send your results to me for accountability I would LOVE it to hear what you did for YOU.

In the next 7 days make your self a list (using the clarity through consciousness method).

Remember you know what you DON’T want and this is the best clue to showing you what you do want. So take a piece of paper lengthwise and draw a line down the middle. On the left you write everything you don’t want about the topic you have selected. In this case the topic is ‘what do I love to do for myself’?’ So this exercise should be easy AND insightful…IF YOU DO IT.

Ex: on the left you might write: I don’t like being so busy I have no time for a walk ( in nature, by the beach etc), or I don’t like being so busy that I don’t read my book every night.  So the opposites of these are : I want to go for a walk in nature EVERY week, I want to read in my book every night, I want help making lunches etc.

You can not change that which you are not conscious of …….GET CONSCIOUS…. then take the steps to change things. Create a new set of expectations for yourself, your boss and for your family.

STOP being your own worst enemy and start being YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. How you treat yourself IS how others will treat you. How do you want to be treated?
Let me know HOW your life changes.

Mona McClelland
the “Busy Mom Mentor”

* if you find this information helpful PLEASE share it with other busy working moms that you know it would help to take back their lives and begin sharing their gifts with the world!

….And REMEMBER ”When Moms Happy – Everyone’s Happy”

Not Enough Hours in the Day

What is on your TO DO list today? Probably MORE than you can even think of getting done. So much so that you don’t even make a to do list anymore because it just stresses you out more…right?

….and have you ever said…there is NOT enough hours in the day (or I wish there were two of me so I could get it all done). But secretly you know ….IT WILL NEVER BE DONE. Are you feeling like that hamster on a wheel these days….running around in circles?

Well… you are right… you will never get it all done….BUT you can get done the important tasks and then ALLOW what you have not gotten done to fill in between the big priorities. I teach all about this in my program The Visible Blueprint “7 steps to more Time, Money & Love”. But for today what I want to share with you are 7 Steps to ELIMINATE Time Scarcity and leave you will a couple of action steps to help you get off the hamster wheel today!

1. Eliminate Overwhelm: Stop thinking there is not enough time to get things done. This is really key. You have to stop telling yourself daily that there is not enough time and change your mindset. Make your mantra something like this: “I get everything I need to get done everyday calmly and easily.”

2. LOVE EVERYTHING you do. Even if you have to pretend. What is better… Hating every job and task that needs to be done in your day OR finding something about it that you can love. Even doing the dishes can be viewed as a meditation… you automatically stack, rinse or wipe them, hold in your mind your life vision OR simply focus on your breath. If at work you simply hate pushing the paper around make a game of it…..FIND something you can love about your work and focus on that every day.

3. Develop Patient Timelines: Over promising or trying to do too much in too little time is a common stressor.  Set realistic timelines and then don’t push yourself to OVER DELIVER. Multi-tasking is highly over rated and continuously makes you set the bar higher each time….moving closer and closer towards BURNOUT.

4. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: Time to look at the schedule…the stuff in your house and everything on that to do list. Be radical here. Just CANCEL some stuff in your life…..think about YOUR childhood….remember BEING bored? Cool…..make your life more like that.

5. Upgrade Your Energy Sources: Meditate (even while waiting in a line up – enjoy the pause in life).  Do yoga, take a dance class, watch funny movies, play games with your kids, walk on the beach, run, play an instrument, sing, laugh……..create energy in your life….(even look at the food and water you are putting in your body… food = LIFE).

6. Redefine Your World: YOU have created the world that you live in. Pay attention to what you are habitually thinking, decide what you want and then focus on that only. ( Hint: be specific).

7. Elevate your Consciousness: Find books, mentors, classes or workshops that teach you about living your life consciously. (Good resource: Book – Power vs Force ).

What you can do to eliminate Time Scarcity:

1. Record thoughts of Time Scarcity( keep a journal of what is making your think or feel that there is no time).

2. Become more aware about HOW you FEEL about time. ( Do you always feel rushed or that there is NO PEACE in your world?)

3. Be ACCEPTING of HOW you feel. Awareness is the first step to change. Awareness in and of itself can create CHANGE.

( 4. If you need help get it…. Hire a coach, talk to a friend, take a course, read a resource book)
…..”if you want to change your life…YOU have to change your life!”

If your life feels like it is spiraling out of control, send me an email. I will be glad to help you pinpoint what is taking over your life and HOW YOU can regain hours in the day and add years to your life.

Click here now to invest in taking back your life.

Here’s to finding more time for MOM!

Have a Great ( UN-Overwhelming Day)

…..and remember  ”When Moms Happy….Everyone’s Happy”

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? You may be thinking, “this seems to be a very broad question”  to be asking. You may be wondering, in what context am I asking this. Am I wanting to know about your blocks to creating the most loving relationship that you have always imagined?  Am I  curious about why you struggle with finances and why there is not enough at the end of every month? Are you worried about your health?

Well I guess I am inquiring about all of this but mostly I am asking  you WHY you are afraid?

I am inspired to ask this question because two books I have just read. One called “Paradox of Healing ” by Dr Greenwood and the other is “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.

The first is by a professional…a Doctor who writes in depth about the inadequacies of the medical profession to assist people to heal …..who poses the question of “how can a ‘rational science’ possibly heal most people who suffer from illnesses primarily caused by an irrational emotion( fear)”?

The second  is an in depth account of one woman’s battle with terminal cancer, her incredibly detailed NDE (near death experience) and her miraculous, complete, rapid and spontaneous healing.

The common thread in both accounts…..FEAR.

Has fear ever stopped you, paralyzed you, held you at bay from that which you most wanted to do? AND did it succeed?

You see, we are all meant to LIVE…to be joyful, to celebrate each day of LIFE. You are meant to LOVE and share that love with others….and they are meant to do the same.

What if you could really truly LIVE to your fullest potential…move through that fear and feel amazing each day? What if you knew that we are all so connected and because of this connection  HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF reflects on how others feel. If you knew that would you CHANGE the way you think, talk about and treat yourself? Wouldn’t that be the most “unselfish” gift to give back to the world……To everyone you love?

Just simply…start treating yourself better!

That is what I have been trying to tell you and that is how I can best support you.

Today and everyday do one loving act of kindness to YOURSELF. Try this just for one week and see what changes in your world. AND embrace the joy of being ALIVE.

If you don’t know how to let go of the fear I suggest you read “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani to start with.

If you need help…reach out…to a friend, a coach/counselor, God…..just reach out. YOU are worth it and the world ( your family) needs YOU.

I am here to support you, in loving yourself and learning how to do what you have forgotten. To take back your life and BE AMAZING.

For more information on my BLUEPRINT to help you take back your life Click Here.

To claim your 30 minute Rapid Coaching Session today to finally find out WHAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF …… Click Here.

You were created, you are a creator. What will you deliberately create for yourself TODAY?

With deep appreciation and love for who YOU are.


the “Busy Mom Mentor”
Author of  The Visible Blueprint

and remember    “When Moms Happy…..Everyone’s Happy”

De-Stressssssss – can you?

I think there is an epidemic today – it is called adrenal exhaustion. Do you know what that is or what the symptoms are?

Let me enlighten you……

Some experts believe that upwards of 80% of the population suffers from some level of adrenal insufficiency. Besides the usual symptoms of overwhelming fatigue and inability to handle stress, the symptoms listed below provide a more complete picture of adrenal fatigue and are often overlooked even by alternative practitioners.


What is going on?

You go to bed at midnight and get up at 6 am day after day after day and then wonder WHY you cannot recover your energy. Our brain chemistry is meant to work with the daylight…..night comes the brain sends out the chemicals necessary for sleep and rejuvenation. Day comes and again the brain signals WAKE UP with energy for the day after a period of rest.

BUT with the advent of artificial light our brains chemistry is fooled and the body does not get the rest it requires to replenish the body on a daily basis. Then on top of all that throw in the multitudes of multitasking you do throughout the day and the quick unhealthy food (or reasonable facsimile) you put into your body and then you wonder why you cannot get out of first gear.

What can you do?  You can see there is a common thread to my messages here….what can you do…what are you WILLING to do to help YOURSELF so you can have the quality of life that you want so YOU can have more LIFE for yourself and energy for your family?

Let me leave you today with a simple exercise that you can do over the next week so you can quickly SEE what is draining all of your energy.

Print out a BLANK calendar template  and then label on each day HOW you are feeling ….in relation to the activity you are doing that day.

EX: Monday – activity = Work (happy, sad, calm, stressed, angry, frustrated, bored etc.) Volunteering at the school (happy, sad calm etc)……. THEN, look over these activities and identify which ones you are “stressed” by AND determine what the trigger might be. (ex: too tight a deadline – or you procrastinated/were not organized – thus the stress – solution maybe you need to start the project sooner OR  be more organized.)

The purpose of this exercise is to paint a picture of where you are getting stuck or leaking VITAL ENERGY (definition of Vital=necessary to the continuation of life).

Let me know what you find out and how I can help if you need support gathering up your life force…….

What I have shared with you today is one of many lessons from the Visible Blueprint

“7 steps to more Time, Money & Love by being Seen, Heard & Valued in your WORLD”

You are the Spirit – the Life Force of your family…..You deserve to learn to preserve your vitality and in turn you will be able to give back MORE to those you love most.

Vitally Yours,

the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Author of “The Visible Blueprint”