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Are you lying to yourself?

How many times have you  started something, only to have the entire plan thwarted? It starts with an idea, a great idea; a goal or a plan to make your life better, create more and make wonderful life changes?

Then out of nowhere (usually after you tell someone) a voice in your head (reinforced by the comments you just heard) says something like, “what makes you think you can do that”? “How are you going to do that?” “Do you even know how to do that?” Or some judgement that was conjured up in your mind from this voice that I like to call the voice of unreason. If it was the voice of reason….it would be saying something like… “What a great idea.” “What will be your first step?” “Who is the best person to talk to, to really make this happen?”

But alas, again you go nowhere. You are stopped even before you get started. Your life stays the same. You stay the same….unfulfilled!

What kind of lies have you been telling yourself? I call this too much rational-lies-ing. The voice of unreason begins to talk and churn and you start to rational –lies all the ways you can NOT make these changes. Yes maybe you spoke to someone else – the wrong someone else who, for whatever their good reasons may be, helped you rational – lies things until you could simply no longer get excited about your once very exciting idea or plan.

First: You must know if you get an “inspired idea” to go WITH it. This feeling is a very good sign that you are on the right track.

Second: Tell no one….or only someone you can trust that will support you and help you hone this idea into fruition.

Third: Find a coach or mentor who will help you find or see the steps necessary to make what you want a reality.

Fourth: Prepare – do not jump ahead of this step. Many people do, only to fall flat on their faces because of lack of preparation.

Fifth: Create small, doable steps to success

Sixth: Do them!

Be very aware of the “voice” in your head – the one that is rational-lies-ing away your dreams.

Create an amazing life…..the good news is you have been doing this all along. Don’t like what you see? Change it. Don’t know how? That is not your job. Your Job is to know what you want….the HOW will be revealed. Try it! Let me know.

May you create a truly abundant life.

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