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To DECIDE or Wait …that is the question? (Here is the answer)

I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say “I will do that when…..” (fill in the blank).

When what?

  • When I get enough time
  • When I get more money
  • When I feel better
  • When I think I can do it
  • When my spouse is on board
  • When my partner says yes

When, when, when. That is like…..I will do it tomorrow…But tomorrow never comes.

When never seems to happen right?

Well there is a simple reason for that. The reason is because you don’t need anything to happen because you have not made a decision yet.

You have it all backwards. And just to let you know, I used to do this to, but not anymore. I have had enough experience of getting what I want, things I desire showing up or happening…even if I did not have enough time, money or the where with all…to know that this works.

So you have an idea…or you decide to make a change. You get excited. Maybe you tell someone or even reach out for help. Maybe you also make a plan or at least have an inkling of an idea of what you want to do next. …and then it hits you….the old pattern OR habit swoops in….  “But, I don’t have enough money, I will wait until I have enough money” or “I don’t have enough time to get started, I will wait until my life is not so busy”. Arrghh… Do you hear what that sounds like?

I worked with a mentor who told me of a student he had once, who said to him. “I want to buy a house”. My mentor said to him, “then go buy the house”. The student then replied, “I don’t have enough money to buy the house”. The mentor then replied back …”You don’t need any money to buy the house”. The student was perplexed; he said “I don’t”. “No”, said the mentor, you don’t need the money because you have NOT DECIDED to buy the house. Once you decide to buy the house…then the money will show up” ( the money will actually show up or the idea/way to get the money will present itself).

Now I know that is a hard concept to get your head around for some….but what about when a couple says they are going to wait until they are in a better financial position to have a baby before they have one? Does this ever really work? Oh I guess yes, in some cases, but if this were the case, for the majority, I think the world’s population would be significantly smaller. Come on… most people have the children and then with a bit of creativity and work (or action steps) the money shows up to raise the child.

It is NO different with anything you want in your life. THE DECISION comes FIRST….period.

So what do you want that you have been putting off until “anything” is better for you?  I have a challenge for youmake the decision to do it, make it public (to at least one person), and then “ask”, ask out loud or in your head for the first step.  Maybe you need to find a mentor, or a coach or someone to help you.  If you don’t, then don’t go whining to anyone about your life the way it is. Here is the exciting news; YOU are the creator of your reality. The proof is all around you. Through your choices here you are. Through new choices and action and maybe some help …YOU can be, do and have whatever it is that you DECIDE you want.

Give it a test drive…let me know….Expect the outcome of your choosing. Have FUN!


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