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~ Do you want Free Admission? ~

What would it be like to be able to bare your Soul….Cleanse your Spirit or simply say what you are thinking about in a safe environment, joined by others who are doing the same? And what would it be like to be able to do this all online from the comfort of your home?

If that sounds at all interesting to you, read on…..

Every now and then someone is brave enough to take action on an inspired idea. And the creator of Facebook’s Online Community Free Admission is one of those people.

Ashley Anderson, who is featured in the Avaiya film Mpower had an Ahha moment one day while chatting with her friends. They brought to light something in her that she took a long hard look at and from that moment decided it would be personally freeing to “air” out any of these self defeating thoughts in a place where she could invite others to bear witness. What better place than Facebook!

Since then the community has begun to take on a life of its own as more and more people are joining in on the conversation….taking refuge, so to speak and finding comfort in either downloading the monkey chatter that goes on in their heads, making comments or simply reading other posts and basking in the comfort knowing that they are not alone.

This unique idea of embracing the hidden vulnerabilities and baring your soul to the world may not appeal to everyone however many people can be helped and served by a community based on unconditional acceptance towards others, realizing that we are all so very much alike.

What I think is so wonderful about Free Admission is just that……the idea that people can come together in a place of acceptance, kindness and nurturing that will help and serve many who will benefit from this virtual hug.

So if you have a chance to visit Free Admission to see what it is all about, log in to Facebook and simply do a search for Free Admission.

Or if you would like to hear all about Free Admission from the Creator Ashley Anderson, you can listen HERE to a 30 min recorded interview and hear about what Ashley has in store for Free Admission in the years to come….all I can say is Very Cool!

Mona McClelland
Your Abundant Life Guide

Are you Growing Older or Growing Up?

I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks back and I scribbled down on a piece of paper what I heard because I thought “how interesting”. The topic was, was growing older versus growing up. And so they asked, and I asked myself, what’s the difference? And you may be asking yourself what is the difference?

I was quite intrigued by the answer to this question as explained to me by the talk show host. He suggested that growing older has simply to do with the passage of time…. And before you know it, you can look back over your life and you’ll be able to see whether you had just grown older or grown up.

Well, I thought about that for a few moments and realized that you do not have to wait to look back at your life from a ripe old age, but you really can look back in that rear view mirror of life at any time. So here is the difference; if you are growing, fully growing up, you can look at yourself and you can see in your life what you’d like to create or change or learn, what it is about yourself that you wish to improve upon, and how can you be of more service to your family and to others? Also you can assess what you can do to grow in your life personally that will add value to not only your life, but the lives of others.

You see, I believe life is not all about what you can get; it’s about what you can give. And then the natural response to giving is receiving. It’s a cycle, there has to be a giver to have a receiver and vice verse. The more we give, truly the more we do receive.

So if you think about it …if you really think about it… ask yourself now, have you grown up much, are you growing up or are you simply just growing older? Isn’t it great that you have a choice in the matter? Embrace those gifts you were given….grow them…and share them with the world. Only YOU can bring to the world the gift you were born to give!

Mona McClelland
Your Abundant Life Guide
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