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Do You Have Your Priorities Straight?

Where are YOUR priorities?

When you think of an abundant and healthy life…..what do you think of?

……Maybe a big house, a nice car, beautiful garden, a boat for weekend outings, good friends, barbeques and a big screen TV….. oh and don’t forget the laptop, Macbook, Ipod and cell phone…perhaps one for each member of the family…..and whatever else you desire.
Sounds great? For each person the vision of an abundant, healthy life will be different and since we live in such an abundant world there is so much for us to have…so much to want , so much to acquire.

……But what about the healthy part? An abundant, healthy life as described above has become the habitual norm. Not really on purpose…these things are almost like necessities it seems to have that wonderful life….and why not?

But doesn’t it truly seem that our priorities are a turned right around? We work so hard…spend our money on big houses, cars, and stuff, all the while neglecting the physical needs of keeping the body healthy and thriving. Instead wouldn’t it make sense to make a priority; to spend money first on good food, clean water, perhaps supplements rather than the external items that we strive to acquire?

But still we get up in the morning in a fog, after sleeping on a full stomach from the late night snack of Doritos, then straight into the shower, down a double low fat latte rushing on the way to work, making it straight through to lunch…grabbing take out of some sort and a soft drink, then working late, getting home to a microwave dinner and another night lounging on the couch…late night snack and to bed.

Of course this is not everyone…but in this North American plethora of choice…too many are still choosing convenience….just to work another day feeling less that vibrant…..all to make the payments on that big house and fancy car.

What if your choices, your priorities were to go to bed early, say 11:00 pm instead of midnight even, on an empty stomach so your body does not use up all is natural ability to repair just to work on digesting that tasty, yet void of anything good, bedtime snack.

What if you woke up …energized?…..Start with a couple of glasses of clean water…… eat some muesli, or organic eggs and toast. Take a thermal cup of organic coffee with you along with a bag lunch of hand picked local organic foods that mother nature selected just for you? Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily and finish your day in time to get home, prepare a home cooked, balanced meal and then enjoy a book, go out for a walk, or join friends in a favourite sport and then hit the hay again at 10:00….knowing you will have more time, more productive time and energy to create more of what you want….maybe it is the big house, the great car…but now you have the brain power to creatively think of how to get it, rather than working yourself towards an early grave?

My challenge to you is….. take one thing out of your life every week for the next four weeks that does not serve you or your family’s health or well being…….only four things. In four months a new habit will be formed and you can then decide on the next four things to change or eliminate from your life for the next 4 months.

Everything is a habit…even priorities…..and it all comes down to choice. Awareness is the key and the decision is yours. YOU are the only one who can make a difference in your own life.

The funny thing is when you get your priorities straight and make the necessary changes in your life for you …you will create a wonderful butterfly effect that WILL, in essence, ripple out from you in the most beautiful way and make a positive difference in the many lives that YOU will touch.

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