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What must you give up…..?

“One half of knowing what you want …. is knowing what you must give up before you get it.” ~Sidney Howard ~

This is such a powerful quote…..

What does it mean? It means sacrifice! ……and most people do not like the word sacrifice. It sounds bad, almost like a punishment.

When in fact sacrifice is not the barbaric act of slaughter or offerings to the gods…..but it does mean “giving something up” in order to make room for something else.

An example: If you want to lose weight…you give up unhealthy, high caloric foods and time (so you can exercise). You may also give up time with your family, other comfy activities like watching Jeopardy on TV each night…but in return you get…..a healthier body, more energy to do more things…more active things and be a great role model for your children, other family members and friends…and who knows what else might happen if you get off the couch and get outside? HMMM?

Another example is you want to become a more valuable employee in your company……be selected for advancement, higher pay etc. You may have to give up your 1 hour lunch breaks; volunteer for more challenging projects that bring you into the office earlier… have to go to bed earlier….give up your late nights with David Letterman. The reward may be….. A RAISE in pay….. a better night sleep as you get a better quality of sleep in the hours before midnight than the hours after midnight…..a sense of pride knowing you could step up to a challenge, nail it and be recognized for it…….and more.

What is it you want in your life…..and why haven’t you gotten it by now? Have you been focusing on what it is that you will have to give up OR on what you will gain? If you continue to focus on what you will have to give up, I can guarantee you will never get that which you want. But, if you take a deep breath and focus on what it is you want I can guarantee that what you gave up will only be temporary OR you will not care what you gave up, for what you have received is far more valuable and rewarding.

Decide what your top three goals are for this year and then list what you will have to give up in order to get them. Then take the necessary action and never take your eye off the desired end result….regardless of the immediate circumstances. Live an expectant life and you will NOT be surprised at what shows up!

To Your Abundant Life…….

Mona McClelland
Your Abundant Life Guide

~ A Blank Calendar ~

A blank calendar is exciting and inviting. Think of all the ways you can fill up those days and months with goals and plans. Where do you start, what is the next step?

This time of year always feels like a blessing. You can bless the last year, be filled with gratitude and then move towards a rewarding new year.

A blank calendar is different that a “New Years” resolution…. A Blank Calendar entails a plan, perhaps a vision and then action. It seems to me…from my experience that a new years resolution is a want, a desire, a hope and then in about 3-6 weeks becomes a ‘wonder what happened or an oh well…’

From my experience, really the only way to create something else in your life; a healthier body, a wonderful relationship, more time for self care, more money, more anything, there are steps to take….. the idea comes first and then the how. BUT it is that how that stops and stumps everyone and then nothing happens.

I am here to tell you loud and clear that you do not need to know the HOW right now… you only need to ‘know’ what you are going to do and the how WILL be revealed I can guarantee it.

…and for you who have tried and tried again to tackle those challenging “how tos” I am also here to tell you that the answer to the how is already present and I have helped many people, time and time again, find it hidden inside themselves.

So the big reveal to filling up that blank calendar is up to you. You can do it alone ( how has that been working for you? ) or you can get someone who has done it to guide you.

I will work for you…….

Is it time to fill up that blank calendar this year with exciting new plans?

The answer is YES.

…. as a gift, for those of you who were too busy last week to hear this information, I unveiled my secrets to more time, money and love and if you are wondering at all ‘how’ you are going to fill up that blank calendar with more of what you want and less of what you have been getting I suggest you listen to this call now.

Blessings for a wonderful 2011

Your Abundant Life Guide