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Why is the Stuff I Asked for Not Coming?

Have you seen the movie “The Secret? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t….. But in that movie a comment was made that many people understood that all they had to do was “ask” and their wishes would always be granted by the universe. But for some reason many would ask but then wonder “why” their stuff hadn’t appeared. Good Question I say…… and there is a very good and simple answer.

Well – yes – we are all powerful creators made in the likeness of the ultimate creator “God” (or insert the name of the Deity you believe or subscribe to)….an Ultimate Power…that is greater than all of us.

Our job is simply to have the desire….the wish…the want…. yes that is first…but what happens next is the active part of the formula….You cannot just sit in your house hoping the “stuff” you asked for will appear in front of you on your living room floor. None of us are evolved enough yet to conjure up an instant manifestation. (If you can or know someone who can – please let me know)….

Pay attention because this is what you must do next…..Something inspired – so for example: if you want to meet someone – go out – somewhere public – engage in conversation….join a club, dance – something AND Believe with every fiber of your being that you will receive what it is you want and if at first blush you think you have and then things turn sour ( the guy/gal smokes or has some bad habit that you cannot stand) Simply celebrate the closeness of the match and keep expecting with UNWAVERING ( this is important) Unwavering expectation and belief that your request is right here now.

Many people will say, yes Mona I do that, but it still takes too long or doesn’t happen at all. Well I know from experience WHY – it takes so long – this is always the answer.

Say we are wanting to change our lives – an new career – we get excited and are so sure of what we are going to do and get out there – go for an interview or apply for a bank loan or something that will take us in the direction of our desire and then someone or something stomps on the dream – you don’t get the job, the bank denies the loan…you go in to a funk and THIS ‘FUNK’ IS WHAT SLOWS DOWN THE ARRIVAL OF THE STUFF.
Do you see?…. you must stay in expectancy – no matter what – hold the faith or the belief or whatever you want to call it…we attract with our emotions – this is the magnet – so as soon as you have a ‘dip’ in your belief – your expectancy – your belief – the delivery is DELAYED.

So now you know what to do……

Oh yes – one other important point…..your actions must be congruent with your thoughts……hmmm… well this is really another way of saying if you want something – make ready for it….

A couple of good examples come from a favourite old book I have studied over and over called “the Game of Life and How to Play it” by Florence Scovel Shinn – Copyright 1925

“…a woman had become separated from her husband, a man she loved deeply…He refused all offers of reconciliation and would not communicate with her in any way. She came to understand spiritual law and she denied the appearance of separation. She made this statement: There is no separation in Divine Mind; therefore, I cannot be separated from the love and companionship which are mine by divine right. …She showed active faith by arranging a place for him at the table every day. ..Thereby impressing the subconscious with a picture of his return. Time passed – weeks and months, BUT SHE NEVER WAIVERED…and one day he walked in and came back to her.

Another great example from the same book:

“A woman came to me complaining that she had no money with which to buy Christmas gifts. She said…Last year was so different; I had plenty of money and gave lovely presents and this year I have scarcely a cent.
I (Florence) replied, you will never demonstrate money while you are pathetic and live in the past. Live fully in the now and get ready to give Christmas presents. Dig your ditches, and the money with come. The woman exclaimed, I know what to do I will buy some ribbon and Christmas wrapping paper. I (Florence) replied. Do that and the presents will come and stick themselves to the Christmas paper.”

I hope you can see clearly here, although these examples are old – the teachings are timeless. You can not want something and then act non congruently – or for sure your “stuff” or what you want will not come. Hold your thoughts in unwavering belief and then act in accordance with those thoughts and watch your “stuff”, your desires, manifest as you create YOUR wonderful life.

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