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Kiddie Cocaine

Tomorrow is All Hallow’s Eve., the night that many children, including mine, roam the streets, knocking on doors with the hopes of gathering many, many treats to devour.

The funny thing is from the time our children are very young we introduce them to sugar filled treats which rapidly weaken the immune system. Not only do we offer it, we tend to force it on our children and then wonder why they can’t sit still, misbehave and have ever increasing weight and heart issues at a very young age.

Common Sense would tell us that since there are rapidly increasing numbers of cases of sugar diabetes ( type 2) in children that the cure for the problem is in the name of the disease. SUGAR.

White sugar is a processed food product with no nutritive value that when eaten in large quantities is stored in the body as fat. Most people know that but although they know it they can not seem to help themselves.

White Sugar ( or Kiddie Cocaine as I call it) is addictive……the more that is introduced to the body the more it feeds the “bad bacteria” in the gut – the less “good bacteria” there is and then the bad bacteria which feeds on “sugar” demands more sugar and the cycle repeats until in many cases there becomes and over growth of Candida in the system which can cause many other unfavourable symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, resistant behaviour, anger, stomach aches just to name a few.

Common sense as I mentioned before would tell us simply eliminate the processed sugar and carbs from our diets and the problem is solved. Some folks find that if they rebalance their chromium levels and supplement the body with probiotics ( good bacteria) then their body will balance out and the sugar cravings will dissipate.

So this Halloween here is a good compromise for your children, something we do, so everybody including the dentist and teachers are happy.

After the treats are collected and checked my children are allowed to choose about 20 pieces of candy. The rest of the treats are left in a bag at the end of their beds and in the middle of the night the Halloween Witch comes and turns the bag of treats in to a toy or a book.

Parents keep in mind the Halloween Witch does not come to every home. You have to let her know you are actively reducing the sweet consumption and would she come and visit your house and cast her magic spell on the left over treats to help you and your children be healthier and more vibrant.

For a great resource about sugar and the over 144 reasons sugar is ruining your health…..I strongly recommend you visit

AND…. Learn HERE how one mom, after having 2 babies..has  and keeps a figure of a 21  year old AND how she keeps the SUGAR away from her kids without them complaining that they never get treats!

Happy and Healthy Halloween

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