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Miracle or Homeopathics?

Today my daughter , who is 6, got up extra  early to yet another visit to the hospital – 7th within the last  9 months.  It was becoming a routine……an annoying routine for all of us.

Last September as she entered grade 1 and while playing fast and furious on the school  play ground she tripped and fell hard, with an ear splitting scream all  those around her knew something was terribly wrong.

After the better part of the day in the Emergency room it was determined that her arm was fractured and she would have to have to live the next six weeks in a sling with no physical activity to allow the fracture to heal. Everyone including myself remarked “ can’t you cast it?” It would be so much easier for a six year old and others  to see that her arm was broken if there were a cast on it. No was the answer, the damage was done on the upper part of the bone in the growth plate by the shoulder and there was no way to immobilize the area without casting her entire neck…… kind of like a collar bone fracture.

So after 6 weeks and 3 more visits to the hospital for imaging and observation of the proper growth of her bone she was told – go  play and be a kid and then I  was told that she had a bone cyst called a Unicameral Bone Cyst, predominantly found in children, benign but creates a weakening of the area affected. There was a chance the arm could break again.

Fast forward 7 months. The phone call came again from the school – the ear splitting scream. I was now feeling ready to keep her home from school – to keep her from her extreme play ground activities. But what can you do…..another day spent at Emergency….diagnosis: Broken……again.

This time I decided…….time to reach into my bag of alternative medicine and work on fixing – hopefully the strength of the healing bone and the speed of recovery.  It is now spring, her birthday coming up and all sorts of fun activities that she would not be able to partake in.

So with homeopathic Knit-bone and Traumeel Drops in hand – the repair crew was at work.

There is a lot of controversy around the effectiveness of homeopathy. I have used homeopathy for over 20 years and notably it has worked the most efficiently and effectively on children……with me its effects can take a little longer. However that said……I trust that it works and now for me there can be no denying its healing effects.

Three weeks ago the Bone Doctor said – “6 more weeks in a sling”……..and today, 3 weeks after the fracture he said……”It is all healed” …….

So, common sense would tell me  since the only thing I did different to help my daughter this time was the homeopathic remedies – that there can be no denying the effectiveness of this form of “medicine”.

Of course there will be some that will always say otherwise.

My job here is not to convince……but to report that I have one very happy child who now will have two working arms with which to enjoy the rest of the school year and her birthday next week . She will turn 7 and there will be no sling in the birthday photos. YAY!!!!

Mona McClelland
Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

You Know You Should Change – What is Stopping You?

I just got off the air from my live Blog Talk Radio Show Destiny’s Thread.

The topic was Change and the use of Natural Laws of the Universe to assist us through these changes.

What is fascinating to me is the fact that many people (and in my own experience as well), resist change. That statement “resist change” is bizarre in the fact that change keeps occurring and to resist would seem to be futile….the physical manifestation of this resistance of change is pain, both physical and emotional.

The decision to do nothing is ones free will……however the pain/discomfort of the situation is real and is in fact the body’s way of telling you there is something not right.

Oh yes you can take a pill for the pain…there is a pill for everything now….pharmaceutical or natural. The symptoms are gone – but the situation is still present. You know the situation that still needs changing.

I have summed up that it is easier to stay in the familiarity of the pain/discomfort than it is to imagine what the great unknown of change has in store. So that is where you sit. Still in pain…still not doing anything.

Also I believe that the magnitude of the change that one desires to make in its entirety can be far too encompassing emotionally (ex. leaving an abusive relationship to make it on your own when you have not worked out of the house for 10 years)….to even know where to start. The good news is there is always a starting place that will take you step by step through that all encompassing change.

There is a great book called Changing for Good by Dr. Prochaska that can help you find out where it is you are in your phase of change and tools to help you make those changes.

Or you can do what I did, enlist the help and guidance of a coach to help you create a plan of action and be there to support you and keep you accountable.

Either way you must be ready and aware that a change need be made.

Stay abreast of the signs and signals your body gives you……don’t wait until they are so loud that the body becomes weak.
To understand how to and the benefits of change receive your fr*ee report on Mastering Change Now.

Mona McClelland

Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Our Toxic World

WE are the biggest science experiment ever! That is what I think: in a big cage in a big science lab. I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by that.

Well let’s stop and think about it………

What do we know? We know that our bodies need the proper rest, hydration, nutrition, love and (other basic needs for living such as clothing and shelter). For the sake of this message my comments are focused on the bodies needs for healthy internal functioning.

What don’t we know? A whole lot about the results of putting anything else besides what Mother Nature intended inside our bodies.

Anything besides whole organic foods comes with toxins. Example, anything processed, fortified, preserved. Have you ever heard the term “shop the walls”? This refers to going into a typical grocery store where all the fresh “live” foods are around the walls and all the processed foods are stacked up on shelves in the middle.

Another term you may have heard….. “if you want a live body, eat live food – for a dead body, eat dead food”. Our bodies are simply energy and the cells receive nutrition from an electrical spark which comes from the nutrition from the live food. Dead/processed food can not do this – thus there is not transference of energy which leaves the body with waste and toxins that need to move through the body to “clean the house” so to speak.

So many people today hear about cleansing the body and removing the toxins….buying two week or four week cleansing product or going for colonics. All which can help but what about the other 48 to 50 weeks of the year.

And the poor liver, it already has over 500 jobs to do, why stress it out more?

In case you are wondering: your liver is like a chemical processing factory to change most of the food that you eat into stuff that your body can use. It gets rid of the things that are toxic. The three main functions are:

1. Your liver makes bile which travels from the liver into the small intestine
which helps the body absorb fat from the gut into the bloodstream.
2. Your liver cleans your blood.
Your liver takes toxins out of your blood.(common example :If you drink too much alcohol for a long time it can damage the liver so badly that it cannot do its job.)
3. Your liver makes and stores fuel.
Your liver makes glucose. Some of this glucose travels in blood to the rest of the body where it is used for energy, like when you have to run fast, react quickly or have to work your body hard for a long time. It also helps to keep blood sugar at the right levels.

So common sense would dictate to have more energy and to put less burden on the body especially as we age, the natural choice ( pun intended) would to put mostly live, whole organic foods in our bodies, drink plenty of clean water and get proper rest.

But what other things can cause toxins in our bodies? Stress can, both good and bad. Too much of anything such as: exercise, fun, studying, deadlines, work, unresolved conflicts, drugs, alcohol and more.

Life is a balancing act. By listening closely to our bodies they will tell you when things are out of balance. Unfortunately instead of making the necessary changes most people just want to take a headache pill or antacid to shut it (the body) up.

One other thing many people neglect as far as eliminating toxins in their bodies is what goes on the body; lotions , potions, antiperspirants, deodorant, makeup, toothpaste, dish and laundry detergent. Think about all of the things that go in through your skin (the largest organ of the body) and in your lungs; exhaust fumes as you take your daily run, chlorine gas from the shower.

You may be thinking why bother, we can never get away from this toxic world ……and you are probably right, BUT that is no excuse to ignore it and not do what you can do to help yourself and your family take better care of their world, “their bodies”.

What can you do then?

* Subscribe to a Health and Wellness newsletter
* Find a Health Coach or Mentor
* Read labels/Shop the walls
* Find out what is in the products you put in and on your body
* Talk to your children about the effects of sugar
* Get outside in nature
* See a Naturopath

Today with the internet you can get help with anything you want – simply just take the time……but to help you along the way here are some resources I have felt helpful for me and my family. (specifically Herb Cocktail – non habit forming – cleanses the blood)
(a plethora of information and healthy recipes to get you on your way to great health and energy) – Skin Deep website: A safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by the researchers at the Environmental Working Group.

To Your Best Health

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

A 6 year old with Hemorrhoids?

How the heck does that happen?

When I heard about this and when asked the 6-year-old replied “I just push them back in or my “caregiver” does for me.” I could feel this energy rising in me akin to anger….alright it was anger. I was angry that first this was happening to this poor child living today in our modern culture with all the wonderful amenities we have at our fingertips. AND angry that his caregiver seemed ignorant to help him.

I guess this is what most gets my ire up is the fact that not only is there an obvious solution to help a child with hemorrhoids, but that fact that the child even got hemorrhoids to begin with.

Let me put it this way. Our body’s talk, and if you remember in one of my other posts I wrote about how my 9-year-old step-daughter was being given Tums for her heartburn and when she learned the connection between food and her body, she herself was able to correct this health problem….well so is the case here with this hemorrhoidal child ( not really sure if that is a word – but I will use it here).

Doesn’t it make common sense to link together the fact that the plumbing – the sewage system of the body, when backed up will create pressure and that is what hemorrhoids are telling the body…” hello there is pressure in the pipes and we need some help to get things going again!” ?

I guess years ago before my health crisis, I would have not known this either. The only reason I ate what I ate growing up is because it tasted good…… and I am not talking about a salad. My mother was tired of cooking by the time I came around so with the advent of fast and convenience foods, my meals and snacks came out of a box or microwave. And consequently all my siblings, including me, had very chronic plumbing problems.

So that is why this blog is here. WAKE up people….become a bad patient, ask questions, research, get some answers. Yes if the problem is genetic then perhaps there is a reason for a child to have a chronic health problem so young, but really here is the easiest solution to try first and go from there.

RX for Hemorrhoids:

1. Fluids—drinking 6-8 (8-ounce) glasses of nonalcoholic fluids daily to soften stools. Rule of thumb for everyone now is 1/2 your body weight in ounces is the daily requirement. So 120 lb person = 60 oz of water daily.
2. Eating more whole fresh fruit, raw, or cooked vegetables, and whole grains has been consistently shown to reduce hemorrhoidal symptoms including bleeding.

If this doesn’t alleviate the symptoms over a few days then yes, common sense dictates call your doctor or naturopath or a trusted health provider.

But really folks how many times and how many years are you going to ask a small child to sit in a sitz bath? Lets face it, good nutritional habits……less sugar and white flour products…….and ample water daily will create a foundation of life long freedom of most chronic health conditions, allowing a 6-year-old to live symptom free from the pain and annoyance of Hemorrhoids.

Two great resources are :

* Gut Feelings an E-book By Olga Sheean “A quirky, off-the-wall story about the internal shenanigans of the body”. Available at
* Herb Cocktail - a safe, non-habit forming food for the bowel which restores the electrical capability of the colon wall and strengthens the colon muscle – creating efficient and comfortable transit and elimination. Available at

Listen to your body and help your children too create a body mind awareness that will lead to great health and longevity.

Mona McClelland

Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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7 A Day

When I was a kid my mom used to give us ” one a day” vitamins to keep us healthy. Not quite sure why we ever believed that taking a small multi vitamin/mineral pill once a day would keep us in “optimal health” when there is really so much more to good health than that. So I thought I would offer up ” 7 a day” – no not a pill but since I prescribe to the common sense approach to health – here are 7 wonderful common sense RIGHT things to do for your body’s health each day…….

1. Think Right – Stress and toxins accumulate in the body from many sources, poor food choices can damage or destroy neurons……. make healthy food choices – for your memory and your ability to think clearly.

2. Eat Right – Organic unprocessed foods. NINE – yes I said nine, or more servings of fresh fruit and veggies each day…. this will alkaline the system.

3. Drink Right – Clean water cleanses our bodies and is a primer for nearly every biological process. Divide your body weight by 2 and this is the number of ounces of water YOUR body requires each day. Add 4 oz for every 15 min of intense exercise.

4. Move Right – Life is motion . 30 min of exercise DAILY = feel better and live longer.

5. Talk Right – Positive speech has a positive effect on you and those around you. Lighten up and laugh more and be good to yourself.

6. Poop Right – yes I said that……. it takes 18-22 hours for your digestive cycle to complete. Your body wants to eliminate toxins in a timely fashion.

7. Sleep Right – a good mattress, the right pillows, quiet, dark , cool room. Relax for at least one hour before going to bed. Calming herbs or meditation can help those with sleep challenges.

To Your Best Health,

Mona McClelland

Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Would You Give Your 10 Year Old A Cuppa?

Last week a gave a talk to a group of high school students grades 8-12…..

I asked them at the beginning of my career fair presentation if any of them were familiar with “Energy Medicine?” I gave two presentations back to back and in each of the presentations the answer to my question was “ is it Red Bull”?

To be clear “Energy Medicine” is a compilation of many alternative healing modalities like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hands on Healing etc……. but these young people spouted out “Red Bull”

I got to thinking that was interesting that young people these days must think that energy comes from a beverage instead of good food, clean water, fresh air, quality sleep and exercise…….I guess it is really not surprising with a “Starbucks” on every corner where you can get a double mocha frappaccino, non fat, extra foam, grande beverage with chocolate and vanilla sugar sprinkles on the top.

So I did some research on energy drinks and found that there is a huge concern amongst doctors with the high use of energy drinks by teens. That children and teen are brought into emergency centers with symptoms mimicking heart problems and in some case – real heart problems not to mention the effects on the nervous system.

Wow – what is it that these teens are lacking……I thought they were in school for education but sadly last week I realized that yes they were getting education – but most of them knew more about the effects of caffeine then they did about the effect of “good nutrition”…..that is scary to me.

Here are the facts – a Red Bull energy drink has about 1/3 the milligrams of caffeine of a cup of drip coffee which has about 237 mg of caffeine per cup. In a earlier blog post I mentioned that it takes about 12 – 8 ounce glasses of clean water to rid the body of the effects of caffeine in one cup of coffee and that the body artificially revs up taxing many of the organs so they will do everything they can to get that caffeine out of the body as fast as it can…..then the body craves more of that energy which in turn creates a false sense of “awakeness and alertness” and the cycle continues.

So for a child drinking Red Bull or another energy drink – this can be happening to their bodies on a daily basis. As I mentioned the “energy drink” phenomenon is creating quite a buzz among Doctors ……so much so that many of the energy drinks have been banned in some countries such as France. The major concern is not just the caffeine but the energy enhancing herbs that are mixed in with the beverage and the unknown long-term effects on the body.

When I was a kid – I was not allowed to go anywhere near my parents coffee… my mom would say “ I was hyper enough as it was” ( probably the sugar)……. But kids and teenagers did not drink coffee….. however, now they can get their caffeine and false energy fix anytime, any day at the corner store.

Let me ask you …..would you give your 10-year-old a cup of coffee everyday? If not then think twice when reaching for a Sobe or Red Bull for yourself or your child.

To Your Best Health,

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

“Your Health Is Your Life and Your Life is Your Health”

What is Your Body Saying?

Most people wake up with a pain, say a headache and reach for a pill to stop the pain….for awhile anyways. Magic Pill we hear it called, a quick fix so to speak to mask or hide the “cause”.

Let’s look at the bigger problems, say results from Breast Imaging or a Thermogram. What do we do if the results come back any other way but normal?

Well the traditional medical community would want to “fix” it….and traditionally to fix it that would be radiate, drug or operate.

Well recently this was my experience and I am only telling it to you to help you see that there are other ways to look at what our bodies are saying. I am no authority on this but I am just wanting you to ask yourself if it is possible that “my body is actually talking to me and telling me by my symptoms that I am not listening……not taking care of myself”so to speak.

Breast Thermography is an alternative to breast mammography and my preference to having my breast squeezed and squished paper thin to detect a possible abnormality. Thermography is non evasive (to learn more about Breast Thermography visit and problems can be found before abnormalities are seen with mammograms.

This was my third scan in 4 years, however this time the report came back showing a very slight abnormality. Initially of course anxious thoughts raced through my mind….but upon thoroughly reading the report……the thermogram is not a diagnosis but an indicator to have a health care professional assess you and determine the next if any course of action.

The report also goes on to say that with the rating I received that it is more likely that these features exhibited from the pictures taken represent benign changes such as inflammation, acute cysts and/or fibroadenoma development, infection or personal variant.

It was that phrase, personal variant, that caught my attention and upon discussion with an authority on “body talk” and disease….. Rather than rushing into fear and panic about the symptoms, it was important to take a deeper look, or listen if you may, at the underlying meaning of the pain or dis-ease in the body and what it is telling us.

Perhaps and in most cases I believe that self care is being ignored. Here is a great way to recognize if you are doing something out of love or receiving self love.

Ask yourself that question …..Am I doing this out of love (for someone or something) or am I doing this because from it I receive love – the feeling of love and purpose specifically. If it is the latter then it is safe to say you are receiving self care. If you are doing it out of love – which is fine but understand even doing something out of love can mean doing it because you think you should.

One other thing to look at that I feel is important is when you receive an unfavorable test result to look at the timing of the test and what was going on at that point in time. Were you getting enough self care, were you stressed, overwhelmed and was your body then simply reflecting that in that moment what was going on for you?

The body moves fluently through time and the cells are constantly replacing themselves with new ones. So with that essentially a “new” body is being created daily, weekly, monthly.

Please do not ignore the symptoms, definitely consult your health care professional and in addition, ask your body what it is trying to tell you about your health, physical, mental and emotional and then LISTEN…….we all know what to do…..the problem is we just don’t do it…….

My best advice is take some quiet time daily; a walk in nature, close your eyes for 10 min in your favorite chair, your favorite spot in the library, sitting on a rock at the beach. Whatever that time maybe, know that you are recharging, reenergizing, and loving yourself so you can have more, be more and give more to yourself and others.

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Sleep and Relaxation over the Holidays

Are you crazy Mona?!

I know what you are thinking these two activities do not make it in to your agenda between now and January 1, right?

Well perhaps it is just because you have never made it a habit to insert a little extra sleep and relaxation into your holiday plans.

I would like to give you a few tips on how just to do that so that by January 1 you are not needing a holiday or simply going back to work for a break.

The idea is to ENJOY the holidays not become so worn out that you get sick.

For the last month I have been talking with authorities and experts on how to manage stress over the holidays and how to enjoy more fun…..I have implemented many of the strategies I have learned and I am more calm this year than I have been in many years during the holiday season. But I must admit sleep is one thing that can be all over the map for me and most folks I think and HOW does one pop in a little extra relaxation without opting for one more drink to do the job.

Here are a few tips passed on to me by a resident authority on Sleep and Relaxation.

1. Improve your daytime habits ie: regular daytime exercise, increase water intake, not packing too much in to a day, prioritizing.

2. Throw open the sashes – Open the blinds in the morning to let the light stream in – even if the sun has not yet risen – helps to reset our body clock.

3. Avoid Caffeine, smoking, keep alcohol to a minimum or avoid all together

4. Keep the kids out of your bed …..nice to snuggle with but disturbs your full night sleep.

5. Regular bedtime routine….prepare for sleep instead of falling into bed exhausted.

6. Breathe – remember to do this throughout the day – check how many times you are holding your breath especially if you are rushing to that next store to buy that extra little treasure to put under the tree.

There is a fabulous and simple relaxing breathing technique that anyone can do anywhere…like when standing in that long line up waiting to pay….rather than putting it all in words here I will include the link to my last episode of Blogtalk Radio where you will hear from our Sleep and Relaxation Specialist as he guides you through this invaluable little technique to have with you when you need it most.

For those of you who think you can not possibly implement all of these tips and still have fun this holiday season. Then just pick one that works for you and create a new restful habit so you can truly enjoy your FUN and end up relaxed, not ill to start off a fabulous New Year.

Happy Holidays to You All

From my family to yours

Coach Mona

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Remember Good Health Doesn’t Cost it Pays

Top 10 Tips to Decrease Holiday Stress and Increase the Fun

1. Unplug Yourself, Step Away, Breath and Create

Think about what makes you happy, what brings you joy, what you love the most about these yearly celebrations. Create around your joy, let go of all of your expectations of yourself and your family and create something new even if you just simplify through delegating, by having a family agreement on the budget for each person in the family or by getting together and making all your gifts. You could even let go of gift giving and have one gift for the family such as going out for dinner together and to an amazing show 1 time a year.

2.Plan out the TV time

This allows you to avoid all the commercialism and the stress it causes. It also helps you to stay within your budget.

3.Plan time to go shopping

Avoid the weekends and early evening when everyone is out shopping and in a rush. You want to have your list and be able to leisurely shop. Make it fun and relaxing. We all have enough stuff!

4.Breathe, Breathe and Breathe again

Taking the time to take a deep breath is the fastest way I know to relax and let go of stress. You do not have to meditate, though it has its benefits. When you feel the tension rising, stop and take a deep breath, hold it for 3-5 seconds, and slowly release it all the while paying focused attention to your breath and nothing else. If you do this 2-3 times in a row you will find your stress melting away. Best of all you can do this anywhere.

5.Take time each day just for you

You are so important! Take time to stop, relax and let go of the day. This can be accomplished through reading a great book, drinking a cup of tea, coffee and laughing with a friend, journal your thoughts and feelings, close your eyes and focus on something that creates a feeling of peace within you. You do not have to take a lot of time. 15 minutes can do wonders!

6.What is Your Plan?

Do the time pressures of your holiday schedule stress you out completely? Plan Ahead. During this hectic time with its whirl of parties, holiday activities and entertaining others, it is easy to become overcommitted. Well ahead of time grab a good organizer or calendar and mark off activities to complete. Learn to say ‘no’ if the days are becoming too full.


Tis, the season to buy. Holidays are a time for giving – but at what expense? How about creating a budget and then try shopping creatively or ahead of time for some bargain based treasures. Maybe consider gifts that have that personal touch such as a nice photo placed in a hand decorated frame. Gift giving this way shows you spent much more than on an expensive item, because is represents that you spent your time which is your most valuable commodity.

8. Your Body – Take care of it!

There are only so many days and weekends leading up to the holidays and a person can only cram so many activities into their calendar, Lack of sleep is the result of over commitment. Self care probably should be the most important focus throughout the holidays to enable you to attend many holiday gatherings while staying healthy and energized. This includes getting enough sleep and eating nutritiously. Also alcohol is a known depressant, which will affect your moods drastically. Rich holiday foods can create lethargy and weight gain. Only taste small bites of calorie laden foods at holiday parties, and decide to learn to create healthier versions of holiday favorites. One more important self care tip: Cutting down on nicotine and caffeine can also helps your overall health and mood.

9. Remember to Exercise

Since when do the Holidays mean a holiday from exercise, as there are so many health and emotional benefits? As well as being a stress reliever and depression alleviator, exercise will also help combat the holiday “battle of the bulge”. What do you like doing that you could incorporate as exercise during the holidays? How about simply walking (indoor malls are great for this especially if there is a lot of snow where you live. Many malls open early for walkers BEFORE the stores open for shoppers). You could bike or work out at a health club. Swimming or dancing is also a great and fun indoor exercise to battle that holiday over indulgences. Remember the important piece here is find out what you enjoy and you will be more likely to commit to doing it.

10. Be Realistic

Don’t worry so much about having the perfect party, or perfect tree. The holidays are about gatherings and sharing with those that you care about or who care about you. Remember toddlers are going to spill things, adults might argue but the key here is forgiveness along with a realistic attitude. This can go a long way towards making holidays less stressful and more FUN for all.
Special gift: Click here now to Listen to Coach Mona Demonstrate How to Have a Stress Free Holiday.

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Mona McClelland

What About the Plumbing?

When you were a kid did anyone, your mom, dad, doctor say to you ” as long as you go at least every three days that is normal”?

This was the philosophy spoken to my mom from her doctor and in turn to us kids.

……and I still think some medical professionals may be passing on this information to their patients even today.

Now lets think about this with common sense……. if one eats three meals a day… three meals go in……how many meals in that day should come out?

Ok, I agree this is not the most pleasant topic of conversation and is very often too embarrassing for most to talk about. But throughout my previous 20 year career as a hairdresser and my ever present digestive/plumbing problems I had many, many people shared their own plumbing problems with me and what was surprising to me is the number of my clients who had these digestive woes.

For example in the city I lived in more than 10 years ago, if your problem was not acute and urgent you would have to wait up to 1 year to see a specialist, a gastroenterologist. And when I first went to see this specialized plumbing authority at the ripe old age of 27 he said to me ” it is not unusual for a woman your age to have this condition.” And I must say I was shocked.

Ok enough about me….. how many times a day should one be visiting the potty. Well three times for three meals and at the very least two. You see it is simple the food stuff ( preferably organic and not processed) goes in – the nutrients are absorbed and used as fuel and to repair the body and then the waste come out. Pretty simple and neat design isn’t it???

One problem that has happened to most of us…..we were not taught nutrition with our upbringing and were allowed to put in our bodies pretty much everything that “tasted” good. Then we would get a tummy ache and be given something for that and soon our body and mind connection was severed and we ended up with what is called a shocked stomach……That is a stomach that no longer responds and we keep putting in the bad stuff and covering up the symptoms.

What can you do now. Well since the colon is the real brain of the body, start feeding it well so it can work. Things like water, clean protein, fruits and veggies ( organic), nuts and seeds, and if necessary take high quality” Electrically Available Enzymes” to help the digestion and start that electrical peristalsis movement again.

Eating and good digestion and properly working plumbing is your right – not luck.

Get educated, treat yourself well. Remember it is not about being perfect with your eating, but being good.

And with the holidays rapidly approaching, stay tuned for tips on holiday feasting and stress management. Myself and another Health and Wellness Coach will be featured on Blogtalk Radio Wednesday Nov 24…….be sure to listen in……we will be showing folks how they too can have a balanced, stress free holiday – simply by listening to the wisdom of their own minds and bodies. ( but don’t worry if you miss it I will send the recorded link.)

Health is not a matter of Chance it is a Matter of Choice.

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

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