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The Human Science Experiment

When did peanuts begin to cause so many deadly reactions in children?

My god, I ate peanut butter and jam sandwiches every day of my primary school life and never once had any serious or violent reactions or heard of any of my friends have these reactions either. What has happened?

I was told once that “cotton” was the most heavily pesticide laden  crop of all and that after harvesting cotton the field would then be planted with peanuts to, in effect, “cleanse” the soil to prepare for the next crop of cotton.

Now I do not know if that is exactly true – easy enough to find out though – a simple google search would probably do the trick.  But what I do know is that “god” or our creator would never create a food that would become a poison to so many.  Man must of had his hand in this somewhere.

Over 5000 chemicals/food additives are introduced to our food chain each year…. if you are curious about this grab yourself a copy of the “Consumer’s Guide to Food Additives”,  keep it on hand and when you pull that well preserved package of twinkies out of the cupboard – look up what is listed in the ingredients in this guide and then decide if you still want to put that in the machine that is designed to keep you going for the next 40 or 50 plus years.  Would you put that in your car?  No – the car wouldn’t work – soooo why put it in your body?

Common Sense – this is what I write about and rant about……. We all know what to do – what makes sense but we don’t do it – why? I know life is busy, packaged food is convenient, the microwave is fast ( better not start going on about micro waves this time).

Come on think about what your body needs to keep it healthy and full of energy. I wrote about this in my first blog post of this series.

Water, sleep, proper elimination, exercise, GOOD HEALTHY FOOD.

Yes we all like treats once in awhile – this is why there are celebrations – this is when we feast.  Every day however our bodies requires the clean, nutrient rich fuel that will energize our bodies and our brains so we can enjoy life.

The following are just a few of the worst chemicals you can put in or on ( yes on) your body.  Take a minute – do your own research.

I was my own human experiment.  For 20 years I was in the Salon/Beauty industry, breathing in and wearing, dyes, formaldehyde, ammonia, peroxide, sodium laurel sulfate.  I got so sick I eventually had to quit – good thing really.

Once you have done your research ask yourself – “am I part of the Human Science Experiment” ?  Where else can they put all the fillers and excess chemicals ? Well I am sure if enough of us stopped using these foods and products – another solution would have to be found.

Find out what products you find the following in and what they are doing to your body!




FD & C Colour Pigments



Polyethylene Glycol

( just to name a very few)

A good rule of thumb is if you can not pronounce the word – do not put it in your body.

As I mentioned we all know what to do – we just don’t always do it.  Think about it…how many years are you planning to live?

Mona McClelland

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Food and Feelings

What would it be like if your child said to you…..I don’t feel well, or I can’t think straight or I am so tired…I think it might be what I ate?

I would like to start this off by telling you a story about my step daughter.

I met her when she was eight going on nine. She was a very bright and active girl who loved to eat yummy food. ( the definition of yummy food, in her case will be revealed as the story continues.)

As she and I got to know each other she confided in me that she often got heartburn. Heartburn….. a 9-year-old. She was given relief from chewing on Tums or Rolaids (an antacid – even though chronic antacid use can compound the problem: Stomach acid is important for proper digestion and immune function, but antacid use can suppress and/or interfere with this normal process.)

I said to her one day, “what if the heartburn would go away for good?”

She was curious and open to the idea. So I asked her to do a small experiment. I asked her to think about what she had eaten every time prior to having the feelings of heartburn. So she agreed and kept track for about a week.

The results were not surprising to me but very revealing to her.The results were not surprising to me but very revealing to her.

I turned out that prior to every bout of heartburn my stepdaughter had eaten foods such as french fries, chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches, deep fried chicken fingers. Foods that typically get fed to children off ‘ the children’s menu’ at restaurants OR when parents are in a hurry at home. The oil that was heated up to high temperatures and then eaten were causing her symptoms of heartburn.

Her words to me were this, ” you mean if I stop eating this food I will not have heartburn any more?” I said yes and in fact I said let’s do a test to see. Over the next week or two she did not have any of these types of “bad” fatty foods and did not have any heartburn. She was thrilled and now knew she was in control of how her body would and could feel by the foods she would put in it.

Sounds like a simple philosophy doesn’t it. So why do so many people choose to cover up or ignore the symptoms of heartburn, headache, fatigue to name a few…instead of looking at controlling one of the muscles in our bodies that is responsible for this problem? ( well series of muscles actually) The arm – reaching out for bad food choices and putting them in our mouth. Oh I know there is more to it than that – but with a little self-education there is no need to suffer the digestive malaise that many do.

Just think, almost an entire wall of stomach medication could be removed from the pharmacy shelf if we all simply paid attention to our body as it tells us what it doesn’t want or like.

So make a commitment from today going forward, track your moods, feelings, upsets and be aware of what you have put in your body that is making it talk to you.

On the flip side – see how your body can feel when fueled with life giving, raw organic foods, fruits and veggies , whole grains, lean protein and clean water. Just be mindful – you might have a ton of energy.

To Your Very Best and Healthful Life,

Coach Mona

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

Common Sense Tips To Great Health

So many people wonder why they have no energy, wonder where their get up and go has got up and gone.

People see Doctors, take pills ( natural or otherwise) and still wonder why? they don’t feel good.

The Human machine is intricate and complex and at the same time simple and common.

What do I mean by that? Well yes we have many symptoms for many dis-eases. But our bodies all heal and repair the same way.

For example:

Our bodies require vitamins to help us grow and thrive. But the vitamins need minerals to work properly in our system. The minerals need protein and protein needs enzymes.

This is true for all of us. But still we wonder why our bodies do not have the energy we would like to make it to the end of the day full of vim and vigor.

Here are 5 Common Sense tips to help Your body regain its natural health.

1. Water – surprise, surprise. An easy formula to ensure that YOUR body is getting enough water is to take YOUR body weight and divide it by 2. That would be the number of required ounces per day that YOUR body needs to hydrate and function properly. Example: 150 lb man/woman requires 75 ounces of water each day – just over 9 – 8 oz glasses. And NO, coffee and tea do not count.

2. Sleep – hmmm – burning the midnight oil. Research shows us that we double our sleep in the hours before midnight than after and that our memory is renewed in the 71/2 to 8 1/2 hour in the sleep cycle. Wonder why you forget where those car keys are – well sleeping from Midnight to 7:00 am just doesn’t cut it. Get your 8 hours a day – a couple before midnight will help greatly.

3. What goes in must come out. Many people still seem to think that one bowel movement every couple of days is “normal”. Where did that one come from. Nutrition is extracted from each meal and then the “waste” ( it is called that for a reason) is expelled from the body with in a few hours of consuming. So unless you are only eating one meal every couple of days….. 2 to 3 BMs a day is not only normal it is necessary. And another thing – candy, coffee cakes and cookies do not constitute a meal. Think natural foods, whole grains and water.

4. Lets talk for a minute about that coffee break. What do you know about caffeine? Perhaps for some folks they would prefer to be ignorant to the fact that caffeine acts as a drug in our bodies – not just for some – for everyone. Do you remember that first cuppa – and how you got that little buzz? Maybe you were about 10 like I was, sipping out of mom or dad’s morning coffee cup while they weren’t looking. This is what is happening in your body as caffeine hits it. Sure your body revs up – that is your metabolism starting to be affected by the drug and then the kidneys get going and very soon off to the potty you go saying ” boy that coffee goes through me – it is a diuretic” Well think about it this way – your body is going “holy cow – here we go, we have to do everything we can to get this “drug – this toxin” out of this body as fast as possible” – so the body gets this burst of energy ( which of course is why so many folks drink it in the a.m. or to stay awake for late night whatevers) and it starts working very hard – every organ and gland is going into overdrive until the kidneys can get it pushed out through the bladder asap. The the body feels this lull and goes for it again. Thank god for sleep – so the body can get some rest from that cycle.

5. Oh and of course we can’t forget SUGAR. Let me ask you this – if the cause of sugar diabetes is in the name of the disease – what would be the obvious cure? Hmmm – do you think maybe – remove the sugar from the diet? Again refined sugar acts like a drug in the body – the body gets revved up and does everything it can to get it out……..yes we crave it – only because it is feeding the “bad bugs/flora” in our gut and as they take over the population our body craves more sugar and we can not seem to help ourselves. And when it comes to our kids – we force it on them……it is in so much of the ( and I loosely call it this ) food on our grocery shelves….that we are creating a nation, a world of addicts.

Now this may all seem over the top…….but really look around today at children with severe allergies and food sensitivities.

We have the power within us to do something about it.

1. Read the labels.

2. Listen to our bodies after we eat. Identify how we feel with what we just ate and adjust if it is not a good feeling.

3. Become a conscious eater. No TV, books, eating in the car… present and grateful at meals.

4. Make sensible choices for your body and your health. Follow these common sense tips and you will notice an increase in energy, brain power and desire for life.

To Your Best Health,

Mona McClelland

Professional Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist